GKA Distance Battle 2020

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Strapless Freestyle
Tuesday, 29.9.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens Quarterfinals
Thursday, 1.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Semifinals
Sunday, 4.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Finals

Twintip Freestyle
Tuesday, 6.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens Quarterfinals
Thursday, 8.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Semifinals
Sunday, 11.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Finals

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GKA Distance Battle 2020

Due to the lockdown period and further impact of the worldwide pandemic, we had to postpone all our regular World Cup events to return in Fall this year.

Therefore we developed a new of its kind event concept to encourage our athletes, generate fresh content and offer a communication platform for riders, sponsors and media during this period of restrictions and limitations. Initially planned as a platform during the travel and event restricted period, but with the positive feedback on the concept by the industry and others, we decided to keep the format also after the pandemic as an additional competition next to our regular world cup events in the future.

The GKA Distance Battle is a video-based competition where you can compete from anywhere in the world. A selection of the best riders that qualify through the GKA World Tour ranking and a public voting will compete in solo heats at their home spots. Like in a usual competition you need to perform tricks during a 5 minute heat, that needs to be entirely filmed without any cut. Three trick categories are predefined by the GKA head judge plus one individual signature trick. These un-edited solo heat videos will be sent to GKA and edited for presentation of head-to-head heats with split screen, slow-motion replays and live scoring judged by the GKA Kite World Tour judges and presented in an online event format from a live studio in correspondence with the competing riders via video chat. The competition will be broadcasted in several episodes of about 1 hour each online live and on-demand on the website and social channels of the GKA and selected media partners.

It is like a world cup event with the top riders battling it out simultaneously, just spread across the world!

Please find the presentation of the GKA Distance Battle and the Race Notices below:


Strapless in Oman with @mitumonteiro 🇴🇲 
#GKAKiteWorldTour #GKAKitesurf #kiteboarding #kitesurfing
Nothing beats the feeling of a powered dangle 🌶🔥
🚀: @stig_hoefnagel
📸: @scott.barendsen
#GKAKiteWorldTour #gkaBigAir #kiteboarding #kitesurfing
@maxime_chabloz back to a freestyle office 🧑‍💻
Double Half-cab Mobe 🤟
🎥 @cjp__photography
#GKAKiteWorldTour #GKAFreestyle #kiteboarding #kitesurfing
Doubles with @marcjacobskite! With a different view 👀

#GKAKiteWorldTour #gkaBigAir #kiteboarding #kitesurfing
2 Grabs 1 trick🔥🦅
🚀: @erickandersonn 
#GKAKiteWorldTour #gkafreestyle #kiteboarding #kitesurfing
Same crash, two different angles 😵‍💫 
What to do in this situation? Read below 👇

"The whitewater tumbles you in all directions but it is critical to try and keep the kite flying. Crashing the kite in the waves can lead to some pretty sketchy situations. However, keeping the kite flying can be hard when getting tumbled upside down as the kite control can become backwards. If lucky enough to keep the kite flying you punch out the back of the wave and continue on your merry way 🕺🏼" - @oliviarjenkins!

🚁: @louis_arnaud_lavasier
#GKAKiteWorldTour #GKAKitesurf #kiteboarding #kitesurfing