Dunkerque, France

GKA PRO/AM Race 2024

The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour is excited to launch a major new kiteboarding initiative, featuring a ProAm race and gear testing opportunities, that seek to bring back the northern French port of Dunkerque.

The twin events over four days are part of an ambitious multi-year plan to bring together kiteboarding enthusiasts and the industry for a vibrant celebration of our sport on the historic North Sea strand.

The GKA ProAm Race and GKA Test Event, which will run side-by-side, will seek to unite kiteboarding amateurs, professionals, and the industry to advance the sport and make it more inclusive. The heart of the GKA Test Event will be a buzzing village of stands for kite brands from around the world to show off their latest developments.

The focus of the village will be a stage for pro-rider interviews and brand seminars to inform and enthuse amateur kiteboarders and the visiting public about the sport. Visitors will also have the chance to test all the brands’ newest advances in equipment—be it kites constructed from the latest materials; new shapes in twin-tips, surfboards, and hydrofoils; or the freshest offerings in control bars and lines.

The core of the kiteboarding festival is a series of races that will be open to professional and amateur riders. The exact format of the races over the event’s four days is yet to be finalized by the GKA sports team. But the focus of the ProAm Race in Dunkerque will be on fun, with the hope the event will become a big kiteboarding jamboree, mirroring other popular events staged in France.

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29 August - 1 September 2024






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15th May 2024


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