Disciplines: Twintip Freestyle & Strapless Freestyle
Judging Criteria: TBC


The results are in and what a final day this has been! The GKA Distance Battle is now over the winners of the Freestyle discipline are:

Women’s Freestyle

1st. Mikaili Sol 33.87

2nd. Rita Arnaus

3rd. Paula Novotna

Men’s Freestyle

1st. Maxime Chabolz 30.70

2nd. Adeuri Corniell

3rd. Liam Whaley



Small Final Heat 1. Pippa Van Iersel VS Paula Novotna

Small Final Heat 2. Liam Whaley VS Juan Rodrigez

Final Heat 3. Mikali Sol VS Rita Arnaus

Final Heat 4. Maxime Chabloz VS Adeuri Corniell


20:00hrs CET The GKA Distance Battle Freestyle Finals are about to start. Tune into the livestream now!


The freestyle semi finals are now over. Join us for the freestyle finals on Sunday! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss the start. See you on Sunday!

Men’s Freestyle Winners:

Heat 1. Maxime Chabloz

Heat 2. Adeuri Corniell 30.37


Women’s Freestyle Winners:

Heat 1. Rita Arnaus 24.33

Heat 2. Mikaili Sol 32.23

Women’s Freestyle Semi Finals.

Heat 1. Pippa Van Iersel VS Rita Arnaus

Heat 2. Paula Novotna VS Mikaili Sol

Men’s Freestyle Semi Finals.

Heat 1. Liam Whaley VS Maxime Chabloz

Heat 2. Adeuri Corniell VS Juan Rodriguez


20:00 hrs CET The GKA Distance Battle Freestyle event is about to start. Tune into the livestream now!


21: 10 hrs CET

Men’s Quarter Finals have now ended. Winners of heats are as follows:

Heat 1. Liam Whaley 29.60

Heat 2. Maxim Chabloz 24.20

Heat 3. Juan Rodriguez 26.63

Heat 4. Adeuri Corniel 26.07


20:00 hrs CET

Welcome to the Men’s Twintip Freestyle Quarter Finals! 

Heats are as follows:

Heat 1: Liam Whaley VS Manoel Soares 

Heat 2: Maxim Chabloz VS Abdraham Moutaouakil

Heat 3: Arthur Guillebert VS Juan Rodriguez

Heat 4: Adeuri Corniel VS Jan Burgdoerfer

The GKA Distance Battle Twintip Freestyle Competition is about to start. Tune into the live stream now!



21:30 The GKA Distance Battle Strapless Freestyle division has now come to an end. Results are as follows:

Women’s Strapless Freestyle

1st Capucine Delannoy 27.02

2nd Mikaili Sol

3rd Charlotte Carpentier

Men’s Strapless Freestyle 

1st Pedro Matos 31.80

2nd Camille Delannoy

3rd Mitu Monteiro


The Finals are about to begin!


21:20: The event has now ended. What a semi-final for both the men and the women. Great riding all round, and high scores on the boards!

The results are as follows:

Women’s Semi-Final 1: Capucine Delannoy 26.77

Women’s Semi-Final 2: Mikaili Sol 16.33

Men’s Semi-Final 1: Camille Delannoy 32.30

Men’s Semi-Final 2: Pedro Matos 28.83


19:50 We are about to start both the men and woman’s semi finals. Livestream will begin 20:00 hrs CET

Women Semifinal 1: Charlotte Carpentier vs. Capucine Delannoy
Women Semifinal 2: Carla Herrera Oria Palma vs. Mikaili Sol
Men Semifinal 1: James Carew vs. Camille Delannoy
Men Semifinal 2: Pedro Matos vs. Mitu Monteiro

29-09-2020 23:30:

Next up Strapless Freestyle Semifinals Men and Women coming up Thursday, 1.10.2020 20.00h CET!

29-09-2020 21:00:

Strapless Men Quarterfinals are finished, here are the heat results:

Quarterfinal Heat 1: 

  1. James Carew 27.90
  2. Pedro Afonso 15.00

Quarterfinal Heat 2:

  1. Camille Delannoy 28.27
  2. Jan Marcos Riveras 7.33

Quarterfinal Heat 3:

  1. Pedro Matos 31.53
  2. Kiko Roig Torres 26.40

Quarterfinal Heat 4:

  1. Mitu Monteiro 27.43
  2. Willow-River Tonkin 24.07

29-09-2020 19:00 – We are live!

The GKA Distance Battle will start today at 20:00 CET first heat will be:

Mens Strapless Freestyle – Quarter Finals.

See you soon!

21-09-2020 16:00 – Updated Schedule:

Strapless Freestyle
Tuesday, 29.9.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens Quarterfinals
Thursday, 1.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Semifinals
Sunday, 4.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Finals

Twintip Freestyle
Tuesday, 6.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens Quarterfinals
Thursday, 8.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Semifinals
Sunday, 11.10.2020, 20:00h CET: Mens and Womens Finals

18-07-2020 15:00 – Schedule:

5th September: End of filming period, deadline for submitting the heat videos
19th September: Start broadcasting of the live event shows!

17-07-2020 15:00 – Voting has ended. All results have been verified and these are the riders qualifying into the main event:

Twintip Freestyle Men – Abdu Moutaouakil & Juan Rodriguez
Twintip Freestyle Women – Paula Novotna
Strapless Freestyle Men – Kiko Roig Torres & Camille Delannoy
Strapless Freestyle Women – Mikaili Sol

17-07-2020 14:00 – Voting has ended, we’re currently validating the results which will be published shortly!

16-07-2020 14:00 – Voting has been opened! Vote now 24 hours for your favourite male and female rider in each discipline! (Scroll down to vote)

16-07-2020 12:30 – Voting will open 14:00 CEST and will close tomorrow 14:00 CEST.

14-07-2020 17:00 – We are back!!! Welcome to the GKA Distance Battle 2020. The first of its kind video based watersports competition!

Registration period is closed and all the top seeds from the 2019 GKA Kite World Tour Ranking are signed up and ready to battle!

Now its time for you to vote the remaining wildcards that will enter this event!!! There are some big names and promising talents that want to be in the mix for this unique competition. 

Support your favourite riders and vote them into the event right here!