Current discipline: Freestyle
Judging Criteria: Pure freestyle (4 tricks from 4 different trick families count from 7 attempts. Riders take turns to perform one trick in a minute)
Dingle elimination. Men’s quarter finals onwards
Wind: 18 – 20 knots / high tide in the morning 

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Report: Jim Gaunt

15.25 – Podium quotes: 

Liam: “Congrats to Val for winning a world title at 17. This event has been amazing. I’d like to have been on the top step, but this event has still been amazing.”

Luis: Something very nice in Spanish! (Sorry, this Brit reporter needs to improve his languages!)

Adeuri: “It was a really good fight, but Val is super good. But coming to this event in first was great and let’s kick some ass next year.”

Val: “I have no words now to explain. I just want to thank Duotone and everyone who is supporting me now and I’m looking forward to sending it even more!”


The two title contenders had done what was required – they both made the final. In short, Valentin needed to finish ahead of Adeuri to claim the title.

Big seven tricks each coming up! Valentin was up first and Adeuri last in the trick rotation – the benefit of the Dominican’s higher seeding.

Valentin stuck a proper shifty front 9. It was super clean, he gave a little smile and a nod to the beach. 8.97 points – a great start!

Liam wasn’t far behind on his first trick, getting 8.13 for a backside 317; some points shaved off for a bit of a butt check.

Luis Alberto Cruz had already landed the biggest frontside 10 we’ve seen in the semi final which scored a 10… the just choked on this attempt here, though.

Adeuri threw a massive slim 9 – the power was unbelievable but sometimes the whitewater he pushes on landing kills a bit of his speed coming out of the trick. He must be stiff in a morning after some of these landings! 7.93.

Val – super cool, calm and collected – two good tricks in the bag from two – he smoothed a 9.27 for a slim 9, bending his knees deeply on landing and easing his way back up nice and slowly.

Liam landed a very clean nose grab slim 7. No butt checks there and he clearly wanted this final podium – he’s such a fierce competitor.

Luis’ second trick saw him travel so far across the sky with his kite super low on a backside 319, earning 9.4 points. (This trick would later be downmarked to 7.97 points as it was actually a 317)

Suddenly, a freerider managed to come and crash his kite and drift into the middle of the competition zone. Oh dear. Luis Alberto Cruz decided to go over and help when the lines got caught around the jetski’s prop. Three lifeguards were out there trying to sort it. That’s what you call a kite mare! It was comedy stuff until the lines indeed got really seriously caught up in the jetski and forced a really long break of over an hour! This suddenly really ruined the flow of this final.

Three 9s had dropped so far on trick two. Adeuri was going last in the order and was already 10.32 points behind Val going into his second trick. This break of an hour must have been so hard for him…

These riders live on the edge of adrenaline when competiting and the final had started with such a velocity. It was going to be hard for all of them to fire up again – but for two riders the world championship depended on it.

FINALLY, the action got back underway, thankfully in similar conditions. Adeuri and Val shook hands out on the water as they passed each other during a quick warm-up.

Green flag up: Adeuri flew out fast with intention, before bailing, turning and headed back to the beach. He returned right foot forward on the way out, found a chop for a pretty good backside 317, but got a bit off axis through the rotation and ended with a bit of a butt check. 7.97 for that one.

He trailed Val 15.9 to 18.24

Val, 20 yards off the beach, he laced a clean heart attack 7. His kite was perhaps a little high, but that was a sensible start after that long break to ensure that he had three decent scores from three tricks. He got 8.37 for that. Pressure now truly on Adeuri.

Liam also went for a huge heart attack 7, got a good extension on the raley, but just over-rotated a bit on the landing for a crash.

Luis Alberto again punched the air, landing so clean from another huge slim 9. He claimed a magnificent 10 points and was up to second with just two scores from three tricks. His two scores: 9.4 and 10!

Adeuri big 319, powered, again a butt check landing a bit too back foot heavy. Once more failing to break into the 8s. Indeed a 7.7 for that. Valentin over a point higher for that same trick.

Valentin went for the backside 10… just having to bail before the last pass, scoring just a 5 as it ended up as a butt checked 315. With three tricks all better than Adeuri at the moment, he could afford to try that. 

Liam made a couple of tacks in and out before finding a patch of water he liked heading in, landing a pretty solid 317. Not the most height, but detailed with consistency and flow, though didn’t have the height or distance he’d have liked. 7.7 points put him in second with Adeuri and Luis Alberto still to go.

Unfortunately the Dominican Luis dropped and stalled from a big front mobe off his favourite kicker section on the inside. A crash for him.

Adeuri, 8.02 points behind Val, slotted a huge, clean KGB7. He needed a clean landing like that and was  rewarded with 9.73 – moving into first! However, Val would improve his five point backside 315, for sure.

Val first up again and although didn’t get the pop he wanted the Columbian managed to still ensure a double pass and land cleanly, earning what could be a vital 7.6 for that backside 317. Back on top by just 0.88 now with four counting tricks for both Val and Adeuri.

Liam left it late in his minute but found a big kicker, launched at an awkward angle and slipped his edge, not landing a heart attack 5.

Luis again came in close to the beach to land a backside 317 – very high kite and not a good raley at the beginning, so just 4.83 for that, leaving him in fourth.

Adeuri needed 8.59 to move into first but something went wrong on his take off and he only did an S-bend. Crucial!

Valentin looked hungry and was still trying to smash out his tricks within the first 20 seconds of his minute. This time out the back and, despite an off looking take off, he managed yet again to find a good landing. This time a 9.43 for a KGB7. He’s stretched out a 10.42 lead over Adeuri, but Adeuri had two tricks left, so technically could still do it.

Liam got a much better pop this time and forced his way round two passes, squeezing out a heart attack five but just skidded out a bit on landing. 7.7 points was not what he was looking for.

No sooner had the buzzer gone for Luis, he was already in the air for a second attempt at that very radical front blind mobe that he likes to launch off a kicker, sending him higher than his kite lines and then he just lets the rotation play out. 6.83 for a single pass like that is very good, but he was still in fourth with only three tricks counting.

It was essential that Adeuri landed a good trick to improve one of his scores or it was all over. He landed a decent slim 9.  And a decent score he got! 9.4!

Valentin looked to improve his 8.37 heart attack 7… he smoked it on the outside and punched the air back towards the beach. He’d done it, moving more than 10 points ahead of Adeuri by scoring 9.63!

He came back to the beach and was mobbed! Claiming his first championship at just 17 years old.

Liam was still in the fight for third overall in the standings, so there was still business to be done. The Spaniard fired in to the beach left foot forward, went for the mobe 7 but only made a 5, which didn’t improve the 7.7 he already had in that trick category.

The final move of the year came down to Adeuri. He landed a heart attack 5, scoring 7.9.

Valentin Rodriguez: 37.3 (World Champion)
Adeuri Corniel: 35 (Vice World Champion)
Liam Whaley: 32.7
Luis Alberto Cruz: 31.06

319 scoring: 8.97
Slim 9 scoring: 9.27
KGB7 scoring: 9.43
Heart attack 7 scoring: 9.63

TOTAL: 37.3 points  (Just shy of Liam’s highest heat score of the event: 37.53)

14.30 – Good news guys, final back on in five minutes. 

13.40 – Final under a slight delay while the jetski crew clear out a freerider whose kite drifted through the comp zone! His kite lines seem caught round the jetski… kite mare! 


Head Judge Mallory de la Villemarque has swatted up on the following scenarios to whet your appetite:

It could be very close in points with several tiebreak situations in Valentin’s favour if Val finishes one place ahead of Adeuri. In short, Valentin needs to finish in at least 3rd place and ahead of Adeuri in Brazil to claim the title.

Val Rodriguez / Liam Whaley / Luis Alberto Cruz / Adeuri Corniel 


Nervy heat this one from the outset, no mega scores coming within the first two tricks each, but Adeuri was sitting on top of the pack. He had an 8.63 for a 319 on his second trick and then 7.07 for a 317, his third trick.

Liam had the heat of his career (and remember he’s a past world champion) in the quarter final, and wasn’t quite firing on nitrous this heat, but was holding second approaching the halfway point.

Chabloz led the tour halfway through the season, but was eliminated in the quarter finals of the last two events, so was eager to finish on a high and could still claim the vice world championship. The Swiss rider had a good 319 on trick two, but crashed trick three, leaving him in third.

Whaley hit the top on trick four, already breaking 30 a point total, with a 9.1 for a big heart attack 7 (one of his ten point tricks from the quarters). The extra chop was adding more difficulty this heat.

Neto is a technically faultless Brazilian and with plenty of tour experience was languishing a little in this heat, so three big tricks to come for him, but he didn’t seem to be getting the pop he’d need for double passes. Conditions were starting to favour riders who are used to riding in choppy conditions… like Cabarete! (Adeuri and Luis).

Liam crashed a nose grab slim 7 on trick five, but was still in first position having had one more trick attempt than Adeuri who still had to register a fourth score. Man, his legs are like tree trunks – this landing showing why those strong limbs are so important to the Dominican – just exploding in white water. Where other riders would have crashed he rode it out and even though it was a low six point score for him, he moved ahead.

Neto finally got the standard of trick we’re used to – slim 7, getting 8.23 on his sixth trick. He was back in contention to qualify, but Liam and Adeuri still had two tricks left.

Liam slotted a slim 7 with a nose grab. Technical and text book. 8.7.

Adeuri waited on the beach for his name to come up on the board, showing him the score he’d need to take first: 8.45. Steep. He charged out, but decided to trick coming on the way in. Left foot forward…no. Time running down. On the way out, a huge single heart attack; so just 5.93. Not what he was planning.

Chabloz still had the door for open for second, but just missed the bar on a slim 7… letting it (and the final) slip though his fingers. Gutted. Maxine not getting the end of season he was looking for, only breaking into the 8 point scores once this heat

So with that it looked like Liam and Adeuri would go through to the final as Neto needed a 9.25 on his last trick to finish second. He crashed a KGB7.

Pressure off for the last trick then, but Adeuri wanted the better seeding in the final to be able to take his trick after Liam. He needed 8.45 to achieve that and got a 9 for his heart attack 7 – the final is going to be intense!

Corniel: 33.87
Whaley: 33.31
Chabloz: 27.6 (out)
Neto: 22.8 (out)

Tide coming up a bit higher now and a bit more choppy, but still some kickers. So the first of the two title contenders in this semi-final is Valentin Rodriguez. Adeuri will come in the next semi-final: these two still on course for meeting in the final…

Long term local shredder Erick Anderson opened up the heat with a super nice 319 for 8.9 points. High standards already and he outscored Valentin on that trick, with Val getting just 7.47 for his because of a high kite.

On his second trick Luis Alberto Cruz landed a very high heart attack 7, falling into the double rotations very late and stylishly on the way down – a 9.4! Once again on his third trick the Dominican dropped his tantrum style front blind mobe off the kicker – while not a super high scoring trick, one of the rider’s favourites the way he does it, getting a 7.11.
Rodriguez ensured that his kite stayed low throughout his second trick, scoring 9.57 for slim 7. A little kiss to the beach for afters…

Local rider Galindo has performed out of his skin to reach the semi-final and kept things tight here, landing all first three tricks to keep the other riders honest at that stage.
Anderson was lying in fourth after four tricks but had two crashes and two 8s, so when he has two more tricks on the board he should be right up there.

Come his fifth attempt another big butt check on a slim 7, getting an average score.
Cruz once again landed cleanly, but again as with his 317, his backside 315 on the inside didn’t have the raley extension going into the trick that the riders like to see, so just a 7.13 for that.

First mistake from Val came on trick four when decided to not go for the full heart attack 7, realising his kite was out of position, but he has three good scores already, so no stress.
Highlight: off a huge kicker for trick five Luis Alberto Cruz pops the highest we’ve seen yet, kite low, flying, could his knees hold out on this very rare frontside 10? They did! The reward? A 10! He moves to the top of the heat!

Anderson looked for his fourth trick score on his sixth trick, out the back, goes sky high, spins out a heart attack 7… lands cleanly, raised his arm in triumph – another 10! These boys are making it hard for Valentin and Anderson got mobbed by Brazilians on the beach when he came in. This event means a lot here.

Going for his sixth trick, Val was in third and already 9.8 points behind Luis, and 8.67 behind Anderson. So, some work to do. Pressure building… and he crashed a big hinterberger 7, not getting the pop he needed. So if he’s going to make the final and get a chance at the world title, he’s going to have to land a big trick.

Only Cruz increased his score on his last trick while Galindo stayed in fourth, so the situation remains the same for Val. He hoped, raley, two passes, lands cleanly, pumps the air… that was pressure and he performed. A tense wait for the score to drop> 9.37 heart attack frontside 7 – he’s done it. Second place and into the final!

So Anderson scores a ten and still misses out on reaching the final! Respect to him, but Val is still showing championship material.

Pressure back on Adeuri – if he doesn’t reach the final, Valentin is already champion!

Cruz: 35,17
Rodriguez: 33.98
Anderson: 33.27 (out)
Galindo: 27.24 (out)





Title contender Adeuri Corniel got the business done in this heat, managing from the front throughout, linking together a string of good but pretty steady tricks for him. Not the sort of firework action we’ve seen from Liam in the previous heat, but Adeuri is surely saving himself for what will be massive semi-finals and are must win situations for him.
Gabriel Galindo follows him through, but a good trick’s distance behind.
Italian Dorotini had four crashes mean that he only had three low scoring tricks – which will never see him through at this level at this stage with riders fighting for the championship. Meanwhile German Kiebler, also in his first world cup event, had to retire after a huge crash on a double heart attack on trick five which left him massively winded.
Adeuri said he’s feeling great and that the conditions are good at the moment. He also has a little pain in his chest from a previous landing, but that he’s just here to win the title. That’s all he’s focused on.

Corniel: 29.57
Galindo: 21.24
Dorotini: 12.67 (out)
Kiebler: 9.3  (out)

This heat hopefully set the bar for the rest of the afternoon with a big battle between Liam Whaley and Erick Anderson, with Liam scoring a perfect 10 on his fourth trick for a heat attack 7! Anderson followed him on trick five with his own version, scoring just a little less: 9.4. Amazing.
With two trick attempts still to come, Liam had the highest heat score of the event and one of the highest four trick totals we’ve ever seen: 35.66 versus Anderson on 32.27.
On his sixth trick Liam lifted his arm like a matador, cruising to the beach after landing perfectly balanced from a huge back mobe 7. Another 10! Two in a heat – have we ever seen that? Liam said yesterday that he’d been to Indo on a surfing trip to relax before this event as he’s not in contention for the title, and that he’d tweaked his arm on Tuesday… but judging by this he’s got his eyes on the top step of this Superkite Brazil podium.
Anderson caught a front edge on a massive hinterberger 7 attempt on his sixth trick, but did land a heart attack frontside 7 on his last trick, securing second place and his spot in the semi final, cruising over 30 points, too.
Italian Gianmaria Coccoluto underperformed by his standards in this heat, not getting the kite positions and control he needed. In fourth was Costa who’s had a good event as a new entrant, but the top two were simply in another league in this heat.
Liam’s final counting four tricks: backside 317 (8.6 points) / slim 7 (8.93) / heart attack 7 (10) / backmobe 7 (10). He said he didn’t really have a tactic, but just went “full send” for probably the highest scoring heat that freestyle has ever seen. He said he’s been working on containing his emotions and has realised that when he’s having fun he does better.

Whaley: 37.53
Anderson: 33.03
Coccoluto: 27.13 (out)
Costa: 17.27 (out)

Valentin Rodriguez continues to break through the 30 point barrier, pretty much faultless in working his way through his heats. Remember he needs to beat Adeuri Corniel in the final at this event to win the world title.
He didn’t win by a big margin. Using his experience, Alex Neto in second narrowly managed to fend off fellow local charger Manoel Soares who’s new on the world cup scene but has performed incredibly at this event. Shame to see him go out, but it’s cutthroat at this stage. Soares scored an 8.03 for a slim 7, close to the highest trick score of that heat: 8.73 for Val’s KGB7.
Congrats also to another new Brazilian, Rafael de Sousa for his performances, who we also look forward to seeing more of in the future.

Rodriguez: 31.9
Neto: 30.53
Soares: 29 (out)
de Sousa: 17.88 (out)

Luis Alberto Cruz continued his very stylish approach, of particular note his front blind mobe with a very unique tantrum style approach – no one is doing that trick like that off a kicker, so although was only a single rotation trick, it scored a relatively high 7.2. Luis also outscored Maxime Chabloz on his slim 7 versus Maxime’s slim 9 – which tells you about the quality of his style. Quality not quantity.
Finished tightly between those two, Luis just edging it over Chabloz, who is hunting the vice world champion position at the end of this event.
End of the road for Louka Pitot and for Erisverton Ribeiro who has really impressed this reporter at this event.

Cruz: 29.5
Chabloz: 29.07
Pitot 25.3
Ribeiro: 21.19

09.40 – Looking at a 09.45 start, so very close. We will re-join the first men’s quarter final where we left off yesterday, on the second trick attempt for all riders. Scroll down for the livestream and live heats! 

09.20 – Good morning everyone, we will be pushing through the men’s quarter finals today, running through to the finish hopefully! The wind is in, we’re just waiting for it to turn side shore. Starting soon! 

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