Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour 2022
Cope Kitley GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup Taiba
Spot: Taiba Lagoon, Ceara, Brazil 

Current discipline: Freestyle
Heat duration: 25m (depending on how quickly riders do each trick)
Format: 7 trick attempts, top 4 count. Riders need to do tricks from different trick families for best scores. Riders have 40 seconds each to perform their tricks, taking turns
Wind: 15 – 18 knots / women on 11m kites in the early heats 
Water state: Perfect flat water lagoon

LIVETICKER Day 4 – 12th November 2022 (GMT -3)

13.00 – Good morning everyone. Today is the last day of the contest window. The main event wrapped up yesterday. A show event was planned for this afternoon, but unfortunately the wind is light, so it won’t be streamed. Official crowning ceremony is on tonight to celebrate our new world champions. Enjoy your weekends everyone!


LIVETICKER Day 3 – 11th November 2022 (GMT -3)

SUMMARY: Final day overview feature and catch up on the livestream here!


15.15 – Mikaili Sol and Gianmaria Coccoluto are world champions!!!

13.53 – Catch your breath on this 15 minute break ahead of the finals! 

Women’s final: 
Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE) / Bruna Kajiya (BRA) / Rita Arnaus (ESP) / Mikaili Sol )BRA) 

Men’s final: 
Carlos Mario (BRA) / Erick Anderson (BRA) / Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA) / Maxime Chabloz (SUI) 

13.50 – MEN’S SF 2
Maxime Chabloz (SUI) 34.67 – through to the final
Erick Anderson (BRA) 30.86 – through to the final
Adeury Corniel (DOM) 28.89
Davi Ribeiro (BRA) 24.94

Wow, what a performance from Maxime Chabloz, rising and rising through the heat to finish on two high nine point scores and he looks set to challenge for the win. 9.97 for a backmobe 7 was the highest score, but the stalled crail grab on his KGB 5 dripped with the extra style the judges are starting to look for.
Erick Anderson led for much of the heat with a very clean performance, and he too advances to the final where he could help Manoel Soares out if he wins the event, making amends for having knocked out fellow local while he was on the championship hunt yesterday!

Kudos to 14 year old Davi Ribeiro, local star… he shredded throughout and with a bit more weight on him as he grows over the coming year, he’ll be stacked tricks with as much power as the rest. He’s a name to watch.

Adeury Corniel, hats off as usual for his fire and power, just missing out on the final place.

13.05 -MEN’S SF 1
Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA) 36.70 – through to the final
Carlos Mario (BRA) 33.04 – through to the final
Arthur Guillebert (FRA) 29.17
Juan Rodriguez (COL) 27.30

Two title contenders in this heat (Rodriguez and Coccolut) – only two riders would qualify for the final.

Who can stop the Italian’s charge? The only position he has his eyes on is the top step at this event which would bring him his first world title. Another absolutely stellar performance, that include another 10 point score for the best backmobe 7 there’s likely ever been plus another grabbed front blind mobe 5, landed for the first time earlier in this event.

Carlos Mario also goes through to the final, with barely a mistake and finishing well. Surely he has something saved up in the tank.

Unfortunately for title contender Juan Rodriguez he never hit top gear in this heat and just couldn’t compete with Gianmaria’s consistent peak performance level tricks. Riding with his kite too high in his tricks and not quite having the flow needed for the powered 7s and 9s, he finished behind Arthur Guillebert who had an epic effort at a front blind mobe 5 on his last trick that could have seen him overtake Carlos Mario, had his leash not got caught around his bar, preventing him from passing on landing.

Tough stuff out here, but Gianmaria looks almost unstoppable. Can he hold it together for one more round and beat everyone again?

Mika Sol (BRA) 30.40 – through to final
Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE) 25.49 – through to final
Claudia Leon (ESP) 22.20
Merle Moenster (GER) 13.47

A warm up for the final for Mika here, easing beyond 30 points in first four tricks already. She spend the remaining three tricks practicing her slim 7… which she may land for the first time in the final. The battle for second was big between Nathalie and Claudia… Nathalie led throughout, but Claudia had a chance on her last trick after Nathalie made a strange choice to repeat her heart attack on trick 7 instead of trying to improve one of her lower scores. In the end they both crashed their final trick, so the feint chances of Saudi winner Claudia taking her first world title are over.

Rita Arnaus (ESP) 24.71 – through to final
Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 22 – through to final
Estefania Rosa (BRA) 15.93
Alexandra Torres (ESP) 7.71

It was a cruise through in the end for the top two seeded riders in this semi-final, with Rita squeezing more clinical performance than Bruna overall. Rita’s heart attack for 7.20 points was the pick of the heat – and she gains the seeding advantage for the final as winner, to ride after Bruna in the riding order in the final.

11.30 – Women’s semi-finals running first, scroll down for the livescores, ladders and LIVESTREAM!

11.07 – We will be going live at 11.15am – get ready! See yesterday’s highlights here first!

08.00 – Good morning from Taiba lagoon where we have an exciting climax in store for the 2022 Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour Freestyle division. After an epic couple of days that have raised the performance bar, we have a first possible start today at 11am. We’ll keep you posted if that changes here. Semi-final line-up: 

Juan Rodriguez (COL) / Arthur Guillebert (FRA) / Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA) / Carlos Mario (BRA)

Erick Anderson (BRA) / Adeuri Corniel (DOM) / Maxime Chabloz (SUI) / Davi Ribeiro (BRA) 

Alexandra Torres (ESP) / Estefania Rosa (BRA) / Bruna Kajiya (BRA) / Rita Arnaus (BRA) 

Merle Moenster (GER) / Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE) / Claudia Leon (ESP) / Mikaili Sol (BRA) 


LIVETICKER Day 2 – 10th November 2022 (GMT -3)

END OF DAY: – Read the day’s summary and catch up on the livestream here

16.30 – The end of the men’s quarter finals brings an end to the day’s competition, and beyond Manoel Soares being ejected from the competition in this round and young Brazilian Davi Ribeiro winning the last quarter final (ousting Valentin Rodriguez in third), all the big names are through to the semis, but each of them had a rough ride in getting there, especially Arthur Guillebert who scraped through behind Davi Ribeiro in that last heat. 

There are still three title contenders in the men’s competition, but only two remain in the competition! If Gianmaria Coccoluto or Juan Rodriguez win this event, they’ll also claim their first world title (and they face each other in the semi final!). If neither wins the event, then Manuel Soares (who we know has finished in 9th) will win his first world title! Would you rather have it in your own hands?! Finals day for the men and women will come tomorrow!

Juan Rodriguez (COL) / Arthur Guillebert (FRA) / Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA) / Carlos Mario (BRA)

Erick Anderson (BRA) / Adeuri Corniel (DOM) / Maxime Chabloz (SUI) / Davi Ribeiro (BRA) 

Alexandra Torres (ESP) / Estefania Rosa (BRA) / Bruna Kajiya (BRA) / Rita Arnaus (BRA) 

Merle Moenster (GER) / Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE) / Claudia Leon (ESP) / Mikaili Sol (BRA) 



Manoel Soares could still win the title if Gianmaria Coccoluto or Juan Rodriguez fail to win the event, but it’s now out of his hands. Read the title scenarios here

14.30 – Aaaaand the internet is back and men’s QF 1 in which Manoel Soares needs to finish in the top two and he’ll win his first world championship… but Gianmaria Coccoluto is hot on his heels – scroll down, hit the stream and enjoy! 

14.20 – The internet is down on site at the moment… so the tension builds ahead of the men’s quarter finals (coming next) and that massive first heat for Manoel Soares who is hoping to win the World Championship by finishing top two in the quarters and advancing to the semis – which will give him enough championship points for his first world title! 

Riders who didn’t win in round three, competed in round four to decide the seeding for the semis, with one rider being ejected from the comp.

R4 H2
Nathalie Lambrecht continued to land some of the biggest backside 313s of the women’s comp. She won comprehensively with 22.30 points.
In this three riders heat, top two go through to the semis, unfortunately it was local Cristyelly da Silva who very narrowly finished in third (11.37) behind Alexandra Torres (11.03).

R4 H1
Estefania Rosa eased past Merle Moenster 17.80 / 8.46, but both riders are through to the semis, but with a lower seeding for Moenster.


13.40 – The competition now switches back to the women’s round 4 (two heats, qualifying for the semis) and then after that, it’s the big one – the men’s quarter finals featuring Manoel Soares who needs to finish in the top two of that heat to win the world championship. 

Men’s R4 result confirmations: 

R4 H4
Result: Adeuri Corniel 29.07 / Guillherme Costa 21.80 – both qualify for the quarter finals.
Ismael Moraes 21.61 / Finn Flugel 16.60 both leave the competition.

R4 H3
Result: Erick Anderson 31.34 / Davi Ribeiro 29.16 – both qualify for the quarter finals.
Anthar Racca 26.57 / Luca Seer 18.26 both leave the competition.

R4 H2
Result: Leo Verrchia 24.6 / Valentin Garat 23.44 – both qualify for the quarter finals.
Tom Bridge 21.00 / Lorenzo Calcano 13.03 both leave the competition.

R4 H1
Result: Joao Lucas 24.73 / Luis Alberto Cruz 19.24 – both qualify for the quarter finals.
Pierfrancesco Rizzello 16.76 / Nelson Gomez 15.16 both leave the competition.

13.15 – World Championship alert – the all important men’s quarter final first heat that could make Manoel Soares world champion will be running in three heats time: Men’s Round Four still has one more heat to go, but after the result of R4 H3 we now know which riders will compete in the quarter final heat against World Championship leader, Manoel Soares, who needs to qualify for the semi finals to win the championship. He will have his work cut out to finish top two in the quarters, against fellow title contender Gianmaria Coccoluto, local legend Erick Anderson and Valentin Garat. Anyone is capable of winning that heat – indeed Erick Anderson just scored a huge R4 heat score of 31.34, so finishing top two in that heat is no easy task at all. It’s almost time for Manoel’s ultimate test! 


11.45 – MEN’S ROUND FOUR RUNNING NOW – scroll down for scores and the livestream
Men’s R4 is an elimination stage, top two advance to quarter finals.

Women’s R3 update: 
Wins for championship contenders Bruna Kajiya, Rita Arnaus, Claudia Leon and finally Mikaili Sol – who all advance to the semi-finals.
Mikaili is reigning champion and only needs to make it to the final and said of her heat against Merle Moenster (a teacher), ‘That was probably my best heat of the year.” Indeed and it was packed with high scores, the highest of which was an 8.77 for her 317, completing two handle-passes – and she’s the only woman landing those. Two further slim 7 attempts at the end of the heat showed how comfortable she is on this lagoon, just 15 minutes from home. Who can stop her charge for the championship? If she advances from her next heat in the semis, it’s all over for the top spot. 

Fellow Brazilian Bruna Kajiya got the day started off well with the first heat and looked very at home here, with the lagoon really letting us see up close the clockwork technique that Bruna has. Bruna produced the second highest heat score of the leading ladies, with 24.83, but it was Mika who laid down the law with her heat score of 29.60 from four tricks. 

11.00 – Format note: the women start the competition from round three in the elimination ladder with nine riders in the event. Winners from round three go direct to the semi-finals, while losers ride again in round four. 

10.20 – The women’s competition will run first today at this final event of the season – watch the livestream below and also find all the live heats and scores below on this page too.


  1. Mikaili Sol (BRA) 1870 points
  2. Claudia Leon (ESP) 1580
  3. Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 1570
  4. Rita Arnaus (ESP) 1540

Mikaili Sol will become World Champion, regardless of where anyone else finishes, if she gets third place or better in Taiba.

Claudia Leon can claim the title if she wins in Brazil and Mika ends up in fourth or below in Taiba.

Bruna Kajiya can claim the title if she wins in Brazil and Mika ends up in fourth or below in Taiba.

Rita Arnaus can claim the title if she wins in Brazil and Mika ends up in fifth or below in Taiba.


10.00 – Livestream starting in a moment  – scroll down to watch. Heats beginning 10.15 / 10.30. 

06.50 – Good morning from Taiba. We are looking forward to more action on day two. First possible start is 10am. 

Catch up on all the highlights from day one – here.


LIVETICKER Day 1 – 9th November 2022 (GMT -3)
Scroll down to watch the LIVESTREAM, featuring an intro to the world tour situation at the start of the stream, with competition coverage beginning from the start of R3.  

17.15 – Round 3 complete and competition finished for the day. 

Round 3 heat winners today and advancing straight to round five were:
Gianmaria Coccoluto (highest heat and trick score), Manoel Soares, Posito Martinez, Carlos Mario, Juan Rodriguez, Maxime Chabloz, Valentin Rodriguez, and Arthur Guillebert. 

Everyone else will ride again tomorrow in round four. 

15.40 – Round 3 update after 3 heats: 
We’ve seen some very special riding already. In the first heat of round three, second ranked rider Gianmaria Coccoluto set the standard with a super high heat score (34.03), including a 9.83 for an incredible front blind mobe 5 – the first time one has been landed in competition. 
In heat 2 tour leader Manoel Soares kept things tight. Reaching the semi-finals would be enough to give him his first title, and he just did enough to go through his first heat without fuss. 
But the real show so far came from Tom Bridge in round three with a display of innovative toeside and blind manoeuvres. He’s here to make a statement and great to watch. Tricks like his blind front blind mobe may be unique to him, but it was Posito Martinez who took the win with more height, power and amplitude in his tricks. 

The bonus for us is we’ll get to see Tom Bridge ride again in round four! 

Winners go to round 5. Second and third positions will ride again in round 4. Scroll down for elimination ladders and heat scores. 

Round two: Also scroll further down on this page for round two results. Third and fourth placed riders will be eliminated from the competition, the top two will be seeded into round three, where all the world tour riders enter the competition. 

Men’s Round One:
Winners advance straight to round three, while second and third placed riders would battle again in round two. The seeded world tour riders all enter the competition in round three.

13.15 – Heat four, round one result:
After a three year break, Mexican Anthar Racca (25.63) wins the heat after a close battle with infamous local Erick Anderson (24.83) and further back Pedro Alexandre (12.83).

12:30 – Heat three, round one result:
Young Davi Ribeiro (BRA) 26.93 becomes the highest round one heat scorer, and wins heat 3
Brazilians Mateus Mendez (21.33) and Luis Fernando Silva (20.44) will ride again in round two.

12.10 – Heat two, round one result:
Tom Bridge (UK) 22.23 had a close first win, but did crash a few unique toeside tricks, looking casual. He’s through to R3.
Nelson Gomez (21.20) and Ismael Moraes (18.27) will ride again in round two.

11.40 – Heat one, round one result:
Joao Lucas (BRA) wins – 23.70 and advances to round three.
Leo Verrecchia (22.93) and Daniel Pereira (BRA) 16.47 will ride again in round two.

11.15: Men’s round one is underway, featuring the wildcards and winners of the qualifying competition. There are four heats in this round, followed by two round two heats, then in round three the full fleet of world tour riders enters the competition. Scroll down to see the live heats ladders and scores. 

08.50: Plan for this morning:
– 09.00 skippers meeting and opening ceremony
– 10.00 first possible start for qualifiers
– 12.00 potential start of main event 


07:30: This should be the first day of competition, with the qualifying heats hopefully getting underway from around 9am, before the main event will begin around noon from round three. 

There are 12 different nationalities competing across the whole event with ten men still on the waiting list, such was the large number of pre-registrations.

This is the first time ever that an event has been run on the perfect conditions on Taiba lagoon and the riders have also had their input as to where the exact best competition area would be.


The men’s elimination ladders for the main event is made up of these 28 riders:


See all the potential world title winning scenarios here in this feature.

LIVETICKER Day 0 – 8th November 2022 (GMT -3)


There will be no action today. The first heats will run from tomorrow (Wednesday), first possible start 11am. The plan for today: 

12:00-13:00 media shoot
15:00- 16:30 Registration at VIP area
17:00 opening ceremony 

Come back to this page tomorrow for updates on the full competition start after the early qualifier rounds. All the live heat ladders and scores will be displayed here, too.