Current discipline: Best Trick
Judging Criteria: 50% Freestyle / 50% Big Air


1: Arthur Guillebert (FRA)
2: Lewis Crathern (GBR)
3: Nelson Gomes (COL)


1: Kiko Roig Torres (ESP)


1: Pippa van Iersel (NLD)

15:47 Arthur wins!

15:45 Guillebert doesn’t do any better on his last trick attempt, so this is now down to Lewis. Lewis has plenty of time, tacks back and forth waiting on a good gust for a boogie loop attempt we’re sure. He goes for it, sends the kite.. and hits a lull. Not his fault, but it’s not going to score highly.

15:40 Arthur Guillebert scores a massive 8.27 for a BIG backside 317 and takes the lead.

15:36 Lewis throws a PROPER boogie loop and retakes the lead but Carlos gives him a run for his money with a big 360 dangle-pass that takes him into third.

15:35 Joselito continues his stream of impressive performances at this event. A big double front tail grab was impressive work from him. Big kiteloop late roll, that was super powered! Could it push him into the lead?

15:30 Lewis lines up for a loop but doesn’t have the height he wants, so he opts for a straight air instead. Gomez going for it though, with a big backloop.

15:23 Big air specialist Lewis Crathern skies a big aerial for 7 points to take the lead and then Gomez does a big deadman board-off (which used to be called a heart attack in the old days) which was a solid crowd pleaser that gets him the lead too with 7.37 points. #FullSend

15:20 Twintip riders back on now, Joselito comes close on a big tic-tac. Rodriguez does a big loop out the back but Arthur Guillebert adds some technicality with a big backside 315. Stomped. 6.57.

15:15 Heat 3 – N. Gomez, R. James, C. Mario, J. Del Rosario, J. Rodriguez, A. Guillebert, L. Crathern

15:05 Kiko won this one. He’s just got the edge on height, but Anderson and Pedro were close behind. All those Levante sessions back home in Tarifa must have been the perfect training for Kiko though!

14:50 A lot of crashes at the start of this one but Kiko opens up with a big air (but everyone else stacked it)

14:40 Heat 2 – A. Reboucas, K. Torres, R. Myerscough, P. Matos

14:35 Pippa wins

14:30 The wind’s picking up right now so both riders focusing on height. Some nice loops from Pippa, including a boogie loop, so she has the lead.

14:15 Round 1 – Heat 1 – P. Iersel v A. Torres


Current discipline: Big Air
Judging Criteria: 100% Big Air
Riders get 5 trick attempts each


TEAM A – J. Del Rosario, K. Roig, O. Smith, R. Myerscough win the GKA Fuerteventura Big Air team Invitational.

1: J. Del Rosario and K. Roig – 38.7 – WINNERS
2: C. Mario and P. Matos – 33.3

17:22 Carlos finishes with a big double-front board-off. Scores aren’t in yet.. but it’s going to be close!

17:21 Pedro Matos has done all of his trip attempts and current Joselito and Kiko’s team have the lead. That means it’s all down to Carlos if he wants to win this and a big double-front shows he’s still in it.

17:20 Very hard to call at this point, and you can see the riders’ teammates running down to talk tactics with them.

17:16 Kiko and Joselito need a kiteloop or two now to win this.

17:15 Scores getting more even now with 31.6 for Joselito and Kiko while Carlos and Pedro have 32.7.

17:13 Kiko riding better than Pedro, but this is a team event and his teammate Joselito is way behind Mario on points. Kiko sticks a kiteloop tic-tac front roll which might be enough to even the scores.

17:08 Carlos Mario way out in front with four high scores in a row. His kiteloop for 7.5 points is the biggest score of the heat so far.

17:06 Joselito Del Rosario throws a big aerial and his teammate Kiko Roig lands a decent-sized air for 5.5 so it’s a strong start for their team.

17:02 Carlos Mario is the first person to put points on the board with a 6.7 point score and Pedro Matos is going all in and brushes off four heavy crashes in a row.

16:45 Final – J. del Rosario and K. Roig vs C. Mario and P. Matos

16:41 Reece Myerscough pulls it round with a big back roll one foot as the wind ramps up and a kiteloop and a sizeable aerial adds to his score. Reece wins. Next up – the finals.

16:32 Anderson Reboucas leading with some big front roll variations.

16:27 Heat 8 – R. Myerscough v A. Reboucas

16:22 Carlos wins

16:20 Carlos adds a high, sent backside 360 dangle-pass (7.0 points) to extend his lead to 2.1 points. Riders still have five trick attempts available to them (they’re allowed to do 15 in total).

16:19 Looked like Carlos was preparing for a handlepass but then does a superman board-off which will upgrade his previous board-off score. 3 minutes to go with 1.03 point in it!

16:18 Joselito takes the lead at the halfway point with a big kiteloop but Marion pulls ahead by one point thanks to a big backloop kiteloop board-off!

16:15 The wind’s picking up now Joselito leading the heat at halfway point but Carlos does a big loop with a late backroll which he just swings round at the last second. Carlos now moves into the lead by 0.22 points.

16:08 Heat 7 – C.Mario v Joselito del Rosario

16:03 Pedro closing the gap towards the end but Kiko holds out to win by 0.2 points. Tight as you like!

16:00 Duotone Duel going down right now. Kiko is leading with bigger moves like a large front roll one-footer, but Matos is close behind and one good trick from him could change everything.

15:50 Heat 6 – P. Matos v K. Roig

15:45 Lewis wins by 3.4 points. An impressive margin and his last loop got 7.8 so that’s pretty solid.

15:44 Boogie-loop out the back from Lewis and Ozzie answers back but will it be enough for him to beat Lewis?

15:43 Big mega loop from Ossie now who (whether he knows it or not) is actually riding without his leash on. There’s less than one point in this with a minute to go.

15:38 Two very varied styles being seen futon the water here. Lewis going for classic big-air moves while Oswald taking a more freestyle-influenced. A nice shifty frontside 3 from Oswald and a big backside 3 impressed the judges, but Lewis is going for more height and he leads.

15:30 Mens Round 2 – Heat 5 – O. Smith v L. Crathern

15:25 This might be the best performance we’ve ever seen from Reece and he’s won the heat.

15:22 Pedro now has the top score with a front roll board off for 8.17 points and the lead is constantly shifting now. Seamless tic-tac finger-flip from Reece and he now leads the heat by 1 point.

15:21 Pedro lead from early in the heat but Reece has the highest score for a tic-tac (5.5) now and he just landed a big kiteloop for 7.53 points and is now leading the heat.

15:13 Heat 4 – R. Myerscough v P. Matos

15:08 Lewis wins the heat.

15:01 Lewis lands a big double front nose grab and is still in the lead but Joselito is not far behind. Lewis changes down to a 10 and does a big backside dangle-pass out the back for 4.73 and he leads with less than two minutes to go.

14:56 Lewis opens with a huge front roll board-off. He’s on an 11 metre Rebel and knows his way around a boost or two! Joselito comes close on a big board-off front roll but Lewis Crathern is way ahead on points.

14:48 Heat 3 – J. Rosario vs L. Crathern

14:47 Kiko Roig wins

14:43 Kiko pulls ahead with a big air to blind and a one-foot. The wind’s not that strong, but he’s going big all the same. Anderson going for technicality, but he really needs to focus on more air time. Kiko does a big front roll one-foot and is leading by a solid margin.

14:42 Both riders going for technical manoeuvres, but they’re lacking height atm!

14:30 Heat 2 – K. Roig vs A. Reboucas

14:20 Carlos Mario wins the opening heat against Oswald Smith by 0.05 points

14:10 Heat 1 – C. Mario vs O. Smith

First Possible Start – 12:30


Current discipline: Freestyle
Judging Criteria: 100% Freestyle


1: Adeuri Corniel (DOM)
2: Maxime Chabloz (CHE)
3: Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA)
4: Carlos Mario (BRA)

13:30 Adeuri Corniel has just landed a 9.4 for a HUGE combined score of  36.03! Adeuri wins the final!

13:29 NO! He only scores a 7.6 so that means he cannot win. Adeuri Corniel has this one now, he goes out for one more trick when he doesn’t even need to and he lands a 319 just for the hell of it!!

13:27 Chabloz just landed a backmobe 7. He’s but tchecked the landing, but this could win the heat for him. He’s the only rider on the tour who can do this in competition! Has he done it?

13:27 Gianmaria just pushed Carlos Mario into fourth with a frontside 317 and tour leader Carlos Mario CANNOT win this heat.

13:26 Adeuri only needs 2 points to win this. He just did a safe scoring KGB to retake first place, and Chabloz now needs a 9.29 to win which is going to be a big ask. But doable..

13:25 Chabloz has been down in fourth for a while now but now, for his sixth trick, he’s just stomped a slim 7 which moves him up into first place. What a game changer! Mario is struggling here and not getting the gusts he wants. He’s normally so calm, but he’s getting visibly agitated out there.

13:19 Carlos Mario is now in first with a big 317 and consistently pretty high scores. Adeuri is committing harder than anyone though with a huge 319 for 9.49 which is the highest score of the event so far. If he hadn’t scrubbed the landing a little that would have probably been a 10.

13:15 Corniel is absolutely lit and he just moved into first with a BS 317 for 9.33. The highest score so far and he’s holding down so much power.

13:13 Big double heart attack from Corniel who moves into second but Chabloz now takes the lead with 7.93 for a 317. He changed down to an eight, which seems to have been the right call in these gusts. Gianmaria also sizes down and so does Carlos.

13:11 Carlos Mario lands a clean front blind mobe to take the lead. Adeuri Corniel would have beaten that with a MASSIVE double heart attack but he bounced out immediately landing which massively reduced his score. Chabloz missed his first trick but now he’s pulled into the lead with a BS 315 for 6.99. This heat is going to be blow for blow!

13:06 Final is on!

12:32 Men’s Final coming up – G. Coccoluto, C. Mario, A. Corniel, M. Chabloz

12:31 Coccoluto wins and Mario takes second. Both riders progress to the final. This is the first heat Carlos hasn’t won, maybe he’s saving himself for the final?

12:30 Liam Whaley misses his last trick attempt, a heart attack 7, and isn’t going to make the final.

12:27 Coccoluto just hammered a 319. First one of the event and now he’s going to be VERY hard to dislodge.

12:25 Louka Pitot having a good heat here. He comes close on a big BS 315 out the back and he could well move into second. Liam is still in fourth and need a 6.47 to go through in second or a 9.05 to win. Either of those are possible for him, but he needs to make a move or he’s out.

12:21 Whaley needs to make his move at this point. He lands a front blind mobe which might get him into second, but it won’t take first.

12:19 Carlos lands a heart attack five for 9.07 (highest score of the heat) and fires into first place. One trick is all it takes right now.

12:17 Choppy water and holes in the wind mean the riders need to be tactical and wait for their moment. Liam goes for a backmobe 7 and only gets a mobe and Carlos goes for a backside 7 but lands a 5. Both riders were capable of landing what they wanted to land, but the wind didn’t play ball. Liam retains the lead, but Coccoluto is now second, Pitot in third and at the halfway point Carlos Mario is down in fourth. However, every single trick leads to a change in position and the margins are tight right now with no clear leader.

12:10 Pitot first person to get scores on the board with a front blind mobe and then Liam Whaley blows that out of the water with a backside 315 for 7.3 points. Carlos Mario opens with a heart attack, but it looks like he might have been going for a double and Liam holds the lead.

12:08 Conditions – 23-28 knots NNW. Occasional lulls down to 17. Riders on 8-9 metre kites.

12:05 Mens Semi-Final 2 – G. Coccoluto, L. Pitot, L. Whaley, C.Mario

12:00 Rodriguez is going to take fourth whatever happens, but he landed (and then immediately crashed) a slim 9 which was nuts! Adeuri Corniel is trying to upgrade his 317 with an even BIGGER BS 317. Maxime tries for a backmobe 7 but but lands a backmobe 5 (which is still pretty nuts) and Corniel wins the heat. Adeuri’s final combined score was 33.75 and Maxime’s was 32.3. Adeuri wins!

Two big 30+ point scores. These two are looking dangerous for the final!

11:55 This has become a pitched battle between Corniel and Chabloz. Corniel took the lead with a slim 7 for 9.17 points and a big 317 but he has also crashed a trick. Chabloz hasn’t, and he also just stuck the highest scoring trick of the heat so far with a bigger slim 7 for 9.33 points. Corniel leads but it can change yet. Either way, it looks like these two will be going through to the final, but it’s not over yet.

11:45 Big start to this heat – Adeuri hammers a double heart attack for 8.6 points but Chabloz goes one better with a big BS 317 for 8.73 to take the lead.

11:43 Conditions – 21-28 knots with small chop

11:35 Mens Semi-Final 1 – M. Chabloz, A. Corniel, V. Rodriguez, N. Delmas


Current discipline: Freestyle
Judging Criteria: 100% Freestyle


1: Paula Novotna
2: Pippa van Iersel
3: Mikaili Sol
4: Bruna Kajiya

18:21 FINAL EFFORT FOR MIKA – Can she do it? YES SHE CAN! Mikaili battles through the pain to land a huge heart attack for 9.1 points. The highest scoring point of the event, and she’s grabbed third place at the last opportunity with no room for error. What a warrior!

18:19 Bruna goes for her last trick. It looks like she was aiming for an s-bend to blind, but she ends up hitting a lull and only landing an s-bend.

18:17 Paula slams a blind judge 3 for her final trick, there’s no way she can be caught at this stage with a 12.33 point lead! She’s effectively won this heat with all riders on their last trick attempt. She’s had an incredible day out here, and this heat was the second highest of the entire event!

18:16 Bruna finally gets some points on the board with a blind judge, which will secure third for her, but it’s very unlikely that she’ll make second.

18:14 Paula meanwhile is building her lead and she just stomped a 313 way out the back. Pippa van Iersel needs more than 10 points from her next two tricks to beat Paula, so it’s time to hustle!

18:14 Wind has dropped a little bit and there’s a bit of carnage out on the water now. Every rider has crashed their last trick attempt and Bruna and Mika haven’t landed a single trick with five crashes each.

18:10 Bruna catches a big gust on what looked like it was going to be a back to blind. The bar is ripped from her hand and catches a big back edge. Both her and Mikaili are struggling now. Mikaili looks like she might be nursing an ear injury, which may well be effecting her balance.

18:07 Mikaili looking shaken here, but she has four trick attempts available and four high scores could still win this for her. Paula not letting up though, and she just landed a 313 out the back, but was timed out due to spending too long building up to her trick so it won’t count.

18:03 Unreal work from Paula here! She went into a back to blind, but a gust took her so she went for the air pass rather than landing blind and scored a 7.23. Three high scoring tricks in a row for Paula, while Mikaili just crashed her third trick and it looks like she may be hurting a little after catching her edge there and slamming hard on her ear. Three crashes each for Bruna and Mikaili and no landed tricks.

18:00 It’s worth noting that small kites are really fast, and not many of the riders will regularly be training on them, which is making it hard for the riders. Bruna and Mikaili have had a slow start so far with no landed tricks and two crashes.

18:00Wind has eased off a little and Paula opens with a blind judge but Pippa is on fire and lands a BS 313. Riders changing up now, Mikaili is now on a 7, not a 6. Paula currently leads, Pippa in second.

15:50 – Final is on!

17:31 – FINALISTS CONFIRMED – M. Sol, P. Novotna, B. Kajiya, P. van Iersel

17:30 Mikaili wins the heat and will go through to the finals alongside her Duotone teammate Paula Novotna.

17:28 Watching Mikaili, you might almost think she’s riding in different conditions to her competitors. She scores an 8.07 for a backmobe (her fifth trick) and, realistically, she’d have to crash both of next two tricks for Paula to have a chance at beating her. Paula still on the hunt though, and she lands a very clean blind judge on the inside which further solidifies her second place position.

17:24 Paula Novotna pushes past Therese with a back to blind and is now in second position. She’s had an unreal event here in Fuerte, and she’s keeping that momentum going now. She backs that up with a 313, and she’s looking strong with two tricks left to do.

17:14 Therese tries to unhook and gets slammed by a gust. Then she goes back out and lands a near-textbook s-bend to blind. Very impressive effort from her and she looks totally unflustered. Wind is now gusting from the mid-20s up to the mid-30s and she gets lifted when she unhooks for a handlepass, and instead is launched into a huge backroll. Not what she wanted, but she does well to control it.

17:10 Mikaili Sol just made her entrance though with a front to wrapped, and rode it out in wrapped as though the squalling gusts on the inside were no factor! That scored her first and then she hammered home a backside 313. She’s riding like a World Champion now.

17:04 As commentator Lewis Crathern just said, conditions don’t get harder than this for freestyle anywhere in the world. That said, Therese Taabbel just made it look easy with a clean, powered raley to blind. Paula Novotna follows up with one of her own to move into second.

17:00 Womens Semi-Final 2 – M. Castelle, T. Taabbel, P. Novotna, M. Sol

16:59 Pippa crashed her last trick attempt, so Bagnoli has one more chance. Pippa van Iersel couldn’t bare to watch as Francesca prepared for her last trick attempt, but it was not to be. Bagnoli couldn’t stick her slim chance attempt and so Pippa goes through in second place alongside Bruna Kajiya who wins the heat!

16:52 Pippa van Iersel resorting to hooked in moves, opting for a kiteloop which will not score highly. Bagnoli is maxed out on a 7 now and can’t seem to unhook. She then fires into a super powered s-bend to blind but is far too powered, and she now has one more trick attempt available. She could potentially take second, but it’s not looking likely.

16:47 Bruna takes the lead with a clean 313. Not an easy feat now, these are not classic unhooked freestyle  conditions here with gusty wind and building chop and the riders are out on 7 and 5 metre kites!

16:40 Pippa is leading with a BS 313 and an s-bend to blind, but Kajiya is close behind and a one point score would put her into the lead. Conditions are really pushing the riders now.

16:30 Womens Semi-Final 1 – P. van Iersel, A. Torres, B. Kajiya, F. Bagnoli

16:21 Pippa van Iersel secures second place with a raley. The wind is now picking up to 33 knots and above and she played it extremely safe with that one, but she knew the points she needed and she’s now through to the finals alongside Therese.

16:15 The heat is restarted. Therese Taabbel is still in the lead with a decent lead but Pippa van Iersel has picked up speed after a bad start and has now moved into second. If she can score a four, she take lead from Taabbel.

15:57 Conditions update: wind blowing up to 31 knots, chop building.

15:50 Heat cancelled after Natahlie Lambrecht takes a hard crash on her backside edge. She had to be helped from the water by the safety crew.

15:45 Conditions have improved. Heat 6 restarts now!

14:52 HEAT PAUSED. Low cloud has interfered with the wind and this could be the dreaded ‘calima’ effect which causes the wind to drop and turn fully onshore when clouds blow through.

14:44 The wind’s still averaging 22 knots but the water’s getting choppy. Therese Taabbel is rising to the occasion though. No crashes, and she’s going for some safer options like blind judge, s-bend to blind and back to blinds. She’s sticking them well though, and that’s what matters. Claudia Leon is in second, Natahlie in third (but climbing) and third ranked rider Pippa van Iersel is in fourth and struggling to make her landings.

14:27 Womens Round 2 – Heat 6 – P. van Iersel, T. T. Taabbel, N. Lambrecht, C. Leon

14:25 Local rider Torres wins and the home crowd goes wild for it. Maureen also progresses.

14:21 Torres is leading this heat and Rita Arnaus has just been beaten back to third by Maureen Castelle who just landed her own hinterberger 3.

14:00 The riders need to do well here. 3rd and 4th place finishers will be out of the running. Castelle got off to a good start but Rita Arnaus just landed a heart attack for 7.03 points and is in the lead.

13:50 Women’s Round 2 – Heat 5 – C. Moreno, M. Castelle, R. Arnaus, A. Torres

13:42 Mikaili Sol wins. She only landed three tricks out of seven, so that shows how high her scores to managed a total of 23.21, but she’ll need to be far more consistent if she’s going to win again in round three.

13:40 Torres has ridden well in this heat. She’s not going to beat Mikaili, but she’s been consistently scoring around 4 points with minimal crashing. All the riders are doing well to deal with the chop, and you can see how it effects them when they line up for a trick before plowing into a wavelet. Mikaili’s only landed three tricks (out of six) but she’s got this heat in the bag.

13:30 Mikaili Sol is on another level in this heat. She’s had one crash, but followed that up with a 315 and a heart attack.

13:18 Torres opens with a nice clean raley to blind but the Mikaili Sol enters with the second highest score of the day for a slim chance and takes the lead.

13:10 Women’s Heat 4 – A.Torres, C. Leon, M. Sol

13:10 Heads way out for her final trick (the cameras can barely track her at this point) and sticks a faultless hintermobe for a 6.47. The scores aren’t in yet, but there’s no way Rita can catch her. Paula wins but Rita lands a heart attack to secure second place.

13:05 Paula adds a 313 and frontside 3 hinterberger to her tally and Rita’s regained her composure now with a 313 and a slim to move into second. The Czech Charger has a massive 10 point lead though and looking unshakable. She scrubs the landing on her back to blind but Rita and Therese have a long way to go to catch her.

12:58 Paula looking very composed with a blind judge, a faultless back to blind and an s-bend to blind and she’s building a solid lead. Therese Taabel is now in second with a raley to blind and Rita Arnaus in third with two crashes from three tricks.

Women’s Heat 3 – P. Novotna, R. Arnaus, T. Taabel

12:48 Francesca finishes with an s-bend to blind to win.

12:45 Pippa is closing the gap a bit now with a hinterberger frontside 3, but with two tricks left to run Francesca is looking very composed right now with just one crash from five trick attempts. Pippa is riding with the most power though, and her crash on a heart attack attempt was heavy to say the least.

12:40 Riders tactically choosing their moments to unhook in the gusts. Bagnoli gets it right though with a slim for 7.83 and she now has the momentum. She’s landed all of there tricks so far while Pippa has crashed two out of three.

12:31 Bagnoli strikes with a clean BS 313. First points on the board in this heat. That’s followed straight up by Pippa van Iersel with a bigger BS 313 for 7 points and she now takes the lead.

12:25 Conditions update – 22 knot average wind with some variation in the gusts

12:25 Womens Heat 2 – P. van Iersel, D. Moreno, F. Bagnoli

12:22 Lambrecht crashed her last trick, a back to blind, so it’s now Bruna’s to win. She takes it with a backside BS 313 which (even with a butt-check landing on the way out) was enough to give her the edge. Bruna wins heat one!

12:16 Lambrecht just stuck an even bigger slim chance for 8.93 and has retaken the lead ahead of Bruna. She’s killing it out there so far but both riders have one trick left to do and a 5 point score would secure Bruna the lead at this point.

12:15 Bruna Kajiya re-enters the running with a big slim chance that scores her 8.07. Sometimes one trick is all it takes to change a heat, and she’s just gone from third place to first!

12:07 A conservative start for Bruna but Maureen Castelle got off to a great start with high scoring BS 313 and now Nathalie Lambrecht is leading with two tricks in the high five point area.

11:45 Women’s Round 1  – Heat 1 – M. Castelle, N. Lambrecht, B. Kajiya


Current discipline: Freestyle
Judging Criteria: 100% Freestyle

Note: This liveticker automatically updates every couple of minutes if ticker is online!

Note: The livestream starts tomorrow 


19:04 Mario lands a BS 315 and heart attack to win. No huge scores, but no crashes and a very consistent run. Maybe he’s holding something back for tomorrow? We will see!

18:53 Mario leads from the start. He’s not going to leave anything to chance in this heat, because it’s his ticket to the semi-finals. If there was a kiteboarding game for Xbox, it would still be hard to replicate his performance today. Double heart attack, followed by a front blind move and a KGB without missing a beat. He’s a force of nature.

18:42 Mens Heat 16 – E. Ulrich, C. Mario, N. Delmas, J. Del Rosario

18:40 Whaley wins without even doing his last trick. Job done.

18:35 Whaley has basically never stepped off the gas in this heat and he’s taking his time. No crashes at all for his first five tricks and his experience has come to the fore, riding tactically and watching his competitors. Valentin Rodriguez has begun to close in on him now, but he only has one trick left to do while Whaley has two.

18:20 Whaley fires into action with a BS 317 for 7.43 points and is looking right at home in the conditions. Cross-off from the left is exactly what he rides in a Levante in Tarifa, so he knows how to work with the gusty sections on the inside.

18:12 Mens Heat 15 – S. Teixeira, C. Tio, V. Rodriguez, L. Whaley

18:10 Chabloz now firing on all cylinders, and his BS 317 is one of the highest scores of the day for 8.47. Pitot is in his sights and only 1.77 points ahead. Chabloz then stick a front blind mobe to seal the deal and, even though he misses his last trick, he’s done enough to win.

18:00 Pitot opened up with a front blind mobe, crowmobe and heart attack to take an early lead. Maxime Chabloz had a shakier start with a low scoring BS 313 but a clean back mobe 5 followed up with a 317 bring him back into contention and he now finds himself just 2.24 points behind Pitot.

17:47 Mens Heat 14 – A. Rosslee, L. Pitot, J. Rodriguez, M. Chabloz

17:42 Corniel has a large points lead in this heat – 31.5 after five landed tricks – only Coccoluto has a change of catching him. Corniel wins it though, finishing off with a double heart attack.

17:26 Mens Round Three – Heat 13 – L. Calcano, S. Spiessberger, A. Corniel, G. Coccoluto

17:23 Delmas is going nowhere in first and hasn’t crashed a single trick, but second place is regularly changing between the three other riders. Teixeira pulls back into second on his sixth trick, and could take the lead if he can get one more high score. He doesn’t though, and Delmas wins.

17:12 Teixeira recovers after a slow start to close on Delmas, and two high scoring tricks would clinch this heat for him ahead of the Frenchman. Giuliano has recovered though and now pulls into third by a slim margin ahead of Teixeria.

17:02 This is the last heat of the round and the riders’ last chance to stay in the single eliminations. Nico Delmas opened with a crowmobe 5 for 6.5 point (perhaps opting for a powered, low-angle ‘popped’ trick which doesn’t require too much airtime in the gusty winds). Neto does the same trick, but doesn’t score as highly for his. Delmas is comfortably leading this heat though, with a near 12 point lead after three tricks.

16:52 Mens Heat 12 – S. Teixeira, A. Neto, R. Giuliano, N. Delmas

16:50 Tio wins the heat and Ulrich pulls into second place with a BS 313 for his last trick which knocks Smith down to third and out of the single elimination.

16:45 Smith built up a solid lead at the start of this heat but now, with only three tricks left to throw, Tio is out in front. With two tricks left to run, Smith could still have taken it but he crashed his sixth trick which means he won’t be able to make up the ground and catch Tio. Tio has this one in the bag.

16:30 Mens Heat 11 – O. Smith, E. Ulrich, C. Tio

16:30 Pitot wins. He actually crashed his last trick, but Calcano’s final 317 wasn’t enough to pull ahead.

16:25 Not a lot of movement in this heat, perhaps the punchy conditions on the inside are making things challenging. Calcano is trying to close the gap on Pitot, but he needs an 8.57 so it would be a tall order.

16:10 Pitot leading the heat from the start. He’s only had one trick score below 6 (a front blind mobe for 5.93) and his BS 315 scored a healthy 7.23. The wind’s now between 20-25 knots and the riders are looking good and powered on 12 metre kites.

15:56 Mens Heat 10 – R. James L. Calcano, L. Pitot, A. Guillebert

15:52 Spiessberger pulls it round though with a crowmobe and a slim chance and he wins without even having to do another trick.

15:45 Rosslee is having a much better heat in this one. He has the lead with two tricks left to go, but Spiessberger could yet catch him. Aron had a really heavy crash in round one that caused him to pass out, so this is a very impressive comeback from him.

15:35 Mens Round Two – Heat 9 – begins – N. Gomez, A. Rosslee, S. Spiessberger

13:33 Mario adds a 317 to his tally and takes the win, but it was close and Maxime scored higher today.

15:18 Mario picks up steam with a BS 315 and a KGB and he still hasn’t scored less than a 6 yet

15:18 The last heat of round one and it’s sure to be a big one with two chargers on the assault. Neto opens with a double heart attack, and Mario matches him with a bigger, cleaner one to pull ahead (by just out 0.13 points). The barrage continues with high scores though, and Mario lands a front blind mobe which Neto answers with a crowmobe 5. Super slick and very powered.

15:15 Mens Heat 8 – C. Mario, A. Neto

15:05 The riders are still trading blows and this is getting close. Del Rosario pulls ahead with a KGB and a slim and, while no tricks are huge points earners, they’re mounting up. Giuliano is starting to drop off a bit, but two good scores for Smith will make a big difference and could retake the lead.

Del Rosario pulls ahead though with a sizeable lead and Giuliano drops a hinterberger FS3 right on the edge of the box to take second. This could be over for Smith, but then he stomps a BS 315 to move into second. He can’t catch Del Rosario though, who wins with a trick spare.

15:00 The wind has filled in properly now that th clouds have cleared and this is one of the most tightly contested heats. After three tricks there’s only two points separating Smith in first and Del Rosario in third. Giuliano is riding well, and sticks a hinterberger frontside 3 right at the edge of the box on his outbound tack

14:50 Mens Heat 7 – O. Smith, R. Del Rosario, R. Guiliano

14:45 All three riders had solid six point plus scores in opening exchange. Whaley’s riding is varied and diverse, with a front blind mobe following by double s-bend to blind. Tio ramps things up with a BS317 for 7.57 points, a strong performance by the young Filipino rider.

Whaley storms back into the lead with a sizeable BS315 but he’s only 6.81 points clear and Tio could well pull him back.

Tio crashes his final trick though and Whaley wins with a trick attempt still in-hand.

14:30 Mens Heat 6 – L. Whaley, N. Delmas, C. Tio

14:30 Rodriguez wins

14:15 Ulrich strikes first, but Rodriguez fires into a front blind mobe for his first trick and takes the lead with a 6.17. Teixeira then comes in with a bigger front blind mobe and takes the lead.

14:10 Mens Heat 5 – E. Ulrich, S. Teixeira, V. Rodriguez

14:10 Chabloz wins this one with the biggest combined scores of the day – 32.34. He’s looking very strong so far.. is Carlos Mario watching?

13:52 Men’s Heat 4 – A. Guillebert, M. Chabloz

13:45 Pitot on point from the start but Rodriquez mounts a challenge late in the heat. A BS315 and a double heart attack from Rodriguez really up the ante, but Pitot is far more consistent. On his last trick attempt though, Rodriguez sticks a front blind mobe to take the lead! Louka has one trick attempt left and needs a 5.61. Can he do it? No he can’t.. Rodriguez takes the heat.

13:35 Mens Heat 3 – L. Pitot, J. Rodriguez, N. Gomez

13:30 Coccoluto gets it together late in the heat and finishes with a respectable overall score of 26.86 to go straight to round three. Second place Spiessberger and third place Calcano will go again in round two.

13:15 Spiessberger now in the lead with a BS315 for 6.87 points and Calcano drops to second. Coccoluto needs to pick things up. He has the second highest score but his work rate is a little slow.

13:10 The wind is much more solid now and Spiessberger and Calcano start off with a solid tempo and rack up the scores. Coccoluto is a little slower off the line, but then he stomps a front blind mobe for the highest heat score up to this point.

13:05 Mens Heat 2 – S. Spiessberger, L. Calcano and G. Coccoluto

13:00 Corniel running away with this. He adds a 317 for 7.37 points. Rosslee answers back with a  backmobe, as does James, but Corniel wins the heat comfortably.

12:50 Corniel well in front with a BS317 and a double heart attack AND a slim 7 for 8.03 points. Rosslee in second with a heart attack and James trailing with a BS313 for third place.

12:35 Mens Heat One had a brief delay due to faltering wind, but the clouds are clearing and it’s back on.

12:20 Mens Heat 1 – A. Rosslee, A. Corniel and R. James

12:00 Welcome to Day 1 of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Fuerteventura 2019.