Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour 2022
Cope Kitley GKA Kite-Surf & Hydrofoil Freestyle World Cup Brazil
Spot: Taiba, Ceara, Brazil: 23 – 27 November 

Current discipline: Day five (Sunday) Hydrofoil-Freestyle.
Kite-Surf heat duration: 7 mins / 4 mins transition
Kite-Surf format: 8 tricks attempts allowed / top 3 scores count for each rider
Wind: 15 – 2o knots. 
Water state: Dropping tide – low tide 13.31

LIVETICKER Day 5 – 27th November 2022 (GMT -3)
Scroll down for the livestream player and live heat ladders


Final: Charles Brodel (FRA) 24.83 / Alex Soto (DOM) 10.56

The Frenchman has just come through the final against Dominican Alex Soto with a dominant performance of truly next level hydrofoil-freestyle. He is untouchable, demonstrating total control, battering his opponents with an endless barrage of moves that still only he can land. Moves including kite loop board-offs, kite loop back rolls, multiple spins with board offs were standard in each of his heats, but he also landed a contra kite loop board off on a hydrofoil for the first time in competition today. He is the true master, and very similar to how Airton Cozzolino blazed a trail in the Kite-Surf strapless freestyle discipline three or four years ago. Wherever the sport goes next – Charles will play a bit part in it. 

Taking nothing away from Alex Soto who was the deserving finalist, inspiring Maxime Chabloz to new moves here too with his sent front mobe. It was so good to see the foilers out there today, sending it in just 14 – 18 knots, showing just how dynamic and exciting this discipline is in such conditions – and we look forward to more hydrofoil-freestyle events on the 2023 world tour next year – see the calendar of events here! 

14.14 – Into the final! 

Charles Brodel V Alex Soto – a very interesting match up to come! But first the mini final – Maxime v Maxime: 

Maxime Chabloz V Maxime Desjardins

13.49 – Into the semi now and once again it’s Brodel putting on an incredible show of power and style. He meets his team mate next in the semis: 
Alex Soto V Maxime Desjardins 
Maxime Chabloz V Charles Brodel 

13.10 – Into the quarter finals now: 
Alex Soto V Hunter Becker
Maxime Desjardins V Finn Flugel
Maxime Chabloz V Antonin Rangin 
Charles Bodel V Ryan Parsons

11.53 – The competition is into the round four stage (2-man heats now), featuring riders who finished second and third in their round three heats. Pick of the performers in round three was no doubt the current world champion, Charles Brodel. He picked up a 9.0 for a sensational kite loop board off! Winners of these round four heats will go through to the quarter finals where the R3 heat winners are already waiting: Charles Brodel, Maxime Chabloz, Alex Soto and Maxime Desjardins. 

10.12 – 3 minutes until the start of the first heat. Scroll down to enjoy the livestream! 

09.55 – Standby for the livestream beginning… hopefully within the next 15 minutes ahead of the first action

06.40 – Good morning from Taiba on this final day of the event. It’s Hydrofoil-Freestyle day and first possible start is 10am local time. 


LIVETICKER Day 4 – 26th November 2022 (GMT -3)
Scroll down for the livestream when it starts and heat ladders.

End of day – Congrats to all the female competitors! (Hydrofoil-Freestyle time tomorrow!)


Kesiane Rodriguez (BRA) 7.70 V Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 7.64

All-Brazilian… running battle! Intense wave hunt mixed with gruelling sprints back upwind to the top of the competition area with other riders pulling the competitors along to help save their legs and lungs in the absence of the usual Taiba strong thermal wind.

As mentioned earlier, Bruna’s wave riding is visibly improving with every heat (she’s a 3 x Freestyle world champion!) and she found a real beauty in the middle of the heat, connected the turns beautifully, switching hands to allow full body movement, sliding the tail a little too, she rode it all the way down and scored a 4.37 to hop ahead of Kesiane… who was as busy as ever.

There was loads to play for to win this final event of the season in Brazil and Kesiane kept answering back with big hits, but couldn’t quite find the length of wave that Bruna had previously.

With a minute to go though… Kesiane leathered a section hard and that was just enough to move her ahead, 7.70 to 7.64.

This was no epic final in terms of wave quality, but there was no shortage of Brazilian heart and desire. By 0.06 points Kesiane takes the win! She has been the most fluid and powerful rider throughout this women’s competition, making up for her disappointment at finishing fifth at the previous event in Dakhla.

Kesiane: “Happy, happy, happy! I’m very happy, thank you.”

Bruna: “I enjoyed it so much. I was a bit frustrated at the beginning in light wind, but I changed kites and two Brazilians making out country proud in our home, and I’m super please for Kesiane, she’s shredding!”


15.45 – MINI FINAL
Capucine Delannoy (FRA) 9.23 V Camille Losserand (SUI) 5.53
Working hard to make the podium on the day she also won the World Championship, Capucine Delannoy found more top turn power and bottom turn flow in the steeper sections to come out on top in this heat that was often light on wave power. Taking the opportunities is what competition is all about, and Capucine prevailed.

Capucine: “All the day was so tiring, all day was a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m happy to be world champion and also podium position. Thanks to everyone!”

15.21 – KESIANE INTO THE FINAL (Also a 15 minute break for the riders)
SF 2 Kesiane Rodriguez (BRA) 10.40 V Capucine Delannoy (FRA) 8.46
Big opening hack from Kesiane put her ahead from the start as she let the tail loose on several turns, flowing vertically along one of the best waves of the heat.
Capucine, now World Champion, is hoping to win this event too, but had her work cut out against the Brazilian champion. There were better waves in this heat, but still a lot of kite work needed to make the most of it in light 13 – 15 knot winds. Both riders working hard to run back upwind in the heat.

Due to a rider in the comp area, riders given an extra four minutes.

Capucine was most affected by the rider in the box, but she got her head straight and found waves. This was a difficult heat, at times very borderline, but the skills of these two made it work and Kesiane certainly managed to maintain more flow once on the wave.

Both riders started to come in after every wave and run back upwind with their caddies.Exhausted, they both set out for their last wave hunts as the extra four minutes for the heat kicked in, with Kesiane up 9.14 to 7.43. This was a good frontside battle.

Kesiane’s style may look a bit busy as she untwists the bar with every downloop during her wave rides, but she was very effective and relentlessly battered the waves, finding faces everywhere.

In the last few waves, Capucine looked like she had a tighter style, but Kesiane was still getting the bigger hits. Capucine’s last couple of waves showed the slashy style and very compact leg compression that have brought her the title, getting her fins out and tail reverses down the wave. But it was Kesiane that ended up increasing her lead with more overall power and number of hits per wave.


SF 1 Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 7.20 V Camille Losserand (SUI) 7.00
Very challenging conditions, borderline winds, but some waves on offer nonetheless. Lots of clouds in the sky, which kills the thermals here in Taiba, but both riders had managed to scratch out two waves, with Camille just ahead in the early stages. This heat came down to kite skills and nuanced planing skills and to stay in the steepest section where possible.

With four minutes to go, 3 x Freestyle world champion, Bruna, gritted her teeth and found a good one with several turns, engaging with the lip on her front side, looping the kite as her caddy and boyfriend James Carew encouraged her from the sidelines. She popped ahead of Camille for the first time in the heat, but remained tight: 7.20 v 7.00.

Camille once again looked to have the more power in her kite as she is a very efficient young rider, but perhaps in these light conditions is more hampered on her backside, as Bruna seemed more able to keep hitting the white water.

This was a foam ball battle. Camille found one last wave at the end and she constantly looped the kite down the line until the wave completely died out. But Bruna is improving her wave riding with each and every heat as she crosses over her skills and narrowly advances to her first wave final!

Capucine Delannoy (FRA) 7.87  V Frances Kelly (CAN) 4.86
The final came early in effect with the top two meeting early and it was a scrap. If Capucine could win she’d be world champion. Good fins out hits and 180s on the wave, Capucine stayed very busy on the water, and always very connected to the wave, with lots of bar pulling to force the loops and she never drifted too far ahead of the face. Time and again, despite the dropping wind, Capucine managed to make the best of it. Caddies were at the ready with different kites in the air at all times and it remained very tight throughout. Capucine had her nose in front but Frances was always within one good wave score.

At the end of the heat, Capucine came in and was embraced by her whole family and friends. What a moment for her family who live close by in Prea. A family of kiters – and this is Capucine’s second world championship of the year, following the 17 year old’s GKA Big Air World Championship in June.

Capucine: “I couldn’t dream of anything better. I got two world titles this year, my family is all here, I’m so grateful for everything. I’ve been training every day with my father and brother for this, and I’m so happy.”

14.05 – QF3
Kesiane Rodriguez (BRA) 13.00 V Lidiane Sanders (BRA) 5.30
Kesiane is a big player in this contest! Working her way beautifully down the line, she made several fins out hacks. These two ladies certainly doing Brazil proud – just like the men previously. So much inherent surf-style here in this country and Kesiane’s 6.0 for a single wave one of the biggest of the contest so far. She backed it up with a 5.20 and then that was replaced in her two wave score by a 7.0! She was ripping as the waves improved too along with her performance. Second only to Capucine so far who had a 14.13 heat score in R3.

13.35 -QF2
Camille Losserand (SUI) 7.40 V Serena Luz (BRA) 4.33
The Swiss rider has the most competition experience as a Youth World Champion and a podium finisher in the earlier GKA Big Air World Championship.
When the Brazilian did find the set waves, her turns looked fluid and she had some big hits, but not as many linked turns. Little hunt out and smack up at the end for both riders, but in the end Camille led from start to finish and generally managed to attack everything with a bit more speed.

13.15 QF1
Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 7.57 V Marcela Witt (BRA) 4.67
Wind and waves better this afternoon since the break and this all-Brazilian battle saw 3 x Freestyle World Champion Bruna Kajiya continue her transition into a new phase in her career, beating one of the leading wave contenders here. Better downloop control giving Bruna the best connection with the wave.

13.00 – Ladies quarter finals are running. Scroll down for the line-up and action!

12.00 – The competition is now on hold for an hour to let the low tide mark pass. Expected re-start is 1pm local time (GMT -3 / 5pm CEST) for the quarter finals. Best performer of the morning so far was indeed world number one Capucine Delannoy with the two highest heat scores so far: 11.80 and 14.13 earlier in round three. If she wins her next heat agains 2nd ranked rider Frances Kelly, she’ll be World Champion! 


Bruna Kajiya (BRA) V Marcela Witt (BRA)
Camille Losserand (BRA) V Serena Luz (BRA)
Kesiane Rodriguez (BRA) V Lidiane Sanders (BRA)
Frances Kelly (CAN) V Capucine Delannoy (FRA)*

A) If Capu wins against Frances. Capu is the World Champion.

B) If Capu loses and Frances wins. Frances needs to be 3rd and above to be the World Champion.

C) If Capu loses and Frances wins. Kesiane / Camille need to win the event to be the World Champion and Frances need to finish 4th.


09.20 – Women’s round three now complete – highest two wave score of the round for world number one, Capucine Delannoy. All riders are straight into round five, where they will all rider again, but against different opposition, and this is now an elimination round ahead of the quarter finals. Scroll down for all results and elimination ladders. 

08.15 – Women’s round three is running – follow the live scores and eliminations ladders below on this page.

06.00 – Today (Saturday) we hope to finish the women’s Kite-Surf championships at this final event of the season! First possible start is 08.00am


LIVETICKER Day 3 – 25th November 2022 (GMT -3)
Scroll down for the livestream and heat ladders.

16.00 – That’s the end of the day. Victory in women’s round three, heat 4, for Johana Catarina Edin brings things to a close, after we saw James Carew retain his world title earlier in the day. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the climax of the women’s Kite-Surf and men’s Hydrofoil-Freestyle championships at this final event of the season!

15.15 – And now the competition returns to the very early stages of the women’s competition, resuming in round three. Find all the heats and elimination ladders below on this page. 

James Carew (AUS) 22.23 / Pedro Matos (BRA) 19.00

The last wave of James was just a perfect example of ultimate power surfing and shows just how much of a competitive beast he is, in terms of both pure wave attack and freestyle. He is the most all-round and highly charged riders and well deserving of this event win and world title. Coming from behind in this final, as he did in the semis, you just cannot rest against this man until it’s all over.

Pedro is right where he should be – making it to the final of an event that rewarded pure surf-style attack and power and this was a closely matched heat, right up to the end. Both riders claimed waves in the final moments that could have forced the win. But in the end, Carew’s extra fire power, drive, hunger, total focus and, hard work in training freestyle moves (another frontside 3 in the final) brought him the win here and his second world title in this combination wave and strapless freestyle world tour.

James: “That was insane. Came here for the win and the world title and I got them both. Smoked them, it’s over. Going home happy, bags full, that’s it! Got to get another one now. Three from three?”

Pedro: “Competing against James always hard. The high tide was much harder. I won the Brazilian championship and now in the final, it’s going good.”


Semi-final 02: James Carew (AUS) 23.50 / Gabriel Benetton (BRA) 17.93
James Carew has made it to the final and is the new (and 2x) World Champion after coming through a truly dramatic heat against top ripper Gabriel Benetton. James’ leash snapped earlier in the heat on a 313 attempt, so he swam in, grabbed new gear (the first of four gear changes that saw him switching between wave gear and freestyle gear, including breaking a board on a big back roll kite loop!). He had to come back from far behind in the heat but the Australian’s brutal, no-hold-barred wave and freestyle attack eventually pummelled his heat score above Gabriel’s. Right at the death, James managed to nail the 313 that had caused him the drama early in the heat, and earned a whopping 8.43 for it! Now safe in the knowledge he’s retained his World Championship, he’s desperate to go onto win this event against Pedro Matos on the final.

Semi-final 01: Pedro Matos (BRA) 21.66 V Matchu Lopes (ESP) 19.23

Matos makes it work in rolling swell against Matchu, maximising his moments in the steeper sections. Combining great wave selection and an incredible pure surf-style to stay connected to the wave on his frontside, in end the number of turns, combined with pops and fins-out hacks, Pedro’s overall wave attack was more aggressive and critical than Matchu on his back hand. Although Matchu landed a really nice unhooked backside 3 early in the heat to set the bar high for his freestyle trick, he only scored 6.50 and Pedro’s late front shuvit also snuck ahead with 6.73.


13.18 – Livestream on, heats about to start – we’re heading into the men’s semi-finals to decide the World Championships! 
Pedro Matos (BRA) V Matchu Lopes
Gabriel Benetton (BRA) V James Carew (AUS)

13.00 – Looks like action will be starting at 13.15. Find the livestream further down on this page!

12.39 – Next first possible start 13.00

12.30 – When competition does resume, it will be for the men’s semi-finals, which will decide the World Championships! Read more here. 

12.05 – Next first possible start is 12.30

11.10 – Next first possible start is 12.00

09.30 – Competition going on hold for 60 – 90 minutes while the an issue with the water-safety craft is fixed. 

08.12 – 16 women are in the contest at this final event of the season, which means that the action begins in round three of the elimination ladder. Find the current rankings after one event in Morroco – here. Winners of round three go into round five. Losers will ride again in round four. 

08.00 – On schedule, the event is now running and the livestream is broadcasting below. First up today: women’s round one. Scroll down for all heat ladders and more. 

05.05 – We’re on another early starting this morning. Hope to re-join the Kite-Surf competition, getting the women off to a start and the climax of the men. First possible start: 08.00am. More updates through the morning. 


LIVETICKER Day 2 – 24th November 2022 (GMT -3)
Scroll down for the livestream player!

15.01 – That’s the end of the day – look out for a huge day to decided the World Championship from tomorrow morning on the stream!


Pedro Matos (BRA) V Matchu Lopes
Gabriel Benetton (BRA) V James Carew (AUS)


The comp is now coming down to the championship deciding heats between James and Matchu, as Sebastian Ribeiro has gone out in the quarters! World Champion James Carew won the only other event of the season, so is in the driving seat and needs to finish in at least third position if Matchu wins. Carew is through to the semis, coming through against one of the event’s best ripping locals. Says he has more to give tomorrow, particularly in freestyle.

Gabriel Benetton put Sebastian Ribeiro out in the biggest Brazilian heat with more super backside wave riding.

Matchu Lopes wasn’t happy with his performance, but nevertheless is into the semis, coming through against Abadjiev. He says he can only get better tomorrow, too!

And Pedro Matos came through against Hendrick Lopes.


James Carew (AUS) 17.37 / Leonardo Grangeiro (BRA) 11.03
Gabriel Benetton (BRA) 19.43 / Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) 17.07
Matchu Lopes (ESP) 17.54 / Nicola Abadjiev (BUL) 15.24
Pedro Matos (BRA) 17.53 / Hendrick Lopes (SUI) 16.76

13.50 – ROUND FIVE SUMMARY – Following round five, we’re into the quarters now. Waves started cleaning up with tide on the push early in round five. Some big performances, the biggest from Gabriel Benetton (who burst onto the scene earlier this year finishing second to Airton in the Big Air world championships). He has claimed the biggest heat score so far (24.40), with a double front shuvit and two long waves, worked brilliantly to their death.

Plenty of gear changes in the heat as riders move from freestyle focus to pure wave riding.
Other notables, mostly Brazilians: Pedro Matos, Sebastian Ribeiro are the well known ones, but another local still shredding is Leonard Grangeiro who knocked out Camille Dellanoy,

Of course, although he didn’t get the highest heat score (equal 2nd highest with Matos though!), and perhaps not pushing 110% in his R5 heat against Kiko Roig, is tour leader and current world champion, James Carew. As usual riding like a total animal. Incredible turns connected tightly with stylish airs, and an unhook handle-pass in there too.


R5 H8 James Carew (AUS) 20.70 / Kiko Roig ESP) 11.70
R5 H7 Leonardo Grangeiro (BRA) 16.60 / Camille Delannoy (FRA) 13.50
R5 H6 Gabriel Benetton (BRA) 24.40 / Reece Myerscough (CAN) 14.14
R5 H5 Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) 16.14 / Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA) 13.49
R5 H4 Matchu Lopes (ESP) 13.77 / Yaris Dellomo (ITA) 12.83
R5 H3 Nicola Abadjiev (BUL) 13.87 / Wesley Silva 12.30
R5 H1 Hendrick Lopes (CHE) 14.67 / Artur Morais (BRA) 14.47

Notable that the double front rolls were the trick of the heat that brought Benetton, Delannoy and Roig a big base score from which to pile two wave rides on top of. Kiko’s double front the best – scoring 7.30.

R4 H8 Kiko Roig (ESP) 13.57 / Med Alibeqqali (MOR) 7.40
R4 H7 Camille Delannoy (FRA) 15.43 / Gray Foster (USA) 9.63

R4 H6 Gabriel Benetton (BRA) 19.10 / Charly Martin (REU) 12.50
Second highest heat score so far from Gabriel, managing to get a good double front roll freestyle trick which makes a good difference to the heat score in these lower wave heats.

R4 H5 Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA) 13.77 / Mounim Maji (MOR) 11.30
R4 H4 Yaris Dellomo (ITA) 10.70 / Luke Millard (AUS) 9.24
R4 H3 Nicola Abadjiev (BUL) 14.67 / Clement Roseyro (FRA) 12.30
R4 H2 Matthew Maxwell (RSA) 13.97 / Anderson Reboucas 13.01
R4 H1 Hendrick Lopes (CHE) 13.60 / Jairo Neto (BRA)

11.19 – Men’s R4 nearing completion, and then the men will continue with round five. The women have been released for the day. 

09.30 – INTO ROUND FOUR NOW featuring the riders who finished second and third in round three – losers will be eliminated from the comp. These are two rider heats, so back to open format with no set phases for waves and freestyle. Riders can do what they want, when they want, but still 2 counting waves and 1 freestyle trick.

ROUND THREE COMPLETE – Winners advanced directly to round five.
Wave selection was key in the low tide conditions. The better riders were finding the few bigger sections in each heat and maximising those moments with big hits as many connected turns as possible. As R3 was 3 man heats, the first four minutes of the heat were for freestyle tricks, and the remaining 8 minutes for waves.
Highest wave and combo score of the event from World Champ James Carew. Scoring an 8 wave ride in these small conditions shows just how much of a diverse hitting game he can bring to any situation, with airs, 360s and more – staying constantly connected with the wave.


R3 H8 James Carew (AUS) 19.73 / Luke Millard (AUS) 10.40 / Gray Foster (USA) 9.63
R3 H7 Leonardo Grangeiro (BRA) 16.76 / Nicola Abadjiev (BUL) 11.27 / Med Alibeqqali (MOR) 8.86
R3 H6 Reece Myerscough (CAN) 15.24 / Matthew Maxwell (RSA) 12.40 / Mounim Maji (MOR) 8.86
R3 H5 Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA) 15.74 / Hendrick Lopes (CHE) 15.70 / Gabriel Benetton (BRA) 13.26

08.30 – Men’s round three running now – re-starting with R3 H5. Find all heat ladders and scores further below on this page. 

08-07 – The livestream will be starting at 08.20.

07.15 – There are some clouds present this morning holding the wind off. We are on hold waiting for the clouds to burn off, and will update you with more news soon. 

05.15 – A very early good morning from Taiba, where we should be getting the Kite-Surf competition going again from 7am if possible, with the livestream broadcasting 15 minutes before. 


LIVETICKER Day 1 – 23rd November 2022 (GMT -3)
Scroll down to watch the livestream now!


16.50 – Competition has finished for the day. See you bright and early in the morning for more Kite-Surf and Hydrofoil-Freestyle action. 


Competition has ended for the day after the only round that was in round two, with the top two riders, Ryan Parsons and Baptise Bourdoulous making it through to round three with their very expressive and unique styles, mixing big airs, spins and more low level technicality, including a flat three for Parsons.

Round Two Result
Ryan Parsons 12.69 / Baptise Bourdoulous 12.03 / Joppe van der Poll 6.90

Prior to that, here’s round one – with the winners having gone straight through to round three:

R1 H3 Alex Soto (GER) 16.90 V Baptise Bourdoulous (NLD) 15.23
Soto got trick of the day with a sent unhooked front mobe – 7.77 points. 

R1 H2 Maxime Chabloz (CHE) 12.64 / Ryan Parsons (AUS) 8.23

R1 H1 Finn Flugel (GER) 11.96 / Joppe van der Poll (FRA) 5.70

15.50 – Round one of the hydrofoil freestyle is underway on the livestream now. Scroll down to also see the live heats and elimination ladders. 

15.22 – The livestream will restart over on the Hydrofoil Freestyle event page in about 30 minutes from now. 

The Kite-Surf competition has closed for the day with the focus now moving to Hydrofoil-Freestyle. Four heats were completed in round three – with four winners making it directly into round five. Second and third placed finishers in round three will complete again in round four.

R3 H4 Matchu Lopes (ESP) 15.70 / Kiko Roig (ESP) 10.33 / Clement Roseyro (FRA) 9.67

R3 H3 Wesley Silva (BRA) 13.83 / Camille Delannoy (FRA) 13.57 / Yaria Dellomo (ITA) 9.03

R3 H2 Pedro Matos (BRA) 15.87 / Charly Martin (REU) 9.86 / Jair Neto (BRA) 8.53

R3 H1 Artur Morais (BRA) 14.36 / Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA) 11.16 / Anderson Reboucas (BRA) 9.07


14.50 – After heat 4 of round 3, the competition will switch to Hydrofoil Freestyle discipline – watch it on this page – when it begins around 15.30. 

14.20 – Round two is complete – we move into round three.
Here are the round one winners who went directly into round three earlier – can you see what they all have in common?!:
Artur Morais (BRA) 13.83
Wesley Silva (BRA) 10.91
Gabriel Bennetton (BRA) 20.33
Leonardo Grangeiro (BRA) 15.13

The second and third placed finishers from round one battled again in round two. The winners advanced to round three. The losers are out of the competition:

R2 H4 Gray Foster (USA) 14.49 / Luca Gasperini (ITA) 7.70
R3 H3 Matt Maxwell (RSA) 14.40 / Everton Matins (BRA) 9.90
R2 H2 Clement Roseyro (FRA) 12.67 / Keanu Merten (GER) 11.93
R2 H1 Jairo Neto (BRA) 10.97 / Kelton Lopes (CPV) 9.07

13.57 – Updated schedule: Kite-Surf will continue into round three, rather than switching to Hydrofoil-Freestyle. 

13.30 – Into men’s Kite-Surf round two now, where the second and third place finishers from round one get a second chance to stay in the competition. 

12.50 – Scroll down to see the current Kite-Surf round one live heats and scores. So far the local Brazilians serving up some lessons! 

12.00 – Livestream ON! Scroll down this page to watch it.

11.58 – Update from the beach here – we will be starting with the Kite-Surf discipline today, running rounds one and two. Stream going live at noon. First possible start for the action: 12.15. On that timing we should be switching to the Hydrofoil-Freestyle around 3.30 – 4pm. 

07.10 – Today is the first day of the competition, riders will be inscribing this morning until 10am, then first possible start is scheduled for midday. More updates here as and when they arise. 

07.00 – Good morning from Taiba. Those keen followers among you will know this is the third event in three weeks run in Taiba by the GKA Kite World Tour and GWA Wingfoil World Tour crew. Last week we saw the season climax to the Surf-Slalom and Surf-Freestyle wingfoiling disciplines, and the week before the that Taiba lagoon served up a truly sensational final event of the Freestyle-Kite season that saw Mikaili Sol and Gianmaria Coccoluto become World Champions. 

Now it’s the turn of our Kite-Surf and Hydrofoil-Freestyle fleets battle it out for the final titles of the season. We have two event pages. This page will have all things Kite-Surf, and this page will be focused on Hydrofoil-Freestyle, with live heat scores, elimination ladders and the livestream.