Current discipline: Supersession
Judging Criteria: Best trick per rider counting
10 minute heats, one rider at at time.
Wind: Light – riders on 12 m2 kites

Note: Once the action starts, this liveticker automatically updates every couple of minutes.

Once the action is running, you’ll find the live heats, ladders and livestream by scrolling down this page. 

Report: Kate Chandler 

17:30 – End of day. The GKA Kite-Surf World Cup – Cape Verde 2020 will be back in the morning for the ultimate heats of the competition. Follow the highlights through our social channels in the meantime. Good night and good winds to you 🙂

16:40 – GKA Kite World Tour athletes will now give kite lessons to local Cape Verdean children. Its a great way for them to share their passion and enthusiasm for the sport with the next generation. Who knows, it could be the session that inspires a youngster to start kiting and they could be competing one day in the future themselves!

16:15 – Supersession Semi – Final | Heat 1. Marcela Witt, Capucine Delannoy, Monica Gilardoni, Carla Herrera.

Results: 1st Carla Herrera 6.53, 2nd Marcela Witt 5.47, Capucine Delannoy 4.90, Monica Gilardoni 4.00

16:00 Womens Supersession Semi Final begins

16:00 – Supersession Semi- Final | Pedro Afonso, Kiko Roig, Nicola Abadjiev.

Results: 1st Kiko Roig 8.10, 2nd Nicola Abadjiev 7.33, 3rd Pedro Afonso 4.50

15:45 – Supersession Semi – Final | Heat 3. Deivd Martinez, Pedro Afonso, Reece Myerscough.

Results: 1st Pedro Afonso 4.97, 2nd Deivid Martinez, 2.90 3rd Reece Myerscough 0.00

15:30 – Supersession Semi – Final | Heat 2. Charly Martin, Tony Ciliberto, Kiko Roig.

Results: 1st Kiko Roig 8.50, 2nd Tony Ciliberto 4.10, 3rd Charly Martin 3.17

15:20 – Supersession Semi-Final | Heat 1. Ruben Cano, Pablo Amores, Nicola Abadjiev, Camille, Delannoy.

Results: 1st Nicola Abadjiev 5.77, 2nd Camille Delannoy 4.27, 3rd Pablo Amores 2.27, 4th Ruben Cano 2.07

14:30 – Supersession is now underway at Kite Beach! Supersession is using a new format, and judges are testing out a new scoring criteria which could be used in Kite-Surf freestyle in the future. Heats are 10 minutes, with best trick per rider counting. Riders enter the water one at a time to do their trick, once landed they leave the water and the next rider of the heat enters, and so on.

12:30 – Main event on hold until tomorrow. Conditions are not quite firing yet at Ponta Preta,  the semi-finals are postponed until tomorrow. While we wait, riders are getting ready for a Supersession competition at Kite Beach. Who will win the best trick of the day?

11:30 – Next call 12:30. Skippers meeting 13:00

11:15 – Hey guys, if you didn’t hear the news already, we’ve moved the event to Ponta Preta! Conditions are looking better for today and tomorrow. It’s been a huge operation moving the entire livestream setup but we want to bring the best action possible to your screens. The competition is currently on stand-by, as we are waiting for the waves to come in a little bigger. We will let you know first possible start time as soon as it is announced.

10:50 – News just in the main event will be held at Ponta Preta today! We are currently waiting for conditions to improve slightly in order to begin.

10:35 – We be running a Supersession event this afternoon at Kite Beach. Registration opens at 13:15. Event will begin at 14:30.

10:30 – Next call 11:30. Skippers meeting 12:30

10:00 – We are currently on standby here in Cape Verde. Judges are deciding format for the day. More news at 10:30 🙂 

07:15 – Good morning internet 🙂 Welcome to the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup in Cape Verde – day 5. We will have more updates from 10:00