Current discipline: Kite-Surf
Judging Criteria: Unlimited waves – best two waves counting
17 minute heats with 3 minute breaks in-between
Wind: 15-20 knots | 9-12 m2 kites

Note: Once the action starts, this liveticker automatically updates every couple of minutes.

Once the action is running, you’ll find the live heats, ladders and livestream by scrolling down this page. 

Report: Kate Chandler 

17:30 – Thats a wrap for the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup – Cape Verde 2020 live coverage! The great vibe of today will continue into the night with the official closing party. Follow the highlights and see the riders celebrating their triumphs (or drowning their sorrows) over on our social media channels. Instagram stories is where the party is at 😉 

17:00 Podiums and prize givings, for both the men and women’s divisions on Kite Beach.

16:50 – The winners of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup – Cape Verde 2020 men’s division are:

1st James Carew AU 

2nd Matchu Lopes SP

3rd Airton Cozzolino CV


16:45 – Final | Matchu Lopes, James Carew.

Results: 1st James Carew 14.57, 2nd Matchu Lopes 12.24


16:15 – Mini final | Pedro Matos, Airton Cozzolino.

Results: 1st Airton Cozzolino 12.97, 2nd Pedro Matos 11.50

16:10 – There will be a 10 minute rest period before the mini final and final event. Get ready to watch the best male Kite-Surf athletes in the world battle for the win here in Cape Verde!

16:10 – Semi Finals | Heat 2. Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes.

Results: 1st Matchu Lopes 14.20, 2nd Airton Cozzolino 14.00


14:50 – Semi Finals | Heat 1. Pedro Matos, James Carew.

Results: 1st James Carew 13.43, 2nd Pedro Matos 11.60


14:35 – Men’s Semi Final is about to start!

14:30 – The winners of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup – Cape Verde 2020 women’s division are:

1st Ines Correia PT 12.74

2nd Peri Roberts AU 10.50

3rd Carla Herrera SP 8.73


14:30 – Final | Peri Roberts, Ines Correia.

Results: 1st Ines Correia 12.74, 2nd Peri Roberts 10.50


13:15 Get ready for the Final from the women’s division!!!

13:10 Mini Final | Carla Herrera, Mikaili Sol.

Results: 1st Carla Herrera 8.73, 2nd Mikaili Sol 8.06


12:40 Semi Finals | Heat 2. Carla Herrera, Peri Roberts.

Results: 1st Peri Roberts 10.20, 2nd Carla Herrera 9.23


13:20 Semi Finals | Heat 1. Mikaili Sol, Ines Correia,

Results: 1st Ines Correia 10.86. 2nd Mikaili Sol 6.53


13:00 – Women’s semi finals are about to begin. First heat will be Mikaili Sol and Ines Correia – get ready we are about to go live from Cape Verde!

12:00 – Women’s division are on standby for the semi finals!

11:30 – Skippers meeting underway.

09:30 – Our hopes for waves at Ponta Preta today were high, but the wave gods have other ideas for our semi and final heats. The GKA team are currently packing up the event site and moving back to Kite-Beach. Looks like the wave gods want to make sure our event winners are all round athletes, and able to perform in challenging conditions, not just the barrelling waves they blessed us with here in 2019. Skippers meeting is set for 11:30 at Kite Beach, with a first possible start of 12:00.

08:15 – Good morning internet 🙂 Welcome to the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup in Cape Verde – day 6.  Judges are currently assessing the conditions and will decided the best order of running for the day, this will be announced at the skippers meeting. We will have more updates for you soon.