Qatar Airways GKA World Tour 2023
GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cape Verde
Spot: Ponta Preta
Discipline: Wave
Format: pure wave surfing

Liveticker Day Six  – 22 March 2023 (GMT-1)

Winner of “Best Air” Super Session

Matchu Lopes (ESP)
Kesiane Rodrigues (BRA)

Expression Session Winners

1. Matchu Lopes (6.83)
2. Airton Cozzolino (4.50)
3. James Carew (4.17)

12.00 The main competition is over. Now it’s time for the riders to cut loose, have fun and strut their stuff with a SuperSession.

Liveticker Day Three  – 19 March 2023 (GMT-1)

Heat duration: 18 minutes/2 minutes

17.48 Men’s Final. Matchu Lopes V Mitu Monteiro. Matchu takes the win.

17.30 Women’s Final. Moona Whyte V Capucine Delannoy. Whyte is champion.

16.55 Airton Cozzolino V Pedro Matos. Cozzolino wins.

16.40 Women’s Mini-Final. Bruna Kajiya V Kesiane Rodrigues.

16.15 Men’s Semi-Final 2. Mitu Monteiro V Airton Cozzolino. Monteiro goes to the final.

16.00 Men’s Semi-Final 1. Pedro Matos V Match Lopes. Lopes advances.

15.40 Women’s Semi-Final 2. Capucine Delannoy V Bruna Kajiya. Delannoy wins.

15.16 Women’s Semi-Final 1. Moona Whyte V Kesiane Rodrigues. Whyte wins.

14.58 Men’s Quarter’s Final. Airton Cozzolino V Reece Myerscough. Cozzolin takes the win.

14.40 Men’s Quarter Final. Mitu Monteiro V Sebastian Ribeiro. Monteiro just takes the win.

14.23 Men’s Quarter Final 2. Matchu Lopes V Matthew Maxwell.

14. 02 Men’s Quarter Final 1. Pedro Matos V Nicola Abadjiev. Matos wins.

13.36 Women’s Quarter Final 4. Zoe Bazile V Capucine Delannoy. Delannoy goes to the semi-final.

13.28 Women’s Quarter Final 3. Bruna Kajiya V Charlotte Carpentier. Kajiya wins.

13.15 Women’s Quarter Final 2. Kesiane Rodrigues V Serena Luz. Rodrigues wins.

12.51 Women’s Quarter Final 1. Moona Whyte V Clemence Derrien. Whyte wins.



Liveticker Day Two  – 18 March 2023 (GMT-1)

18.14 Round 5 Heat 8 James Carew V Airton Cozzolino. Cozzolino takes the win and advances to quarters.

17.55 Round 5 Heat 7 Myerscough V Lorenzo Casati. Myerscough wins.

17.40 Round 5 Heat 6 Yaris Dellomo V Sebastian Ribeiro. Ribeiro goes to quarter finals.

17.25 Round 5 Heat 5 Titik Lopes V Mitu Monteiro. Monteiro takes the win.

17.05 Round 5 Heat 4 Charly Martin V Matchu Lopes. Lopes wins.

16.45 Round 5 Heat 3 Matthew Maxwell V Artur Morais. Maxwell advances.

16. 12 Round 5 Heat 2 Nicola Abadjiev V Leonardo Grangeiro. Abadjiev wins and heads to the Quarter Finals.

16.15 Round 5 Heat 1 Hendrick Lopes V Pedro Matos. Matos wins, Lopes eliminated.

16.00 Round 4 Heat 8 Airton Cozzolino V Clement Roseyro. Cozzolino takes it with a buzzer beater.

15.26 Round 4 Heat 7 Camille Delannoy V Lorenzo Casati. Casati wins and advances.

15.10 Round 4 Heat 6 Arsenio Dias V Yaris Dellomo. Dellomo moves on to Round 5.

14.52 Round 4  Heat 5 Titik Lopes V Luca Gasperini. Lopes goes through.

14.35 Round 4 Heat 4 Charly Martin V Robertney Barros. Martin wins.

14.15 Round 4 Heat 3 Artur Morais V Elvis Nunes. Morais goes through thanks to an 8.27 wave score.

14.00 Round 4 Heat 2 Francesco Cappuzzo V Nicola Abadjiev. Abadjiev goes through.

13.20 Round 4 Heat 1 Pedro Matos V Gabriel Benetton. Heat cancelled with about 5 minutes on the clock when the wind dropped. Matos goes through and Benetton eliminated.

13.00 Round 3 Heat 8 James Carew V Charly Martin V Lorenzo Casati. World Champion Carew moves straight to Round 5.

12.40 Round 3 Heat 7 Reece Myerscough V Artur Morais V Clement Roseyro. Myerscough go forward to Rough 5.

12.20 Round 3 Heat 6 Sebastian Ribeiro V Nicola Abadijev V Luca Gasperini. Ribeiro advances to Round 5.

11.57 Round 3 Heat 5 Gabriel Benetton V Mitu Monteiro V Yaris Dellomo. Monteiro moves through to Round 5.

11.16 We’re on hold right now, just waiting for the wind to kick in.

09.58 Race director Juan Antonio decided to push ahead with the men’s competition, which has reached the middle of Round 3. Conditions look even better for Day 2, with the chance that the men’s contest could be completed within eight hours. So strap in, get your pop-corn and tune into the livestream for epic action.


Liveticker Day One  – 17 March 2023 (GMT-1)

18.38 That’s a wrap for today. Join us for more kite-surf action in the coming days.

18.24 Round 3 Heat 4. Matchu Lopes V Elvis Nunes V Airton Cozzolino. Matchu Lopes advances to Round 5.

18.08 Round 3 Heat 3. Robertney Barros V Camille Delannoy V Matthew Maxwell. Maxwell to Round 5.

17.53 Round 3 Heat 2. Arsenio Dias V Leonardo Grangeiro V Pedro Matos. Matos goes straight to Round 5.

17.40 Round 3 Heat 1. Francesco Cappuzzo V Hendrick Lopes V Titik Lopes. Lopes advances to Round 5.

17.25 Round 2 Heat 4. Lorenzo Casati V Kelton Lopes. Casati goes to the next round.

17.05 Round 2 Heat 3. Pablo Amores V Luca Gasperini. Gasperini wins.

16.46 Round 2 Heat 2. Ricardo Bettancourt V Elvis Nunes. Nunes advances.

16.28 Round 2 Heat 1. Jairo Neto V Arsenio Dias. Dias goes forward.

16.05 Round 1 Heat 4. Clement Roseyro V Pablo Amores V Lorenzo Casati. Roseyro moves on to Round 3.

15.50 Round 1 Heat 3. Mitu Monteiro V Kelton Lopes V Luca Gasperini. Monteiro goes straight to Round 3.

15.36 Round 1 Heat 2 Elvis Nunes V Robertney Barros V  Jairo Neto. Barros advances to Round 3.

15.20 Round 1 Heat 1. Ricardo Bettancourt V Titik Lopes V Arsenio Dias. Lopes advances to Round 3 with heat score 11.56. 

15.01 Last women’s heat of the day, before the men’s opening rounds. The waves have picked up as the tide his risen. The swell is 5-6ft, with a cross-offshore north / north-easterly wind of 15-18kts.

15.01 Round 5 Heat 8. Julia Borghi Silva V Capucine Delannoy. Delannoy wins in tight battle with 14-year-old Silva.

14.45 Round 5 Heat 7. Zoe Basile V Susanne Schwartztrauber. Bazile wins the heat.

14.29 Round 5 Heat 6. Camille Losserand V Bruna Kajiya. Kajiya takes the heat.

14.08 Round 5 Heat 5. Charlotte Carpentier V Irati Fonseca Kohler. Carpentier wins.

13.58 Round 5 Heat 4. Manuela Jungo V Kesiane Rodrigues. Rodrigues advances with 11.00 heat score.

13.43 Round 5 Heat 3. Serena Luz V Daniela Moreno. Luz wins.

13.25 Round 5 Heat 2. Moona Whyte V Julia Castro.  Whyte wins with highest wave and heat score of 16.83.

13.10 Round 5 Heat 1. Sonja Bunta V Clemence Derrien. Derrien wins.

12.48 Round 4 Heat 8. (elimination heat) Julia Borghi Silva V Gemma Soloman.

12.27 Round 3 Heat 8. Manuela Jungo V Capucine Delannoy. Delannoy wins with a high-scoring 6.73 wave and total points of 11.73.

12.05 Round 3 Heat 7. Zoe Bazile V Serena Luz V Gemma Soloman.

12.00 Round 3 Heat 7. Bruna Kajiya V Julia Castro. Kajiya wins with 9.77 total.

11.39 Round 3 Heat 5. Irati Fonseca Kohler V Sonja Bunte. Fonseca Kohler takes the win.

11.22 Round 3 Heat 4. Kesiane Rodrigues V Julia Borghi Silva. Rodrigues wins the heat with a 5.17 ride.

11.04 Round 3 Heat 3. Susanne Schwartztrauber V Daniela Moreno. Moreno takes the heat.

10.46 Round 3 Heat 2. Moona Whyte V Camille Losserand. Whyte takes the heat, notching up 8.0 with her first wave.

10.39 First women’s heat is on. Round 3 Heat 1 Clemence Derrien V Charlotte Carpentier.

10.28 We are on hold right now, waiting for the wind to pick up at little more.

09.15 First heats will be women. First possible start 10.00.

08.35: Good morning. Skippers’ meeting is set for 09.00.