Hello Guys from sunny Sylt! Today is a rest day for the riders. We are running a kite/wing foil exhibition were all the riders have the opportunity to get out on the water and try the latest equipment!

The swell forecast is looking good for tomorrow so we are hoping to run a small surf competition for the riders!

Current discipline: Kite-Surf
Judging Criteria: Expression Session
Format: TBC
Wind: 17knts- 20knts

Final standings for the best trick competition


1. Airton Cozzolino (ITA)
2. Matchu Lopes (CPV)
3. Camile Delannoy (FRA)
1. Capucine Delannoy (FRA)
2. Clemence Derrien (FRA)
3. Catharina Edin (SWE)

1:30 – Airton really wants the win today and started the mens final with a massive flat 3.  Airton has been training his nieces well and Matchu also landed a handle pass in a competition!

–  James Carew was trying to mimick airtons impressive handle passes but couldn’t quite stick the landing!

In first place we had Cozzolino arilines! in second Matchu Lopez and in third we had Camille Delannoy

1:15 – We are now on to the girls heat and Capucine is out and firing with a big frontroll board off.  Susanne Schwarztrauber was also trying some impressive manouvers with a nice board off front roll, unfortunately just missing out on the landing.

Catharina Edin managed to land a nice  front roll board off just managing to stick the landing!

Capucine in 1st place and Edin in 2nd!


12:40 – The Aussie powerhouse is back on the water and has already stuck a big kiteloop .

He had three different attempts at a 313 but did not manage to stick it. Young shredder Keanu Merten was also riding well landing a nice board off. James Carew managed to take the heat win with his highest score being 7!


In the next heat we have Kelton Lopes, Camille Delannoy, Matchu Lopes, Antonio Ciliberto, Luca Gasperini, and Alex Middeler

Dellanoy took the win in this heat with a nice front roll scoring a 7.43. In second position we had the Cape Verdean rider Match Lopez with a big jump/board off.

The riders were struggling with the light winds so the judges have put the competition on hold for the moment! Hopefully we will be back with more action shortly!


The first heat of the men’s expression session saw Airton Cozzolino taking the win with an insane huge handle pass off the wave.  He then attempted to up his score and went for a double handle pass!! This is the first time this trick has been attempted in a strapless freestyle competition. We hope to see him land this in the next round!

Kiko was also on fire landing a nice kiteloop shove it and a big frontroll.

Both riders will advance through to the next round along with Elvis Nunes!

First heat on the water we have:

Airton Cozzolino

Kiko Roig

Elvis Nunes

Hendrick Lopez

12:00 The judges decided on fifteen minute heats with one best trick making up the riders final score. The wind is lighter than the previous days so the judges are looking for technicality of tricks rather than height.

11:00 Good Morning guys from sunny Sylt! We are starting with the Expression session today as there is currently a nice breeze blowing around 20knts. There will be a riders briefing at 11:30 and then we hope to start the competition at 12:00pm.  Next update will be after the riders briefing and then we can update you with the format for today!

Also make sure to check out the highlight video from yesterday here!
















The spectators were eager and waiting for this final to commence. Carew and Matos head to head in the final. These riders train together all year round so they know each others abilities well!


The heat started with both James and Pedro going for the same trick, massive Kiteloop Rodeo Boardoff. However it was James who stuck the landing scoring  a 8.9.

Both the men were going big and crashing hard in the final as the winds were blowing at least 30knts.


Onto the wave section of the heat and James really started to up his game. James caught a sick ride hand scoring a 9!!! The highest wave score of the competition.

It was James Carew who came out with the win with a total heat score of 33.63!!


11:45 – The losers final has just finished. The wind has picked up and is blowing around 30-34 knts! Airton was throwing some huge big air strapless freestyle tricks whilst Reece was catching some sweet rides. It was a close losers final but it was Airton taking the 3rd position in the event!

11:23 – Capucine was off to a flying start, sticking a double frontroll and a MASSIVE front roll board off, which scored a 9.5. Capucine is looking very determined in this final, and she is giving it everything she has! Peri Roberts is catching some nice waves out the back, hoping to up her score and catch up with the young shredder.

The wind is picking up and the women are fully powered on 7m kites.

The buzzer has gone!!

Capucine Delannoy is the winner of the women’s division, GKA Kitesurf World Cup Germany!!!



11:15 Charlotte Carpenter from France has just won her heat against the Swedish rider, Catharina Edin! Charlotte put on a great fight landing a solid and air to blind and clean frontroll

On the water now we have the WOMENS FINAL!




11:00 James Carew was back on the water in Semi final heat 2. James was up against the young Canadian rider, Reece Myerscough.  Once again James was shredding, landing a perfectly performed air frontroll 360 onto a wave. Reece put up a good fight but it was not enough to take down the Aussi sensation, James Carew.

We are getting very excited here in the GKA container for the finals of the men’s and women’s heats!! Make sure to tune in, finals will be on shortly!!

Mens Finals: James Carew vs Pedro Matos

Womens Finals: Peri Roberts vs Capucine Delannoy


10:30 In the men’s semi finals we had an intense heat between the legendary Airton Cozzolino and the Brazilian shredder, Pedro Matos. Both were going sky high, pulling off a similar repertoire of tricks. However it was Airton who was sticking the landings. Pedro new he needed to switch things up so he turned to what he knows best, wave riding. Pedro caught a smooth right hand wave executing a huge air off the lip. It was Pedro who advanced to the finals with an 8.73 for a Kiteloop rodeo front roll and a 6.67 for his right hand ride.



Capucine has come out with her game face on in her semi final heat! She is upping her repertoire and pulling of double front roles. Capucine finished her heat with a total score of 23!

Lets turn up the action and head over to the mens heat 1 semi finals!

10: 00 We are flying through the heats this morning and round 6 of the men’s heats are finished! Semi finals will be as follows:

Semi final number 1: Pedro Matos vs Airton Cozzolino

Semi final number 2: James Carew vs Reece Myerscough


9:30 The women’s round 5 is now complete and we have our semi finalists!

Semi final number 1: Peri Roberts vs Catharina Edin

Semi Final number 2: Capucine Delannoy vs Charlotte Carpentier

9:15 Catherina has just come off the water after winning her heat and will advance through to the semi finals!

In round 5 heat 15  we had Capucine Delannoy vs Sanje Bunte! Delannoy had her best performance so far landing a spectacular front roll board off and scoring a 8.4!

Now we are on to the next round of the men’s heats with Pedro Matos and Camille Delannoy so stay tuned for the action!

9:00 Good morning everyone! The wind is howling once again and we have started bright and early with the women’s heats! Peri Roberts has just won her heat against the Polish shredder Karolina Winkowska. We are now on to the second heat of the women’s and we have Catharina Edin, and Clemence Derrien battling it out in some stormy conditions!

DAY 2 GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Germany 2021





20:00 That’s it for the competition today guys! Thank you to all supporters for tuning in. Make sure to follow the live ticker tomorrow, as their will be more epic action to come!

20:30: Wow. What a way to end the day. James Carew put on a sensational show in the final heat of the day against the Cape Verdean rider, Kelton Lopes. James was absolutely shredding in this heat, pulling off some huge Kite loop rodeo tic- tacs and catching some sweet right hand rides. We are thoroughly excited to see what else the Aussie man has to offer in the heats to follow.

20:00 After nearly a week of solid competing for the Italian rider Francesco Capuzzo we can only begin to imagine how exhausted he must be feeling right now. Nevertheless, the show must go on and Capuzzo is continuing to deliver the goods in one of the final heats of the day. Up against the Brazilian rider Anderson Reboucas, Capuzzo has his work cut out for him. It was one of the closest heats of the day but Capuzzo managed to bag the win!

19:30 We are steaming through these last men’s heats of round 5 and making the most out of the last  light here in Sylt.

Currently on the water we have Charlie Martyn and Reece Myerscough battling out to grab a place in round 6. Reece pulled off a well executed backroll tic tac and scored a 5.43 on a clean left hand wave.

Reece to the win over the Charlie Martyn and now we are moving on to the final heats of this round.

19:00  The competition has been going from the early hours of the morning now and we inching closer and closer towards those final rounds.

In heat 25 it was Nicola Abadjiev who took the win over the Cape Verdean rider, Arsenio Dias. However it was the next heat that had the spectators on the edge of their toes! Airton Cozzolino was going to new heights throwing some insane kiteloop board-offs. It was an easy win for the Cape Verdean charger who scored a 9 on a clean contraloop backroll tic tac.

18:45 Next on the water was the 15 year old German rider, Keanu Merten and the Brazilian ripper, Pedro Matos. Keanu started the heat strong with a nice backroll tic-tac flip followed by a clean right hand wave. However it was the Brazilian who took the win, as he had a more height and better executions in his tricks.

18:30 – We are returning to the men’s heats and the first to take to the water were Kiko Torres and Camille Delannoy. Kiko came in with all guns blazing and pulled off some spectacular airs towards the start of the heat. Camille was not putting together the performance he would have been hoping for at the beginning of the heat. However, Camille was not finished yet. Towards the end of the heat Camille managed to find some clean waves and claimed to big scores which was enough to put him through to the next round.

18:10: Derrien took the win in heat 9 putting down some nice airs towards the end of the heat.

The wind is getting even stronger here in Sylt and the women are flying on 7m kites!

In heat 11 we watched the two German riders Giulia Bohmerle and Susanne Schwarztrauber battle it out for the top spot. Giulia sprang into action and put down some great scores on the board which gave her the win over her German competitor, Susanne.

18:00 After a short break in between the women’s heats we are back with more live news. On the water now is the two French riders, Clemence Derrien and Alexandra Marcader. Whoever wins this heat will go through to round 5.

17:20 In the next heat of the Women’s division we had the Swedish shredder Catharina Edin and local German rider, Giulia Bohmerle. Catharina has recently moved to Holland and is living and training with the Strapless veterinarian, Jalou Langeree! Catharina was pulling off some nice moves in this heat and it is clear that her training in Holland is paying off! Catharina was able to take the win against Giulia and advance through to the next round!

17:00 We had some big names in the next heat with the 3x Twintip freestyle World Champion, Karolina Winkowska, taking on rising star, Capucine Delannoy from Brazil ! Karolina started the heat with a solid brackroll board off, but capucine answered back with an even bigger front roll board off! Capucine continued to pull off some powerful moves, putting on a great show for the crowds. It was Capucine who took the win and will advance straight through to round 5.

16:50 The women are suited up and ready to battle it out in this gnarly conditions!

In the first heat of the women’s round 3 we had the Aussie rider Peri Roberts taking the win against Alexandra Mercader and Sonja Brunte. Peri pulled off a clean toeside air which gave her the scores she needed to advance through to Round 5.

16:30 In round 4 heat 21 we had the Italian rider, Francesco Cappuzzo against the Moroccan rider Maji.  Francesco was on fire in this heat landing an impressive double backroll, tic-tac Rodeo. After a long day on the water, Francesco was stoked to take the win in this heat.

16:15  The Italian rider Antonio Ciliberto is back and firing in round 4 heat 19. He managed to take down the American Rider Gray Foster who had been having a brilliant run! On to round 4 heat 20 and we saw Charly Martin from France knock out the German rider Linus Erdmann. Linus is well known in the Freestyle/ big air discipline and had just won the German nationals before coming to Sylt.  This is Linus’s first time at a GKA Kite-Surf event and he has done brilliantly to get through to round 4.

16:00 The judges decided to have a change in format and criteria will now be three best freestyle tricks and one best wave. In round 4 heat 17 we saw Nicola Abajiev back on the water with heaps of energy! Nicola has recently returned from a knee injury after crashing hard on a big jump and has come back with vengeance! Nicola had a solid heat against the Italian rider Yaris Dell’omo. Yaris had been competing since the early hours of the morning and was taking some heavy crashes in this heat. This gave Nicola the opportunity he needed and with some solid manoeuvres, Nicola managed to take the heat win and advance through to the next round!

In round 4 heat 18 we saw the local German Jorn Donat take on Elvis Nunes from Cape Verde. It was a tough heat and the scores were tight until the very end but it was the Cape Verdean Elvis Nunes, who came out on top.


15:30 The wind and waves are on our side today and we are powering through the heats!

Round 4 heat 16 saw the youngest competitor Keanu Merten take the win. At only 15 years old this kid is putting down some powerful moves and giving the top riders a run for their money! Keanu Merten took the win against the Caribbean rider Simon Joosten showing us that he is one to keep our eye on.

15:10 In Round 4 heat 15 Camille Delannoy went head to head against the Cape Verdean rider Hendrick Lopes. Camille was determined to make a come-back in this heat and put on a great performance, scoring a 9 on a Kite loop Tic Tac. Camille was flying through this heat landing trick after trick. After a challenging heat in round 3, Camille put on a spectacular performance pushing him straight through to the next round.

15:00 Next up we have one of the favourites for this event, James Carew! James started off the heat with a huge Kiteloop Frontroll scoring a solid 8.33! After a few crashes James managed to pull things together and landed the biggest trick of the competition so far scoring a whopping 9.67 on a F360 off a wave!! James Carew took the win with the highest score of the event so far at 35.28!

14:45 Round 3 Heat 13 was an extremely tight heat! Alan Tranchart from France was making the most out of the tough conditions and pulling off some nice turns in the waves. Unfortunately for Tranchart he was not scoring high enough to beat the Bulgarian rider, Nicola Abadjiev who took the heat win.

14:20: We are flying through Round 4 with some great action on the water! It was a close heat between  Matchu Lopez and French shredder, Camille Delannoy in heat 11 but it was Matchu Lopez who came out victorious!

In heat 12 we had the Reece Myerscough taking the win over Keanu Merten and Antonio Ciliberto. Reece was putting on a great show in the waves with some impressive bottom and top turns!

13:45 Round 3 Heat 10 and we have Yaris Della’ omo, Kelton Lopes and the legendary, Airton Cozzolino on the water. The wind is picking up now and riders are looking fully powered on 9- 10m kites. Airton starts the heat strong with an insane Kiteloop, Backroll, Boardoff scoring a big 8.63. Kelton Lopes replies with a clean back roll rodeo.

Into the second half of the heat and Airton is looking strong with some amazing scores in the with some powerful top turns and a nice air which he just managed to hold onto. Airton took the win in this heat with a score of 23.48

13:30 –  Round 3 Heat 9 is underway and it is Arsenio Do Rosario, Cappuzzo and the Cape Verdean Elvis Nunes on the water.  Francesco Capuzzo is the ultimate water man and right before this event he won the GWA WingFoil Race in Switzerland! However, it wasn’t Capuzzo’s lucky day as the young Cape Verdean rider Arsenio Dias managed to take the win in this heat

13:15  Wow. What a heat. The Brazilian rider Pedro Matos was absolutely shredding! You can see the hard work training on the water is paying off. Round 3 Heat 8 commenced with Matos sticking a huge kiteloop rodeo and Hendrick Lopes performing a nice backroll tic- tac.  Matos began to take charge of the heat and stuck a few more great airs meaning he could give himself a clear lead.  He also scored some spectacular waves with smooth bottom and top turns and finishing in style with some clean airs right off the lip.


12: 50 – Things are beginning to heat up here as round 3 commences! The judges have changed the format for round 3. The heats will be 14 minutes long, the first 6 minutes of the heat will be pure freestyle format and the last 8 minutes will be pure wave. This provides the riders with a chance to make better wave selections. In the first heat of round 3 Tarifan shredder, Kiko Torres took the stage and boy did he put on a show for us! Kiko dominated the heat starting with a huge frontroll double tic -tac and then proceeding to land a textbook double front roll. Kiko took the win with a score of 14.6, one of the highest scores so far!

12:45 – In the next heat of round 2 the Italians went head to head. Both Luca Gasperini and Yari Dell’omo were battling it out on the water to make it through to round 3. Dell’omo stayed strong throughout the heat pulling of some great air tricks and advancing straight through to round 3

12:30 Round 2 of the men’s heat have begun! In the first heat of round 2 we had the Moroccan rider, Moumim Maji vs the German rider, Alex Middeler. The heat was very close, with the men pulling off similar moves. It was Moumim Maji who took the win scoring a total of 9.47! 

12:15 Heat 4 on the water we had Gray Foster, a new rider on the tour, vs  the Italian shredder, Yaris Dell’omo.  Dell’omo was throwing down some great moves from the start with a clean back roll tic-tac and a textbook frontroll  Rodeo. Foster had a slow start to the heat but quickly began to gain momentum . After catching two smooth waves and landing a clean backroll tic-tac, Foster managed to take the win and advance straight through to round 2.

12:00 Heat 3 of the first round of the men’s and we had the young Cape Verdean rider, Hendrick Lopes taking the win with some impressive freestyle moves!

11:45 In the next heat we had the German shredder Linus Erdmann vs the Moroccan rider, Moumim Maji.  

Both riders were neck and neck from the get-go, scoring similar points on their waves. The messy waves were proving difficult for them both and picking the right wave was critical! Nevertheless, the German shredder managed to take the win with a clean back roll board off, right on the buzzer. 

11:30 First heat of the day has finished and we had the young, German rider Keanu Martens taking the win! Keanu was on fire pulling off a huge backroll tic-tac at the beginning of the heat and ending with a big kite loop board off.

10:30 Skipper’s meeting has finished, and the riders are suiting up, preparing for their heat to start! The next two days will be jam-packed with action as we are hoping to finish the event and crown our champions by Wednesday. The previous GKA Kite-Surf World Cup in Cape Verde will be counting towards the rider’s overall ranking for 2021.  

The first possible start is at 11:15! We will be running a dingle elimination and the men’s heats will be up first. The judges have decided to use a mixed format with both wave and freestyle. In the first round the heats will be 10 minutes long with two riders battling it out to make it through to round 3.  

Brace yourself as some serious action is about to go down! 

9:30 We have 36 riders in total who are entered into the event. In the men’s category we have 26 competitors, and, in the women’s, we have 10. Skippers meeting is about to commence.

8:30Registration is underway here at the competition and we hope to have the riders on the water by 11:30. The conditions are around 20-25knts cross-onshore and the waves are around 2- 3ft. 

07-08-2021 08:00 Welcome to first day of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Germany 2021!  The stage is set for the GKA riders to perform their best moves as howling winds and rolling waves await them.