Current discipline: Men’s Kite-Surf double elimination (Earlier today: women’s single elimination) 
Judging Criteria: Strapless Freestyle – 10 trick attempts, best 5 scores count from different trick families
8 minute heats / 3 minute transition
Wind: 20 knots  
Waves: Flat water  

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Thursday 14th November
Report: Jim Gaunt


17.30 Doubles last heat of Round 3
Heat 27b: Francesco Capuzzo (ITA) V Nicola Abadjiev (BUL) 
A nervy RRD-team battle ended fittingly in Italian glory. Capuzzo really finding more consistency in this double elimination and he’ll have hoped for more daylight to be able to continue this double elimination, but this was the last heat of the day, so he’ll have to re-group in the morning.
Both riders went big but although Nicola was the only one to land a toeside air 3 (which we haven’t seen a lot of at this event), Francesco’s bigger front roll and his front roll board off just made the difference.

Francesco wins: 26.06 to 23.6

17.17 Doubles Round 3 heat 3
Heat 27a: Arsenio Dias (CV) V Kiko Roig (ESP)
A young fluid wave ripper against a young freestyle shredder. This battle obviously in a pure freestyle playground and eventually Kiko’s preference showed favour. The Spaniard’s trick bag is very broad now and he makes his attempts with good consistency. He’s really looking good at this event since the change in format only allowing for 10 trick attempts. His first trick, another good front roll tick tack getting an 8.27.

As Kiko flew high through the skies Arsenio had tricked himself out (reaching his ten attempts) while still chasing down Kiko’s score. Kiko finished by finally landing his first super slick front roll with a double tick-tack, scoring a 9!

Kiko wins: 33.37 to 23.95

17.10 Doubles Round 3 heat 2
Heat 26b: Round 3 double heat 2 – Jan Marcos Riveras (DR) V Alan Trancard (GUA)
The wind picked up for this one as we closed in on sunset and Jan Marcos was at his trade mark best. Few riders can go higher than him and he used all his style and technical flow to stick a big back roll flip for 7.17 points. JMR also laced a brace of good front rolls, one with a board off and one with a rodeo. Take nothing away from Alan who has far less experience and the last time we saw him was at this event last year. Congrats to him for a great show and flow.

Jan Marcos wins: 30.6 to 26.3

17.00 Doubles Round 3 heat 1
Heat 26a: Pedro Afonso (POR) V Yaris Del Omo (ITA)
Corrr! Yaris del Omo scrapes through against a very closely matched rider in Pedro, just edging it 24.91 to 24.63. A hard one for the Portuguese rider to take. Pretty even throughout, but Yarris just squeezing out a couple of 5 points scores for tricks that Pedro only made high 4s for, particularly their single front rolls making the difference; just 3.93 for Pedro and 4.67 for Yaris.

Yaris wins 24.91 to 24.63

16.45 – Doubles Round 2
More riders going home this round!

Heat 23a – (heat 3 of round 2) saw one of the tour’s favourite riders Jan Marcos Riveras have to battle it out a little earlier in the doubles than he’s used to. He met multiple freestyle windsurfing world champion Golito Estredo and came through unscathed with Estredo still working his way up the ranks in this discipline and only oddly entering events.

Jan Marcos’ 29.87 heat score the highest of the round until young Spaniard Kiko Roig entered the fray in heat 24b against Rafael do Costa. He opened up with a very sweet front roll tick tack (move of the moment on tour), getting an 8.1 and he never looked back, gathering a coveted 9 point score for an innovative board off that’s yet to be added to the judge’s scoring tablets! He totalled 38.33.

Francesco Capuzzo (ITA) V Graham Harney (CAN) was a battle of the tour regulars in the penultimate heat, with the Italian narrowly despatching the Canadian with a very consistent display – just two crashes in his heat – something he’s been lacking a lot of the season.

Finally, Bulgarian Nicola Abadjiev also rode with greater consistency to beat Cape Verdean Kelton Lopes.


16.00 – Round 1
Heat 20b – (which is heat 5 of round 1 in this double elimination) saw the standout performance of round one come from Cape Verdean Arsenio Dias who reached 27.03 points, helped by some neat back roll tick tack variations, against Italian Luca Gasperini.

Also advancing from round one were: Ruben Cano (ESP), Yarris Del Omo (ITA) had a bye, Golito Estredo (VE), Mohamed Mansour (MOR) had a bye, Radael de Costa (BRA), Francesco Cappuzzo’s opponent didn’t hit the water, but the Italian scored 28.13 points on the water on his own!, and finally Kelton Lopes (CV) had a bye

Men’s double elimination: The double elimination sees the lowest ranked riders in the single elimination start from the bottom and work their way up through the ladder to eventually meet the podium finishers who are waiting higher up in the later final heats.


13.30 – Women’s Single Elimination result: 
1 Mikaili Sol (BRA)
2 Marcela Witt (BRA)
3 Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP)
4 Charlotte Carpentier (FRA)

13.15 – Women’s Single Elimination Final: Mikaili Sol (BRA) V Marcela Witt (BRA)

As mentioned, you can see Mikaili’s progression heat to heat and she opened up in the same way as she has in every heat, with a front roll – and this time she gets a 10 – so big, clean, stylish and controlled. Benchmark already for female strapless riding.

Marcela hasn’t fluked her way into this final and has already said she’ll be doing more stops on the tour next year and after crashing her first two tricks she landed a front roll board off and front roll.

We’ve seen Marcela string her ten tricks together very quickly so far and she was already two tricks ahead of Mikaili, but as is the world champion’s skill she was soon back on par and at that stage after four tricks each ahead by 23.73 to 12.1.

The remaining third of the final quietened off with a series of crashes, but a one footer completed Mikaili’s remaining 5 trick scores.

Not the highest scoring heat that either of these women have managed today, but still exciting between the two smiling Brazilians and Mikaili Sol completes a perfect first appearance in strapless freestyle competition!

Mikaili Sol wins the women’s single elimination: 32.23 to 22.87


Mini Final: Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP) V Charlotte Carpentier (FRA)
Carla Herrera-Oria re-set her gauge and went back to ultra-consistent mode and again amassed her usual mid 20-point heat score with a varied display for rolls, board varials and big straight airs.
Charlotte’s lower level board flips filled out her scoresheet, so she has a variety of moves, but couldn’t compete in the judge’s eyes in terms of height and power.

Carla finishes third in the women’s single elimination, winning this heat 23.04 to 15.91.

12.50 – Semi final 2: Carla Herrera-Oria V Mikaili Sol (BRA)
What a situation – Carla already GKA Kite-Surf World Champion 2019 (this discipline) and Mikaili, the already GKA Freestyle World Champion (twin-tip) against each other. Only one could make the final!

Amazingly in her third ever heat of strapless competition Mikaili is visually getting better and better, with three scores in the nine point range, plus an 8.67 which didn’t count as it was in the same category as her other bigger front roll. Highest score for her a 9.5 for very back back roll rodeo.

Carla lacked the overall height of Mikaili, but herself managed a pretty decent best trick with a back roll rodeo, rewarded with just 6.43 however. Her end of heat score would otherwise be pretty much an event winning score, but not when Mikaili starts to like strapless!

Mikaili goes through to the final: 38.27 to 24.83

12.30 – Semi final 1: Marcela Witt (BRA) V Charlotte Carpentier (FRA)
The Brazilian powered her way past the French regular tour rider with a demonstration of more height and power. Marcela’s front rolls are some of the best we’ve seen in competition (aside from Mikaili today of course) and she reached a superb 30.89 points, including an 8.8 score for a front roll one footer, a really difficult trick.
Charlotte couldn’t answer back.

Marcela wins and is through to the final: 30.89 to 13.43

12.10 – QF4 H6b: Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP) V Cappuccino Delannoy (FRA)
Already with this year’s world championship title in the bag, Carla gets on the water for the first time today having had a bye in round one. She rattled through her first 7 trick attempts very quickly with a high score of 7.33 for a back roll rodeo.
Carla increased that to an 8.17 for another back roll rodeo before Capuccine came back hard with two six point scores for a front roll and back roll bringing the tallies close: 25.44 to 24.68 to the Spaniard!

Both riders had just one trick to go. Capuccine went first and crashed, so Carla having waited on the beach paid off. Her final straight air ticked another trick family and increased her overall score.

Carla through to the semis, winning 26.57 to 24.68

12.00 – QF3 H6a: Frances Kelly (CAN) V Mikaili Sol (BRA)
15 year-old Freestyle World Champ Mikaili smashed out a massive 9.4 score for a front roll at the start of the heat before a solid 7.73 for straight rodeo. She just can’t stop smiling in her first strapless freestyle event!
Frances is a regular on tour but Mikaili’s speed of learning in this new discipline for her is just crazy. Four tricks in, no crashes and already on 36.5 points! Her front roll board was fantastic… and she probably only just learnt it. She then started going for kite loop rodeos! Her secret? Training six hours a day for two weeks… and there you have it! 

Mikaili through to the semis, winning 36.5 to 3.71

QF2 H5b: Charlotte Carpentier (FRA) V Barbara Sgardello (ITA)
The French rider is ranked second on tour and after a slow start just steadily landed her tricks cleanly. Nothing too big, but the most important thing when you’re only allowed ten trick attempts with five counting, is to land five solid tricks. She finished on a decent tally against the Italian who didn’t manage to land any rotations.

Charlotte through to the semis: 17.37 to 6.6

11.45am – QF1 H5a: Johana Catarina Edin (SWE) V Marcela Witt (BRA)
Brazilian Marcela Witt charges through another heat – this time a little closer against tour regular and current 3rd placed rider JC Edin, so a bit of damage there for the championship. Marcela getting high scores for her front roll board off and a straight front roll. Until recently no women were landing front rolls, so things are progressing quickly.

Marcela is through to the semis: 18.43 to 11.24


11.30am – Round one update:

04b: Capuccine Delannoy (FRA) V Sabine Beukeleers (BEL)
Sabine put in a great performance here last year making the final podium, up against Camille Delannoy’s 14 year-old sister here. The lead exchanged back and forth through the heat and Sabine had a slight advantage with one trick left for Cappuccine – who landed a great front roll on her last attempt. She moved ahead! Both these women getting what are often heat winning scores.
Cappuccine wins: 22.6 V 17.57

04a: Carla Herrera-Oria (ranked number 1) gets a bye through to round 2.

03b: Susi Schwarzbrauner (GER) V Mikaili Sol (BRA)
A big surprise that the three time Freestyle world champion decided to compete in this Kite-Surf discipline… and what a start she made – getting a 9 point (season high for the discipline) for a front roll!
A 6.5 front roll board off took her to 15.5 from just two tricks. After four tricks she was already up to 27.94, the highest score so far.
Mikaili’s consulate ease at rotations transferred really well onto a strapless board and she won with a heat score similar to the top men yesterday.
Mikaili wins: 32.14 to 6.5

03a: Frances Kelly (CAN) V Kesiane Rodriguez (BRA)
2019 tour regular, Frances Kelly from Canada currently ranked 4th, came through narrowly victorious over local Kesiane Rodriguez.
Frances wins: 7.84 to 6.43

02b: Sonja Bunte (GER) V Barbara Sgardello (ITA)
The Italian landed two tricks compared to the German’s three, but a bigger straight air did the damage.
Barbara wins 4.03 to 1.87

Charlotte Carpentier gets a bye through to round 2.

01b: Marcela Witt (BRA) V Ireeni Jenne (SUI)
Brazilian TV star and kiteboarder Marcela Witt continued her good performances from this event last year, with a dominating win, amassing an impressive 24.58 points against Swiss rider Ireeni Jenni. Marcela has announced that she’ll be on tour all year next year!
Marcella wins: 24.58 v 1.77

Heat 01a
Johana Catarina Edin gets a bye through to round 2.

10.30am – Good morning from Prea. We are starting with the women’s single elimination today and on completion of that should be moving onto the start of the men’s double elimination. The forecast is supposed to build to even more than we saw yesterday, so we expect another great afternoon. 

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