GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup Brazil 2023
08 – 11 November

Spot: Cauipe Lagoon
Discipline: Freestyle
Criteria: 7 trick attempts, 4 tricks counting

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a live stream for the Freestyle event at Cauipe. However, we are committed to delivering an exciting experience through our high-quality photos, meticulously crafted video edits, and daily highlights. We sincerely thank our kite community for their support and understanding. Don’t forget to follow the live ticker and live scoring on our website. Also, check out our Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes moments.


That’s a wrap for freestyle here in Brazil. An amazing day of competition that left us speechless. We now have 3 weeks until the last event in Qatar where we will crown our world champions for both men and women. Stay Tuned!!!

16:30 – Arthur Guillebert is your Champion here in Brazil!


16:00 – Bruna Kajiya, in her home spot takes the win!


15:30 – T. Bridge & F.Flugel advance

14:50 – Maxime Chabloz and Arthur Guillebert are the first men to take 2/4 final spots. Next men’s semis is now on the water. 

14:00 – Starting the semi-finals was the women. After eagerly watching the men fight it out, the first to prevail was Karolina Winkowska alongside Francesca Bagnoli. An early exit during the heat from Claudia Leon (ESP) occurred after she had a nasty crash. Bagnoli’s heart attack was one of the best-scoring tricks from the heat with a 7.73. Winkowska also opened up with a Back mobe, a move we don’t see much of in the women fleet. 


13:30 – The final Quarters saw Brazilian dominance from Carlos Mario and Guilherme Costa. Both riders produced combined scores above the 30’s, sending them on a one-way ticket into the semi-finals.

12:55 – T. Bridge and M. Chabloz are the next two riders making the semis. Last round of the quarters is up next, and then we move to the women. 

12:20 – A. Guillebert and J. Reider advance in the second quarter-finals. Current world champion, Gianmaria Coccoluto exits the competition in third.

11:55 – F.Flugel and L. Cruz make are the first riders to book their places in the semis.

11:35 – Men’s quarter finals are on!

11:06 – Unfortunately we are on hold due to a safety issue being resolved. We are yet to begin with the competition but hope to be underway very shortly. 

09:00 – We hope to have the finals taking place this afternoon for both the men and the women. The stage is set for an unforgettable finals day where we can hopefully crown champions. Be sure to get down here to Cauipe to watch the best of the best battle it out!

08:50 – Welcome to Day 3 of the Freestyle event here in Cauipe. Skippers is over and we’ll be getting underway very shortly for what could be the final day of competition. Men will be up first in the quarter-finals. 


16:20 – That’s it for Round 4 of the men. A. Guillebert and M. Dorotini grab the last spots in the quarter-finals. Time to head back over to the women to see who takes the final 4 semi-finalist spots. 

15:47 – F.Flugel & V.Rodriguez managed to edge their heats in Round 4, booking their places in the quarters. 

15:14 – K. Mahmoud and L. Verrichia book themselves a place in the quarter-finals. It’s the end of the road for V. Garat and H. Hironobu

14:45 – Erick Anderson and Jack Reider book their places in the Quarters.

14:30 – Its knockout time now for the men. 4 riders in each heat but only 2 can advance.

14:20 – MENS ROUND 4 IS ON!

14:15 – We are still well and truly underway with the Women. K. Winkowska edged out M. Sol while B.Kajiya managed to snatch her first win over F. Bagnoli. 

Conditions are still 10/10 with all riders amped to take to the water. Round 3 of the women is now over and its time to move back over to the men.

13:15 – C.Leon puts on a showstopping display of 30.69. The highest we’ve seen from any female rider so far during this competition. 

12:45 – Maria Morais progresses into Round 3 along with Leticia Ferreira. We now continue with the women for Round 3!

12:20 – That’s Round 3 for the men over with. We now move over to the women to wrap up Round 2

12:14 – Carlos Mario, the local rider who gets to call this lagoon his back garden, takes a convincing win over his opponents scoring a total of 30.23

11:48 – Guilherme Costa puts on a solid display advancing himself straight through to round number five. A.Guillebert in 2nd, V. Rodriguez in 3rd.

11:18 – ITSSSS TIMEEEEEE! Heat is on.

10:15 – Day 2 is set to start off with a BANG! Conditions are on and we’re currently midway through the first skippers meeting with a first possible start of 10:45. 


16:55 – That’s a wrap for Day 1 here in Cauipe! Be sure to check out all the scores here on the event page and we’ll be back tomorrow at 10:00am local time for a first possible start.

16:32 – Reigning world champ Gianmaria Coccoluto books himself a place in Round 5. The champ is in the zone out here in Brazil.

16:04 – Young gun Davi Ribiero pulls out all the stops to advance straight to round number 5. Second place Kimo Mahmoud whilst third sees Peyo Cremades. 

The wind is still holding nicely here on Day 1 of the GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup

15:50 – Louka Pitot starts his day well taking the win with a big 31.37 overall score. Second place Erick Anderson with Hironobu Nakano coming in third.

15:31 – Opening up his accounts nicely, Luis Cruz takes the win in Round 3, with Anthar Racca in second and Val Garat in third. Luis Cruz also throwing down a huge kiteloop 720 in the mix which is the first kiteloop move we’ve seen today. 

15:15 – Ismael Morais and Carlos Arnaun are the next 2 riders to book their spots in Round 3. The women are now released for the day but we continue now with Round 3 of the men.

14:45 – Erick Anderson and Leo Verrecchia take home the one and two spots to advance through into round 3. Next up is the second heat of round number two where once again, two riders will qualify for round 3, and two riders will exit the competition.

14:15 – MEN ARE ON! Round 2.

14:05 – Round 1 of the women has finished. Karolina Winkowska and Estafania Rosa progress straight to round 3, while the others will battle it out in round 2 shortly. Now we move back to the men. 

13:45 – Women are on the water!

13:30 – And that’s it for Round Number 1 of the men. Guilherme Costa also won his heat and its now time to move over to the women. Remember though, no rider gets knocked out of the competition yet!

13:00 – Tom Bridge puts on a sublime display winning his heat comfortably, with Antoine Olivier in 2nd, and Rafael Monterio in third. Heat 4 up next.

12:30 – Anthar Racca takes 1st, Leo Verrecchia 2nd and Peirfranceco Rizzello takes 3rd. Heat number 2 up next!

12:19 – Heat number 1 is underway and we start with the men.

11:40 – Rider’s briefing has just finished which means only one thing is left… The first possible start is 12:00pm. The wind is here, the stage is set and we’re all ready to get this highly anticipated freestyle event underway. 

10:52 – Welcome to the GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup, and we’re here in the famous Cauipe Lagoon for the penultimate freestyle event of the year. The rider’s registration has closed and we have 28 men and 14 women ready to showcase their skills battling it out in quite possibly the best freestyle location in the world. Next up we have the riders briefing at 11:00, with the first possible start at 12:00.