Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf Kite World Cup Cauipe

14 – 17 November

Spot: Cauipe
Discipline: Kite-Surf
Judging Criteria: Mixed format – 8 wave attempts, 6 trick attempts. 3 scores count with at least 1 wave and 1 trick, with the third being either a trick or wave. 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a live stream for the Kite-Surf event at Cauipe. However, we are committed to delivering an exciting experience through our high-quality photos, meticulously crafted video edits, and daily highlights. We sincerely thank our kite community for their support and understanding. Don’t forget to follow the live ticker and live scoring on our website. Also, check out our Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes moments.

Day 3 – Friday 17th November 2023 (GMT-3)

12:46 – Kite-surf has now concluded here in Cauipe, Brazil. What an amazing event we’ve been treated to and we now have our World and event champions. It’s now time for us to say goodbye and we’ll be returning next year in 2024, with the first stop being Cabo Verde. 

12:40 – AIRTON COZZOLINO does the double as he just about snatches victory over Gabriel Benneton

12:20 – CAPUCINE DELANNOY wins the event here in Cauipe! She managed to beat Moona White for the first time this year.

11:59 – Matchu wind the mini-final

11:39 – Mens mini-final up next

11:37 – Kesiane Rodriguez takes 3rd place here in Cauipe, With Camille Losserand in fourth

11:30 – Next up we have the Womens mini-final

11:25 – AIRTON COZZOLINO is your NEW World Champion

Cozzolino defeats teammate, Pedro Matos in a close semi-final but, with this win means he is our 2023 World Champion. 

11:05 – Gabriel Benneton takes victory over Matchu Lopes, leaving the door wide open for Airton to potentially take the world title in his next heat.


10:39 – Capucine Delannoy beats Kesiane Rodriquez for a place in the final

10:22 – MOONA WHITE is your New World Champion. She defeated Camille Losserand in the semi-finals to take the 2023 championship. 


09:57 – The last man to go through is Airton Cozzolino. Our three title contenders are all still in the mix with the semi-finals up shortly. But first, we will move over to the women. 

09:40 – Pedro Matos is another one who joins for a place in the semis

09:20 – Matchu Lopes will advance through and meet Gabriel in the first semi-final.

09:00 – The first heat of the day goes to Gabriel Benneton, who takes out Sebastien Ribeiro in a close heat.

08:06 – FINALS DAY! 

Skippers meeting is underway and today we’ll be crowning our event and world champions! The first possible start is in 20 minutes!

Day 2 – Thursday 16th November 2023 (GMT-3)

17:00 – THATS A WRAP for Day Two here in Brazil. Join us tomorrow where we’ll be crowing our champions 

15:55 – Capucine Delannoy takes the last position in the women Semi-Final

16:51 – Moona White and Kesiane Rodriguez are into the semis

16:04 – Camille Losserand is first to advance


15:50 – Airton Cozzolino is the last man to enter the quarters. It is now time for women to start the quarter-finals 

15:25 – Camille Delannoy narrowly edges his way into the next round

15:07 – Pedro Matos, Gray Foster and Leonardo Grangiero join Matchu in the quarter-finals

14:18 – Matchu Lopes finds the groove yet again now progressing into the quarter-finals

13:58 – Sebastien Ribeiro is the next rider to advance

13:36 – Gabriel Benneton is the first rider to grab a quarter-final spot 

13:23 – Womens round 4 has finished and now its time to shift our focus back over to the men

12:43 – Zoe Bazile and Moona White are the first 2 women through to the quarter-finals 

12:16 – Thats a wrap for Men’s round 4. We are now moving over to Womens Round 4 here its knockout time!

12:10 – Camille Delennoy and Wellington Silva also make it through to Round 5

11:35 – Pedro Matos betters his heat yesterday with a convincing victory in Round 4

11:20 – Yaris Dellomo becomes the next rider to advance into Round 5

10:55 – Heat 4 Round 4
1st Breno Barbosa
2nd Francesco Capuzzo

10:38 – Matchu Lopes and Matheo Silva also advance to Round 5

10:10 Heat 2 Round 4
1st Sebastian Riberio
2nd Giovanni Rogolino

10:00 – We’re moving on to the men pushing with Round 4

09:29 – Women Results H8 R3
1st Sofia Marchetti
2nd Moona White
3rd Luiza Neto

09:05 – Women Results H7 R3
1st Kessiane Rodriquez
2nd Zoe Bazile
3rd Sonja Bunte

08:30 – Welcome to Day 2 of the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf Kite World Cup Cauipe. Action is soon to get underway as the skippers’ meeting has finished and riders are preparing gear. 

Day 1 – Wednesday 15th November 2023 (GMT-3)

17:00 – After the wind dropped we were unable to continue with Round 3 of the women. We’ll be back tomorrow with more action and also what could potentially be a decisive day in the World Championships. 

16:25 – Women Results H2 R 3
1st Luana Saunier
2nd Capucine Delannoy
3rd Charlotte Carpentier


15:45 – Results H1 R 3
1st Camille Losserand 
2nd Serena Luzz
3rd Gemma Soloman


15:04 – Results H6 R3
1st Joao Carlos
2nd Sebastian Ribiero
3rd Igor Pestana

14:45 – Results H5 R3
1st Gray Foster
2nd Hendrick Lopes
3rd Victor Bruno

14:20 – Results H4 R3
1st Leonardo Grangeiro
2nd Wellington Carmo da Silva
3rd Matchu Lopes

14:05 – Results H3 R3
1st Charly Martin
2nd Camille Delannoy
3rd Francesco Cappuzzo

13:57 – Results H1 R3
1st Gabriel Benneton
2nd Yaris Delomo
3rd Giovanni Rogolino

Results H2 R3
1st Artur Morais
2nd Pedro Mattos
3rd Matheo Silva

13:25 – Time for Round 3

13:20 – Results heat 4 Round 2
1st Luca Gasperini
2nd Andrade Vasconcelos

13:05 – Results heat 3 Round 2
1st Joao carlos
2nd Logan Merringer

12:50 – Results heat 2 round 2

12:35 – Results heat 1 round 2
1st Matheu Silva
2nd Luca Padilha

12:05 – Round 1 is now over. We now move onto Round 2 where the losers of Round 1 will battle for a place in Round 3.

11:09 – We’re now in the final heat of round 1.

10:30 – Judging Criteria: Mixed format of 8 wave attempts and 6 trick attempts. 3 scores count with at least 1 wave and 1 trick, with the third being either a trick or wave. 

10:00 – Round 1 will see all the qualifiers and wildcard riders take to the water, competing to continue in the competition

09;00 – Welcome to Day Number 1 of the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf Kite World Cup here in Cauipe. All riders have attended the skippers meeting and we’re now getting underway with the men’s round 1.