Lords Of Tram GKA Big-Air Kite World Cup France 2023

Spot: Barcares, France
Discipline: Twin-Tip Big-Air
Wind: Tramontana, NW
Water state: Flat water lagoon

LIVETICKER –  Day 2: Sunday 2 April 2023 (GMT +2)

18.30 Men’s final. Liam Whaley (ESP), Andrea Principi ((ITA). Whaley wins with an epic dispay,

18.15 Women’s final. Angely Bouillot (FRA), Mikaili Sol (USA). Sol’s competition experience helped her take the heat with a couple of big 7+ scores on the board. Bouillot couldn’t quite make it work in the gusty winds.

18.00 Men’s mini-final. Jamie Overbeek (NED), Lorenzo Casati (ITA). Overbeek wins after Casati crashed when his kite released when he was at 13.4 metres high. He received help from the jetski, ending his heat and giving Overbeek the third podium spot.

17.45 Women’s mini-final. Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE), Francesca Maini (GBR). Lambrecht takes the third podium place.

17.27 MSF2 Lorenzo Casati (ESP), Andrea Principi (ITA). Principi wins after trailing against Casati as both riders were frustrated by the faltering winds. But Principi caught a gust and scored 7.60 for a massive contra-loop backroll board-off that was crucial.

17.10 MSF1 Jamie Overbeek (NED), Liam Whaley (ESP). Big semi-final. But the experience of Whaley was telling as he racked up three 8+ scores to take his heat total to 24.40.

16.55 WSF2 Mikaili Sol (USA), Francesca Maini (GBR). Sol takes the win with a 17.43 heat total and goes to the final.

16.45 WSF1 (restart) Angely Bouillot (FRA), Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE). Bouillot dominates the heat with a total of 21.86 to take the win and go to the final.

16.34 R4 H4 QF4 Josué San (BRA), Andrea Principi (ITA). Principi dominated the heat to go to the semi-final.

16.14 R4 H3 QF3 Luca Ceruti (ITA), Lorenzo Casati (ESP) up next. Casati takes the win with three big 7+ scores that end Ceruti’s run in the contest.

15.45 R4 H2 QF2. Liam Whaley (ESP), Edgar Ulrich (FRA). Thrilling heat that went down to the wire. Ulrich was trailing for much of the heat but launched a massive contra-loop backroll board-off for 8.43 and the lead. Only for Whaley to get an 8.10 to take the win right at the end.

15.30 R4 H1 QF1. Jamie Overbeek (NED), Giel Vlugt (NED). Another upset when 17-year-old takes out Vlugt in a super-tight heat when both riders’ heat totals into the 20’s. Overbeek scored biggest in the heat with a 7.63 for a contra-loop frontroll board-off.

15.15 R3 H8 Andrea Principi (ITA), Julian Huynh (FRA). Big Air world champion Principi takes the win with an astonishing contra-loop backroll board-off, where he travelled 235 metres, got 17.1 metres high and was airborne for 18.1 seconds.

15.00 R3 H7 Cohan van Dijk (NED), Josué  San (BRA). A big upset when the young Brazilian San edged out Van Dijk with a few solid 6+ scores, including a 6.90 for a contra-loop frontroll board-off.

14.46 R3 H6 Lorenzo Casati (ESP), Aaron Hadlow (GBR). Casati squeezes the win  by less than one point in a clash of the generations. The reigning King of the Air scored a 7.23 for a kite-loop frontroll tic-tac the was enough to beat former Kota winner, Hadlow.

14.25 R3 H5 Jeremy Burlando (ESP), Luca Ceruti (ITA).  Ceruti wins and goes forward with a 6.77 for a contra-loop frontroll board-off.

14.12 R3 H4 Liam Whaley (ESP), Jason van der Spuy (RSA). Whaley advances, sending Van der Spuy home. On his 6m kite, Whaley controlled the heat with three early 7+ scores. Even Van der Spuy’s S-loop to blind at the end earning 7.70 was not enough to save him.

14.04 R3 H3 Marc Jacobs (NZL), Edgar Ulrich (FRA). Ulrich wins big with an upset to send previous Red Bull King of the Air winner home. Ulrich’s double kite-loop board-off for which he scored an 8.13 was the clincher.

14.01 NEWS on Clement Huot, who was injured earlier in a big crash. Commentator Lewis Crathern reports that Huot is in a stable condition and waiting for X-rays to discover the extent of his injuries.

13.46 R3 H2 Giel Vlugt (NED), Valentin Hoenderop (ESP). Vlugt kept his nose in front throughout the heat and landed a heat score of of 21.00 with two trick scores of more than 7.0.

13.32 R3 H1 Jamie Overbeek (NED), Stino Mul (NED). Overbeek wins in a fairly tight heat. But a couple of high-scoring kite-loop board-offs with backroll and frontroll were enough to see him advance.

13.20 R2 H8 Julian Huynh (FRA), Timo Boersma (NED). Huynh wins and advances with a 15.43 heat score.

13.05 R2 H7 Josué San (BRA), Simon Brunh (GER). San takes the win even as the wind backs off a little. Brunh is eliminated.

12.50 R2 H6 Aaron Hadlow (GBR), Lucas Gramstrup (DEN). Hadlow takes the win with a 16.19 heat total.

12.35 R2 H5 Luca Ceruti (ITA), Valentin Garat (FRA). Ceruti wins with 20.57, including a 7.97 for a double-loop rewind that was enough to send Garat out of the competition.

12.20R2 H4 Jason van der Spuy (RSA), Arthur Guillebert (FRA) is ON. Van der Spuy wins by just 0.21 points with a double kite-loop backroll that netted him 7.37 from the judges. Guillebert came super-close with his S-loop getting 7.03.

12.05 Competition on STANDBY as medics tend to Clement Huot.

11.40 R2 H4 Jason van der Spuy (RSA), Arthur Guillebert (FRA) are next on the water. But the competition is ON HOLD for a time, following Huot’s crash.

11.15 R2 H3 Edgar Ulrich (FRA), Clement Huot (FRA). Ulrich advances with 21.37 heat score that include a 7.43 for a huge kite-loop frontroll board-off. But Huot, knowing he needed a 10.0 to better Ulrich at the end of the heat, went for the first triple loop seen in the competition. But crashed hard in the 40 knots of wind. Huot was taken out of the water and carried on a stretcher going for medical attention, though he seemed to be alert and conscious.

11.00 R2 H2 Valentin Hoenderop (ESP), Joris Herrewijnen (NED). Hoenderop takes the win after Herrewijnen suffers a big crash.

10.40 R2 H1 Jamie Overbeek (NED), Nicolas Gambier (FRA). Overbeek wins and advances with a top trick score of for a contra-loop backroll board-off.

10.22 R1 H8 Andrea Principi (ITA), Jason ven der Spuy (RSA), Simon Brunh (GER). Principi advances with a big heat score of 22.93 out of a possible 30 points. His biggest score was an 8.43 for a kite-loop frontroll board-off.

10.05 R1 H7 Cohan van Dijk (NED), Edgar Ulrich (FRA), Timo Boersma (NED). Van Dijk wins with the biggest heat so far as the wind cranks up. Van Dijk’s double loops earned big, including a double with a a board off that took 9.20. Ulrich was close, but goes to the second round shootout.

09.38 R1 H6 Lorenzo Casati (ITA), Valentin Hoenderop (ESP), Valentin Garat (FRA). Casati wins with 19.03 heat score despite a big crash when he seemed to release his chicken loop in the middle of a big jump. He managed to swim back to the beach.

09.22 R1 H5 Jeremy Burlando (ESP), Jamie Overbeek (NED), Lucas Gramstrup (DEN). Burlando just squeezes the win over Overbeek by 0.27 of a point. Overbeek and Gramstrup live to fight another day in round two coming up.

09.00 R1 H4 Liam Whaley (ESP), Clement Huot (FRA),  Julian Huynh (FRA). Whaley takes the win even as the wind backs off a little during the heat with a total of 19.10. Huot and Huynh get a second chance in round two.

08.42 R1 H3 Marc Jacobs (NZL), Arthur Guillebert (FRA), Josué San (BRA). Jacobs wins with heat score 17.76, and highest score of 6.83 for a a kite-loop backroll board-off. Guillebert takes the second.

08.25 R1 H2 Giel Vlugt (NED), Aaron Hadlow (GBR), Nicolas Gambier (FRA). Vlugt wins with some big scores, includng several double loops. Hadlow got second, but missed his last trick after swimming in to get a fresh kite after his first released on a crash.

08.05    Men’s R1 H1 Luca Ceruti (ITA), Stino Mul (NED), Joris Herrewijnen (NED). Mul takes the win with a slim victory over Ceruti. Mul scored a 6.23 for a kite-loop backroll board-off.

07.54 The plan is to start with the men’s heats first, shortly. We’ll switch to the women’s semi-final H1 after four rounds of men’s action, if everything goes to plan.

07.20 Good morning everyone. Riders’ meeting is set to get underway shortly. The race director is looking at a first possible start at 08.00 for the second day of action at Lords of Tram.


LIVETICKER –  Day 1: Saturday 1 April 2023 (GMT +2)

18.30 Semi-final H1 Angely Bouillot (FRA), Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE). After a number of tricks and attempts by both women the race director abandoned the heat when the wind picked up to 50 knots.

18.10 R3 H4 Mika Sol (USA), Justine Avril (FRA). Sol wins with several huge tricks as Avril crashes on an attempted double loop that she crashed and ended her heat.

18.05 Competition on hold waiting for R3 H4 Mika Sol (USA), Justine Avril (FRA).

17.55 R3 H3 Fracesca Maini (GBR), Karlie Thoma (USA). Thoma’s kite released on the water and she was disqualified giving Maini the place in the semi-final.

17.40 R3 H2 Zara Hoogenraad (NED), Angely Bouillot (FRA). Massive heat at this stage of the competition. Bouillot wins this highly competitive heat. She landed the highest score of the competition so far with a 9.0 for a kite-loop board off giving her a whopping 21.26 total and a place in the semi-final.

17.23 R3 H1 Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE), Johanna Disdier (FRA). Disdier has problem launching on the beach and is late to join the heat. She’s timed out and misses one of her tricks. Lambrecht takes the convincing win with a massive kite-loop front roll that earned her 8.37.

17.10 R2 H4 Justine Avril (FRA), Michaela Pilkenton (USA). Avril wins with strong 16.43 score and goes through to quarter finals.

17.00 R2 H3 Karlie Thoma (USA), Lana Herman (SLO). Thoma advances as Herman was disqualified for receiving unauthorised help with a released kite. Heat stopped.

16.48 Heat started again. Bouillot takes the win.

16.42 Heat postponed as the wind drops. Bouillot sits on 22.00 for three huge tricks, including an 8.07 for a kite-loop board off.

16.25 R2 H2 Angely Bouillot (FRA), Jasmine Cho (USA). 

16.10 R2 H1 Johanna Disdier(FRA), Elsien Zijlstra (NED). Disdier comes from behind to win. Elimination round for heat two rounds, with one of these women facing the end of the road.

15.50 R1 H4 Mika Sol (USA), Angely Bouillot (FRA),Lana Herman (SLO). The wind has picked up massively to perhaps 40 knots.

15.34 R1 H3 is back on again. Maini wins with a 17.96 score and 6.93 for a kite-loop back roll. The women were given seven trick attempts in the resumed heat.

15.08 Competition still on standby as we wait for the wind. Maini still in the lead.

13.52 R1 H3 Michaela Pilkenton (USA), Francesca Maini (GBR) Johanna Disdier (FRA). Competition on standby after wind went westerly and dropped considerably. Maini leading the heat with two strong tricks on the board.

13.14 R1 H2 Zara Hoogenraad (NED), Elsien Zijlstra (NED), and Justine Avril (FRA). Hoogenraad squeezes the win by the narrowest of margins, her kite-loop front roll earning her a 6.77 to take her total to 17.04. She was just ahead of Avril with 17.00.

12.58 R1 H1 Nathlalie Lambrecht (SWE), Karlie Thoma (USA) and Jasmine Cho (USA) are first out on the water. It’s the best three tricks (from different trick families) from six attempts to count. The wind is 20kts to 25kts. Lambrecht takes the win, with her biggest trick a kite-loop front roll worth 7.33. Thoma and Cho go to the second round shootout.

11.48 First possible start is set for 12.30pm (GMT+2). LIVESTREAM is set to open at 12.15pm (GMT+2).

10.50 The riders’ meeting is underway. The women’s competition will be first out on the water, with a first possible start at 12-noon (GMT+2). Head over to our LIVESTREAM to catch all the action.

LIVETICKER –  Day 0: Friday 31 April 2023 (GMT +2)

Preparation for the event is in full swing, riders are arriving and the Tramontana wind is kicking in. Get ready for a busy weekend full of Big Air action.

From Saturday, April 1 we will have a livestream available on GKA YouTube and website