Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships 2022

LIVETICKER Day 11 – 1st July 2022 (CEST / GMT+2)

Current discipline: Big Air Twintip/Strapless
Judging Criteria: 7-8 mins
Format: Big Air
Wind: 25 knots Levante forecast

The competition is officially a wrap! We have completed all the compeittions ladders and now it’s time to send it one more time in Tarifa tonight! 

15:32 – We just finished the men’s strapless competition and we have crowned our champion! Final standings are: 

Men’s Strapless Final Results: 

1st: Airton Cozzolino 

2nd: Gabriel Benton 

3rd: Lorenzo Casati 

4th: Camille Delannoy

13:38 – We are now into the finals heats of round 3 With Airton Cozzolino and Lorezo Casati having advance through to the semi-finals. 

12:00 The men’s strapless Big Air is now up and running as we have the strong Levante wind buidling.

11:00 – We just had the finals and mini finals of the women’s twin-tip big air! All the women were shredding but it was Mikali sol who stole the show with a very impressive Doobie Loop! 

Overall Results Women’s Twin-tip : 

1st: Mikali Sol (BRA)

2nd: Zara Hoogenraad (NED)

3rd: Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE)

4th: Michela Pilkenton (USA)

11:39 – We are now running the men’s Strapless Big Air as the Levante wind has kicked in! 

10:00 – We are into round 2 of the women’s twin-tip big air championships and we have had some crazy close heats between these women! Currently on the water we have Karli Thoma and Mikali Sol battling it out 

8:30 –  Good Morning from the nuking shores of Tarifa! The Levante wind has kicked in nice early for the riders and we are about to start with round 2 of the women’s big air championships. 

1 – Andrea Principi (ITA)
2 – Liam Whaley (ESP)
3 – Giel Vlugt (NLD) 
4 – Lorenzo Casati (ITA) 

After an absolutely incredible day we have our  Qatar Airways Men’s Big Air Twin-Tip World Champion who came through an epic battle with Liam Whaley, sealing the deal in the final moments with a massive double boogie loop with an epic drop from the sky, caught sweetly by his kite, that scored ten points from the judges. 

You can find previous updates below. Unfortunately we had some issues with the website today. More detailed report will be online ASAP and you can catch up on the livestream here! 

16:25 – We are now into the fourth round of the mens’ heats. The highlight riders in the mens so far has been Jamie Overbeek and Jeremy Burlando! 

The crowds here are beginning 

In the second heat of the Womens’ strapless surf-board we had Mikali Sol vs Capucine Delannoy and Brazilian rider, Kesiane Rodrigues. Capucine was in crontrol throughout the whole of this heat showing that she is the one to watch for this competition. Capucine started the heat with a very clean frontroll and frontroll one foot. Towards the end of the heat Capucine really began to step things  up throwing a huge kiteloop which was performed with an extensive amount of height and ease. 

14:30 – In the womens first heat we had Camille Losserand, Monica Gilardoni and Charlotte Carpentier. Camille looked cool and confident in her first heat showing her expertise in the challenging Levante conditions.


13:30 – The wind is pumping here at Balneario beach and we are due to start with women’s strapless at 2pm! Get ready as the competition is about to take off. 

12:30 – Just finished the skippers meeting here at Balenrio beach. Judges are keeping the same format which was explained in the day 7 skippers meeting.

7 minute heats with 3 minute transition period (this can be altered depending on the conditions).

The competition will only start running when we have suitable conditions for the riders. The plan is to start with the women’s strapless and then move into the twintip division. We can run until sunset tonight so we aim to get through as many heats as possible!


10:00 Good morning from Tarifa! Today we have a solid levante wind forecast for the competition which we hope will begin to fill in our midday. The schedule for today is as follows:

Skippers meeting 11.30
First possible start 12.30

The order for todays competition:
– Strapless women.
– Twin tip men.
– Twin tip women
– Strapless men

Judges have currently put this down as the sequence they would like to run however, they can change this order depending on the wind conditions.


LIVETICKER Day 10 – 30th June 2022 (CEST / GMT+2)

Current discipline: Big Air Twintip/Strapless
Judging Criteria: TBC
Format: Big Air
Wind: TBC


18.00 – After a lay day today, tomorrow (Friday) looks set for a return of Levante winds, picking up in strength from lunchtime onwards.

Skippers meeting is at 11.30am
First possible start is noon

Disciplines: Strapless Big Air , Twin Tip Big Air

Stay tuned here to the liveticker for updates and also find the livestream running on this page too once the action begins! Saturday also still looking very promising for the action to continue too!

There is roughly 11 – 12 hours of competition left to run in this Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships – after the hydrofoil discipline ran last Sunday watch the action here. 


LIVETICKER DAY 9 – 29 June 2022 (CEST / GMT+2)

As very light winds are forecast all day, today is a lay day for the competition. Next possible contestable winds look like coming in on Friday.



LIVETICKER DAY 8- 28 June 2022 (CEST / GMT+2)
TUESDAY’S LEVANTE – Already in the right direction

15:42 – Still not enough wind here to run the competiton. Some of the women are out on 10m kites but we are awaiting for the conditions to improve slightly.

13:30 – Riders briefing has finished, the wind is around 15-18 knots at the moment so it is still too light to start running the competition. Judges are keen to run the competition in only optimal conditions (roughly around 25-35 knots). The Judging criteria is 3 tricks count with 10 trick attempts. Judges have decided to put priority on mens’ strapless today so we hope to get started with this soon! Next call is 14:00.

The plan so far is to start with the mens’ strapless big air and then move into the womens’ twintip big air! The Lavente continues to increase so it looks like we will be having some competition running today after all!

Good morning everyone – we already have a light Levante wind direction blowing at the event site this morning. The crew are heading to the main event site at Balneario and riders briefing is scheduled at 1p,


Further updates coming soon!


LIVETICKER DAY 7 – 27 June 2022 (CEST / GMT+2)

Good morning from Tarifa. Today is a lay day with unsuitably light Poniente winds for the Big Air competition.

Read all about Charles Brodel’s victory to become the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Hydrofoil World Champion yesterday – here! 


LIVETICKER DAY 6 26th June 2022 (CEST / GMT+2)

Current discipline: Big Air Hydrofoil
Judging Criteria: 7 Minu
Format: Big Air
Wind: 25 knots Poniente



18.00 –

1st Charles Brodel (FRA) – World Champion
2nd Jamie Overbeek (NLD) 
3rd Maxime Chabloz (SUI)
4th Alex Soto (DOM)

17:00 – It’s official, the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Hydrofoil competition is complete and we have crowned our champion! Thank you to everyone for tuning in and we hope to continue with more competition later on during the week. 

16:00 –Finals have just been completed here at Bibo Beach here in Tarifa and Charles Brodel from France has just become the first Official Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Hydrofoil World Champion. 

He won a tightly contested final against the Dutch high flyer Jamie Overbeek who himself had an incredible day, including a 10 point score for huge trick in round 3. Maxime Chabloz finishes third with Alex Soto from the Dominican Republic in 4th. We have just completed the official podium with more stories and information to follow.

15:45 – Maxime Chabloz put on a stella performance in the losers finals managing to land some huge front rolls taking the win over Alex Soto! Maxime Chaboloz placed 3rd overall with Alex Soto in 4th

Finals will be Jamie Overbeeek vs Charles Brodel 

Losers final Maxime Chabloz vs Alex Soto

15:35 – We will be going into the finals very soon so make sure to stay tuned!!!

15:34 : – In semi final number one we had Alex Soto vs Jamie Overbeek. Alex opted for the inflatable kite which wasn’t giving him the same height and float as Jamie was getting on his foil kite. Jamie was making all his landings on his tricks landing a very nice Backroll board off with a great amount of height. Jamie managed to take the win over Alex

In Semi Final Number 2 we had Maxime Chabloz against current world champion, Charles Brodel. Charles was looking very comfortable on the water landing some technical manouvers with plenty of height. Unfortunantly Maxime could not match Charles’s performance and we had charles advance to the finals!

13:45: We are now into the qaurter finals number 2! This heat is with Maxime Chabaloz vs Charles Brodel!

13:30 – We are in to the first round of the Hydrofoil Big Air Championships and we have just had Maxime- Luan take the win in the first heat of the day against Alex Soto. We have also had Maxime Chabloz vs the young gun Finn Flugal, Maxime put on a great show landing some very nice kiteloops. We are now onto round one heat 4

13:23 We are officialy live so make sure to check out the LIVESTREAM now!

12:00 HYDROFOIL EVENT SET TO BEGIN! We are all set at Bibo Beach in front of the Visit Qatar GKA Kite Expo for a start to the Hydrofoil discipline in the Qatar Airways GKA Big Airways World Championships – scroll down for the livestream, beginning soon. We are hoping for a start at 12.30 local Spanish time.




19:00 Expo Closes
14:00 Duotone Presentation
13:30 FKB Presentation
13:00 Core presentation featuring Willow River- Tonkin with his presurfed project
12:30 F-one presentation
12:00 Dakhla Attitude Natural
11:00 Parque Natural
11:00 Expo Opens

Sunday 26th June Schedule for the Last  day of the Expo: 

19:00 Expo closes
17:00 North NAG giveaway
16:00 Slingshot Frozen T-shirt contest
15:00 Palau Project With Jerome Cloetens
14:30 – Ocean Rodeo with Richard Myerscough
14:00 – Parque natural de Tarifa
11:00 – Expo Opens

Schedule for Today (Saturday 25th June)

Come down to the Expo to see all the exhibitors, get on the gear and find out all the latest developments and future proof your ride!

Here’s the schedule for the talks stage on Friday. The talks stage runs each day of the Expo up until the 26th June.  

3PM – Duotone Kiteboarding
Matchu Lopes and the World Premiere Neo D/LAB & Introduction D/LAB Surfboard range

3.30PM – Onyx Presentation

4.30PM – Dakhla Hospitality Group 

5PM – North Kiteboarding
Meet the 3 Kings – Marc Jacobs, Nick Jacobsen and Jesse Richman

5.30PM – FKB Resort
Get to know this amazing new kite resort opening soon in Doha.

6PM – Airush
Airush brand the Ultra Team





2PM – Medio Ambiente
Laura Balboa y Francesca Viladecans
Subject: Coastal conservation

3PM – Duotone Kiteboarding
Matchu Lopes
Subject: World Premiere Neo D/LAB & Introduction D/LAB Surfboard range

4PM – Flysurfer
Olly Bridge and Luke McGillewie
Mojo Pure presentation

5PM – Freewing
Freewing presentation, including the new Nitro wing, featuring Ho’okipa material

21st JUNE  

Welcome to the opening day of the VISIT QATAR GKA KITE EXPO which runs from 21st – 26th June as part of the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships event window in Tarifa! There will be no competition today as the wind forecast is light for early this week, but scroll down to see the running order for the main stage at the Expo today. (Keep coming back for further updates each day for the following day.



11AM – Expo opens to the public
11 – 6PM – Gear testing (inscribe with the brand you want to test gear with at their booth in the Expo)
2PM – Official riders’ registration on the main stage
4.30PM – Opening ceremony on the main stage
5PM – Rider’s first competition briefing

Come back to this liveticker for the schedule of tech talks on the main stage starting on Wednesday 22nd June, here at the expo!

Find more information on testing gear at the Expo in the official event magazine, here!