Are You Ready for the Biggest Kiteboarding Event of the Year?

Published 16th June 2022 by Andrea Susanne Opielka


21 – 26th June

Event window: 21 June – 06 July 

Monday 20th June:
Today is the official start to the event period for the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships! We have lots for you to look forward to, including the first official GKA event magazine, fully focused on this Tarifa event – scroll down this page to read it!

Meanwhile the brands are ready to welcome you to the Visit Qatar Kite Expo that opens tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) at Bibo Beach. Also, on the main stage there at 1pm the riders competing in the Big Air World Championships will officially register for the event.

We have a long event window, running through to the 6th July, so while we have a light wind forecast for the next few days, get ready to hold on to your seats when the livestream fires up for the contest – news coming soon!


TWIN-TIP: 24 men, 12 women
STRAPLESS: 12 men, 12 women
HYDROFOIL: 12 men, 12 women

See the full rider list here on the live event page. 

Scroll down to open the official Tarifa event magazine!

Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships official poster


The VISIT QATAR KITE EXPO TEST AREA is where you need to be if you’d like to get on the water and test the latest kitesurfing, wing foiling and windsurfing gear from over 20 different brands!

The Test Area is located in front of the BIBO restaurant at Valdevaqueros beach / Punta Paloma.

The testing hours are:
21 – 25 June: 11am – 7pm
26 June: 11am to 3pm

Anyone who would like to test gear needs to have an independent and safe kitesurfing level, assured by a licence from a recognised kitesurfing association, such as IKO, VDWS, FAV, BKSA or similar.


  • Visit the KITE EXPO and find the brand that you are interested in. To sign-up for testing you must visit each brand’s booth at the Expo.
  • Inscribe yourself into the database and sign the consent of responsibility.
  • Each exhibitor has their own procedure in terms of leaving your ID card or a deposit.
  • Once done, head to the Test Area and pick up the gear you’d like to test.
  • You will be given a lycra top to wear over your wetsuit so that the rescue boat can recognize you are officially a testing client.
  • Each brand will agree a time that you may test the gear (for example 30 minutes), after which you need to return to the beach and return the equipment and Expo lycra to the same place that you picked it up.
  • It is not possible to get test gear at the beach without having registered with the brand in the expo area.

As the water is very busy during these summer months in Tarifa, it is very important to please take care while you’re on the beach or kitesurfing in the water, to always observe the usual rights of way and to avoid dangerous situations.

A rescue boat service is available and free of charge for anyone testing Expo equipment as long as they are wearing the Expo lycra.

Make sure to keep visiting the event live page between 20th June and 6th July for all updates, livestreams, videos, Expo stage presentation timetables and more – including the launch of our new tour magazine on Monday! 

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