Kiko Roig Torres

Kiko Roig Torres



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Prea Brazil

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2nd Big Air Brazil 2018

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2nd Big Air Brazil 2018


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Back loop double tic tac

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Airton Cozzolino and Matchu lopes

Kiko Roig Torres - GKA Kite-Surf World Tour


Kiko is boundless enthusiasm personified. Originally from Valencia but now living in the kiteboarding mecca of Tarifa in Southern Spain, Kiko’s become a fully-blooded member of the Tarifa strapless mafia and his level’s been going through the roof. He exploded onto last year’s tour with a stellar early showing at the Tarifa Strapless Kitesurfer Pro, holding his own in tough heats against some of the tour’s most experienced competitors. His strapless freestyle ability is improving all the time and he could be a serious contender in the coming years. He always get a big reaction from the crowds, is something of a favourite among his fellow tour riders and his infamous ‘Eel Dance’ is something to behold as well!