Hydrofoil Big Air

GKA Hydrofoil Big Air World Cups are the ultimate competitions for hydrofoil big air riders. This spectacular discipline exploits the efficiency of the hydrofoil, the power of the kite and the athleticism of the riders who can make enormous jumps even in lighter winds. The riders’ skill allows them to execute incredible aerial manoeuvres, with rotations, kiteloops and board flips that add extra style and technical difficulty.


Particular emphasis is placed on the smoothness of the trick’s landing because of the difficulty posed by the hydrofoil. Whether the athlete is able to land without the board touching the water is rewarded accordingly by the judges.


Just as in other disciplines, the power and commitment of the athlete are key factors in the judging criteria. The height and amplitude of the jump, combined with the technical difficulty, all contribute to the risk factor which is also taken into account in the scoring. Finally, innovation in the form of tricks that have never before been landed in competition, is a consideration of the judges.


Tricks have also been broken down into categories. To encourage variety, only the highest scores in each category will count towards the athlete’s heat total.


The goal is to earn scores from the judges and advance up the competition ladder. The riders with the most points will be crowned World Champions each year.




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