Claudia Leon – New Spanish Talent Invading the Freestyle Scene!

Published 29th May 2019 by Danny


Claudia Leon Portrait

Claudia Leon wasn’t expecting much when she came to her first Elite World Tour event in Akyaka ,Turkey last year. She had already participated in a few of the Qualifier events, but it was her first time in with the big competitors, and her mission was to do her best and see how she could hold it down next to the biggest female names in kiteboarding. She was on fire throughout that event, and climbed all the way into the finals, finishing in 4th place, which was an amazing achievement for the young Spaniard.

This has lead to Claudia attending almost all of the current tour events, except for when it coincides with her exams. It’s not easy to combine full time school with training and competing, but this young talent is doing a fantastic job of it. So let’s find out a little more about Claudia Leon….

Current age – 17 

Home spot – Mar Menor (Spain)

Claudia Leon in Action - Freestyle Kiteboarding

At what age did you start kiting, and how did you get into it?

I started kiting when I was 10 years old. At first, when my dad came home one day and told me he was going to take kiteboarding lessons, I didn’t even know what it was. However, I told him I wanted to take some lessons too, hahaha.

You finished on your first podium of the World Tour at our last event in Leucate, France, which must feel amazing. How hard has it been for you to get here? How did you start competing in the beginning? 

I started competing two years after my first kite lesson. At first, I went to a Spanish Championship just to learn and to get some experience. After that competition, I went to the first Junior World Cup and ended second under 13, and that was when I decided I wanted to keep competing and doing my best. As the years passed, competitions became more difficult, and my rivals much stronger, so I had to train hard to keep being on the podium. When I first competed in an adult World Cup, in 2018, I realised the level was so high I’d need to train even harder to have a good ranking, so I got down to work and a year after, here I am, although I have to study too. I feel super stoked to have been able to end third in the first stop of this year’s GKA Freestyle World Cup.

Claudia Leon in Action - Freestyle Kiteboarding

It must be really hard to combine your studies and your training/competing… how do you find the balance?

Yes, it’s quite difficult, but I try very hard to get the best results in both worlds. When I have to study (almost every day) although there’s wind I stay at home, so I don’t usually train a lot if I’m not on holiday. That’s why I take the opportunity to travel in summer or at Christmas.

Do you have any good advice for you kids who want to start competing and find sponsors like you?

I’d tell them not to be afraid of anything, to have fun every time they go kite and to work really hard for their dreams.

Keep your eyes on Claudia, as it is clear she is focused for a great season!

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