The End of New Beginnings – Leucate Day 6

Published 22nd April 2018 by Danny


Warning: Kitesurfing kites are not designed for tow-up and these stunts, executed by professional riders at their own risk, should not be copied.

17 – 22 April 2018


Report: Jim Gaunt / Photos: Toby Bromwich

In twenty years of the annual Mondial du Vent, we reach the end of the first week in the event’s history to have suffered a completely windless spell.

Maxime Chablot tow up kite surf mega loop Leucate

Only the biggest mega loop ever! Maxime Chablot channelling all his strength into the jet-ski tow-up show this afternoon / All photos: Toby Bromwich

We must remember that everything moves in cycles and that next year Leucate will probably be back to doing what the region does best: delivering pumping event conditions. So while the wind Gods have re-set their clocks this time, we look forward to round two of the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour in Tarifa at the end of June. An event at one of kiting’s true meccas, with some lucky credits built up into our wind account in France, we should be in for stacks of exciting heats as the Air Games finally take-off.

Lewis, Aaron and Joergen GKA Leucate

GKA Secretary General Joergen Vogt with Lewis Crathern and Aaron Hadlow after this Sunday’s closing briefing, that left the riders and crew all excited for what is to come in Tarifa

This week has of course seen the riders and crew get the chance to come together to agree on the finer elements of delivering this ambitious contest format that aims to find the ultimate rider and crown them World Champion.

New school will meet old school on a quest to put on the ultimate show. Find out more about the format here.

Carlos Marios World Champion kiteboarder

Everyone’s excited to see riders like current WKL Freestyle World Champion, Carlos Mario, get to work in the Air Games!

Of course, although there was a distinct lack of wind this week here in Leucate, the Air Games crew, ably and inspiringly led by Jesse Richman, Tom Hebert and a few others have run a series of tow-up training sessions for any of the world tour riders who wanted to learn how it’s done. The climax of those four days being the final show for the weekend crowds today.

The height and hangtime has been off the scale. Although the kites aren’t designed for this (so don’t try this at home), these highly skilled riders managed to tune into the dynamics of the drop and throw some of the wildest kite loops we’ve seen. The free fall as the pilots dropped back beneath the kite had hearts in mouths and caused gasps of astonishment on the beach, but thankfully all riders leave Leucate with huge smiles and safe.

Arthur Guillebert mega loop board-off

Yes, they’re still new in kiteboarding, but Arthur Guillebert was busting out the mega loop board-offs this afternoon!

So, no result here in Leucate, but a mesmerising show nonetheless. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram feeds, our YouTube channel and of course the website for regular updates ahead of Tarifa.



17 – 22nd April: Mondial du Vent, Leucate, France
27th June – 1st July: Tarifa, Spain
9 – 15 July: Cabarete Kite Festival
Prea, Brazil: November (TBC)
Plus it’s listen up for one more event being confirmed soon.



The second GKA Kite-Surf World Tour stop (wave & strapless freestyle) of 2018 begins in Dakhla, Morocco, this Tuesday and runs from 24 – 29th April!



You’ll find the rulebook detailing the exact structure of each event here:
GKA Kiteboarding World Tour
GKA Kite-Surf World Tour

To join the tours and compete – email:

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