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@jamesscarew @lorenzo.casati05 @mikaili_sol and @capucine_delannoy talk to us a little bit about the legendary spot of balneario and the expected wind conditions.

The action starts tomorrow! Watch live on

🎥 @julien_leleu 


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@charlesbrodel and @flyfinni tell us a little bit about why they love the hydrofoil discipline. Tune in tomorrow to watch them go BIG! 

Watch live on 

🎥 @julien_leleu 


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Get ready as we are calling GREEN light for running the Hydrofoil and Surfboard men’s and women’s divisions on Friday, 2nd June!

Don’t forget that you will be able to follow all of the action live 👉🏼 

Let’s go 🔥


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What a welcome to Tarifa! Our opening evening in Tarifa was the perfect gathering for riders, crew and kiteboarding fans as we celebrated the start of the event! Thanks to everyone for joining us. 🫶🏼

🎥 @7u1s 


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#gkaawards #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #qatarairways #discoverqatar #visitqatar #gkaxqa #tarifa
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GKA Distance Battle 2021

The GKA Distance Battle–Aluula All Time Big Air contest continues in 2021 with a new All-Time Big Air Video format. Anyone can submit a single trick big air video of themselves that was recorded anytime in the past. The videos will be screened by the GKA judges and split by disciplines. Each submitted video will be video analyzed and scored by the same criteria.

The best 10 videos of all times per discipline will be edited and presented during the GKA News Show. The best Big Air Trick of all-time wins its respective discipline. Enter below for your chance at the €5.000!

Don’t forget, we will be crowning THE BIG AIR CHAMPION OF ALL TIME! 

Don’t miss your opportunity to go head to head with the likes of Jesse Richman, Jalou Langaree, Aaron Hadlow and more!


Twintip Big Air – Men
Twintip Big Air – Women
Strapless Big Air – Men
Strapless Big Air – Women
Hydrofoil Big Air – Men and Women

Entry allocation (per discipline)

Any rider (Pro or Amateur) can submit a video entry, that needs to pass the quality control to be eligible to enter the competition.


  • Video of best Big Air Trick will be submitted by the rider
  • The submitted big air trick will be scored by GKA judges broken down into different category scores:
    • Height
    • Airtime
    • Technical difficulty
    • Risk factor
    • Landing
  • Video must include 5 seconds prior takeoff and 5 seconds after the landing.
  • Video must be in FullHD 1080p quality.
  • Videos will be verified by judges if quality is good enough to enter
  • Filmed trick can be recorded anytime in the past.
  • Winner will receive a portion of €5.000!

Qualified Riders

Twintip Men:
Nick Jacobsen, Lewis Crathern, Aaron Hadlow, Jesse Richman, Marc Jacobs, Janek Grzegorzewski, Jamie Overbeek, Giel Vlugt, Andrea Principi, Maarten Haeger

Twintip Women:
Mikaili Sol, Pippa Van Iersel, Angely Bouillot, Alice Ruggiu

James Carew, Airton Cozzolino, Nicola Abadjiev, Camille Delannoy, Charly Martin, Anderson Reboucas, Matt Maxwell, Giovanni Rogolino, Beltran Eugui, Capucine Delannoy

Charles Brodel, Maxime Chabloz, Lukas Vogeltanz, Loic Brismontier, Joselito Del Rosario, Marcel Goebels, Nicolas March

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Strapless Women

Strapless Men

Twintip Women


Event Info



Contest dates

19th April - 20th May 2021




Distance Battle 2021


€ 5.000,-



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GKA Distance Battle 2020