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Watch the best wipeouts of the first Kite-surf competition of the season here in Cape Verde. 

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Brazilian style 🇧🇷

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GKA Freestyle World Cup France 2019


Thursday 25th April: Contest finished! Carlos Mario and Francesca Bagnoli win! It was unreal down on the beach today and very difficult for the riders with super strong winds, at times up to 40 knots. 

Earlier update – Finals day! Very windy here at Port Leucate, over 30 knots already. Riders being given the freedom to ride to the conditions and their interpretation of technicality, amplitude, power… surely kite loops are going to be pulled out today alongside some brutal handle-passes!

Wednesday 24th April, 08.45am: Here we go guys, we’ve moved 20 minutes south of Le Franqui to Port Leucate to make the most of the southerly wind direction and we’re looking good! Wind’s on around 20 – 25 knots, cross onshore from the right, sun’s out and soon the freestyle guns are out! Find heat descriptions after each round here

Tuesday 23rd April: Day four and we are so close to starting you can feel it. There was potential for contestable conditions all day and as yet we’re still looking at about ten knots of wind out on the lagoon here in Leucate. In any case, if conditions improve enough to be able to make a start today or not, the livestream and some of the race crew have moved to prepare at another spot, Port Leucate. The event will definitely run from there tomorrow and Thursday in the stronger southerly conditions that get blocked by the headland here in La Franqui, Leucate. There is still hope for today, though!  

Monday 22nd April: Good morning everyone. This is the start of day three of the GKA Freestyle World Cup Leucate. Although we are still awaiting suitable conditions to make a start to the competition, there is a positive outlook from Tuesday onwards. Today’s skipper’s meeting is at 10.30am and we will update this page as soon as we have some more info.

Saturday 20th was the first day of the GKA Freestyle World Cup at the Mondial du Vent, blessed with bright sunshine but no wind. Sunday was cloudy with a veering light wind, so the competition remains on hold, but as we know, things change quickly here when the powerful Tramontane wind kicks-in.


Find a video interview with leading title contenders Mikaili Sol and Adeuri Corniel here

Get up to speed with the Freestyle format and new 2019 changes in this interview with Head Judge, Mallory de la Villemarque.

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20 – 25th April 2019






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Prevailing winds

Tramontana (northwest)

Water conditions

Flat waters and cross-offshore winds bring the action super close to the crowd! Watch the 2019 event video below to get a good idea of the expected conditions!

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Pre-Registration Dates

15th March - 5th April 2019


Registration is closed. For questions please contact the Tour Manager Tom Hartmann at

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