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GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria 2019

This will be the GKA’s first visit to Gran Canaria!

Situated on the east coast of Gran Canara, there are consistent wind and wave conditions at Playa de Vargas, one of Gran Canaria’s windiest kiting spots! In summertime we can expect 30 – 40 knots, which is why we’re looking forward to the first ‘open format’ freestyle event of the year – The GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria 2019.

The four kilometre long bay has a kiting playground that should provide excellent open format freestyle conditions, with varied peaks, waves and kickers of multiple sizes.

Ideal conditions are north and northeasterly Passat winds, but southeast wind works too, but can make the water more choppy.

The launch is on pebbles / stones at high tide when the shore break pushes in close, or becomes more mellow with a launch on sand at low tide.

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12 - 16 June 2019




Gran Canaria


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This will be the GKA's first visit to Gran Canaria

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1st - 29th May 2019


Registration is closed. For questions please contact the Tour Manager Tom Hartmann at