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Watch some of the best 2021 season moments on our Youtube Channel and don't forget to hit the subscribe button!

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"You must hustle in all aspects of your life; be it your work, your gym sessions, or your dreams. Chase, feel, attack, and hustle through every moment and you will reap the rewards."- says @periroberts, 2021 GKA Kite-Surf World Champion.

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GKA Freestyle World Cup Tarifa 2021

Good morning from the nuking shores of Tarifa! The wind blew the riders into action right away as the riders began to set up their quivers and are blasting their zone-in playlist upon arrival. We promptly picked up right where we left off, planning to power through as much of the ladder as the conditions allowed.

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22nd - 27th June 2021








4 stars





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Wind forecast

Prevailing winds

The kitesurfing capital of Europe has grown in immense popularity after it became a popular windsurfing hub in the 1980s. Having retained its old world charm, it's the infamous Levante and Poniente winds that really entertain all the wind seekers.The Levante blown from the land, cross offshore from the left and can be strong, up to 40 knots and often blows for five days straight.The Poniente is the more mellow wind, cross onshore from the right. It's cooler and more frequent in summer and can blow between 15 - 25 knots for a two or three days in a row.This event has often seen both winds create intense competition conditions!

Water conditions

Although Tarifa can get good wave conditions in the winter months, in the summer, expect wind chop that provides superb ramps for the twin-tip freestylers to boost off. Landings can be tricky in the gustier, stronger Levante winds and choppy waters, but it's all part of the game in separating the best from the rest!

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