Le Morne, Mauritius

GKA Kite-surf World Cup Mauritius 2019 (TBC)

One of the most picture-perfect wave spots on the planet. Le Morne has three world class waves and is home to one of the most hallowed wave spots in the world – One Eye. It’s been the site of a couple of big tour upsets since the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour first visited back in 2016. That first year, Airton’s unexpected loss to local rider Jeremy Chan left room for Matchu Lopes to make a push and win the event before stealing a tour win from under his friend’s nose at the next (and final) event in Dakhla. In 2017, Airton was denied a clean sweep on the way to his GKA World Title as well when he was knocked out in the semi-finals by Sebastian Ribeiro before Keahi de Aboitiz went on to take the win. The KSWT didn’t visit Le Morne in 2018.

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Le Morne



Wind forecast

Contest dates

05 - 15th September 2019


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Prevailing winds

Southeasterly trade winds hit Le Morne from the left with wind strengths from 15 to 25 knots. The trades have travelled over 4,000 miles by the time they reach the island, so they’re very constant and make for awesome cross-off wave riding conditions on the reefs around Le Morne.

Water conditions

There’s a huge flat water lagoon that the riders kite across on the way out to the reef. Once there, knowledge of the spot becomes key as you need to know where to pass through the reef - particularly on a low tide. Once you’re out there though you have three waves to choose from. There’s the relaxed and rolling Manawa on the left, then Chameau and to the right the infamous One Eye - which is where the riders compete.

Competition history

Le Morne, and particularly One Eye, has been frequented by World Tour wave events for a long time now and the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour has visited the spot twice.