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Mondial du Vent, Leucate, France: 17 – 22nd April

The first event of this brand new world tour will be at the famous Mondial du Vent in Leucate, France!

– Sadly, and for the first time in the Mondial du Vent’s 20 year history, the week finished without any wind at all during the competition period! So we look to Tarifa for the start of the tour action. However, the Air Games riders are a unique set and put on an incredible kite tow-up show for the crowds. It’s dangerous and technically the kites aren’t designed for that, but these world tour riders are experts and a certain breed, so don’t try it at home. Read and see more in the news section of the site here.

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Contest dates

17 - 22nd April 2018






Mondial du Vent 2018

Water conditions

Flat waters and cross-offshore winds bring the action super close to the crowd! Leucate water conditions   This video showing everything that's happening at the Mondial du Vent will give you a good idea of the expected conditions!  


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