Fuerteventura, Spain


Head over to our Youtube channel and watch yesterday’s highlights as we worked our way through the women’s elimination, crowning a new World Champion and celebrating an all-brazilian final! 🇧🇷


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@kesianekite is our Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf event winner 🙌🏼 What better place to take her first event win than here in Taiba 🇧🇷🫶🏼 


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@capucine_delannoy is our new 2022 Qatar Airways GKA Kite-Surf World Champion 🙌🏼👑🫶🏼


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#GKAKiteWorldTour #GKATaiba #GKAKitesurf #GKAHydrofoilFreestyle #hydrofoil #kiteboarding #kitesurfing #visitqatar  #discoverqatar #QatarAirways #gkaxqatarairways #Taiba
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Sotavento, Spain: 20 – 25th July 2018

Scroll down for the main event results…

Rene Egli at Sotavento has been playing host to some of the world’s top kiting and windsurfing events for 33 years now! This summer  the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour rolled into town for the third time. The pumping, cross-offshore winds can blow up to 40 knots during the season so it’s a prime spot for some Big-Air action. It’s also a spectator-friendly location with a viewing gallery right on the shoreline and epic parties by night at in the World Cup Tent, simply known as La Carpa!

The riders who registered to compete at the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour round five at Sotavento can be found in the gallery below. Click to enlarge the images:

Event Info



Contest dates

20 - 25th June 2018





Wind forecast

Prevailing winds

Around 80% of the time the wind blows cross-offshore in Sotavento and it's at its strongest from May - September. In the high-season (July and August) the wind can ratchet up to 40 knots, so you can expect a real show here if the event coincides with a properly windy week. The conditions play right into the hands of some of the tour's most powerful riders such as Airton Cozzolino, Paulino Pereira and Gustavo Arrojo and the Big-Air comps are always something to behold! Conditions can be challenging though, and that underlines the skill of the riders when they're competing here.  

Water conditions

Fuerteventura is littered with some truly World Class wave spots but you'll find no surf in Sotavento. There's flat water on the inside and short chop a little further out which makes for perfect take-off ramps for the riders.

Competition history

This year will be the third time the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour has visited Sotavento.


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