Freestyle Final in Fehmarn: GKA Germany Day Two

Matchu Lopes Takes the Championship Title to the Wire in Freestyle Final in Fehmarn: GKA Germany Day Two

By the time the fourth 2017 GKA event of the year rolled around in Fehmarn, Germany, many had thought that Airton Cozzolino was unstoppable in a strapless freestyle final. So, when he met his old friend Matchu in their third final heat of the season against one another (he’d won the previous two in Tarifa and Fuerteventura) it looked like another Airton win was on the cards.

However, Matchu rose to the challenge that day, combatting Airton’s powered unhooked tricks with his own flamboyant, flowing manoeuvres and, as Airton got sucked in to to trying to stick yet another handlepass, Matchu steadily racked up the points to win the event.

It was a momentous turn of events on the 2017 that saw Airton denied a guaranteed tour victory with just the final stop left to run in Mauritius.

All photos: Joern Pollex
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