GKA Kite World Cup Tarifa – Final Day – Approaching the Finals!

Published 7th July 2019 by Jim Gaunt


GKA Kite World Tour Live
Maxime Chabloz highest men's Freestyle heat score of the day in round two

Good afternoon everyone, we arrived to the beach this morning and were greeted by a very different scene: clear skies and the Poniente blowing.

We have flown through the heats this afternoon, seeing both Freestyle and Men’s Kite-Surf strapless freestyle on the water!

Sadly the wind has just dropped back for now and the competition is paused just ahead of the second women’s Freestyle semi-final. The current competition situation as a whole is as follows:

Women’s Freestyle Semi-final 01 Result: 
1st Pippa van Iersel (into the final)
2nd Therese Taabbel (into the final)
3rd Pauline Valesa 
4th Maureen Castelle

Women’s Freestyle Semi-final 2 (still to come)
Claudia Leon / Paula Novotna / Nathalie Lambrecht / Mikaili Sol

GKA Kite World Cup Tarifa Liam Whaley and Joselito del Rosario

Men’s Freestyle Semi final 1 (to come):
Gianmaria Coccoluto / Luis Alberto Cruz / Adeuri Corniel / Maxime Chabloz

Men’s Freestyle Semi final 2 (to come):
Jerome Cloetens / Stefan Spiessberger / Liam Whaley / Carlos Mario

Men’s Kite-Surf Strapless quarter finals 1 – Result: 
Kiko Roig Torres v Simon Joosten (Joosten win)
Pedro Matos v Mitu Monteiro (Monteiro win)

Men’s Kite-Surf Strapless quarter finals 2 (to come)
Toni Ciliberto v Jan Marcos Riveras
Anderson Reboucas v Airton Cozzolino 


FREESTYLE heat scores and ladders. 

KITE-SURF STRAPLESS FREESTYLE heat scores and ladders


The current situation below: on hold

GKA Kite World Cup Tarifa
Swim sesh


Read more about the spooky wind conditions of yesterday here. 


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