GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate: Rider News

Published 5th April 2018 by Danny



GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate


The first ever GKA Kiteboarding World Tour event will take place at the Mondial du Vent in Leucate, France, from 17 – 22nd April and the fleet of riders signed up is looking pretty special!


This new tour calls for dynamic performances and a mix of new school and more classic older school, big air influences, however the overriding factor is that riders need to go as huge as possible… making for the best show as the competition seeks to find the most complete twin-tip rider. The GKA’s aim is to work with the riders to create a strong tour for the athletes, public and sport.

LIVE SCORING: A live scoring system will be launched at this event to further add insight and entertainment for the large Mondial du Vent crowds on the beach!

The latest news is that Kevin Langeree and Jesse Richman have just signed up alongside two time freestyle World Champion Carlos Mario from Brazil, who registered last week to compete in Leucate!

Kevin Langeree - Jesse Richman - GKA Kiteboarding World Tour - Leucate - Mondial du Vent

Photos: / JesseRichman.comKevin and Jesse are both former King of the Air winners and titans of the Big-Air scene!

GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate - Carlos Mario

Image: Slingshot Kiteboarding – Carlos Mario, already a two-time WKL Champion – can he switch up his riding and make it a hat trick in the Air Games?!  

Prior to Carlos Mario’s entry the field was already shaping up strongly, with five-time World Champion and two-time Red Bull King of the Air winner, Aaron Hadlow, signed up and ready to show that he still has the most varied repertoire of freestyle moves in the sport.

GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate - Aaron Hadlow

Image: North Kiteboarding – There are few riders with the competitive experience of Aaron Hadlow 

Liam Whaley will also compete in France. A freestyle World Champion himself, he’s one of the most technical riders out there. Liam debuted at the Red Bull King of the Air this year and claimed second place. An epic first showing at such an auspicious event, it was clear that this young Spaniard also has what it takes to go huge in the Big-Air discipline.

GKA Kiteboarding World Tour Leucate - Liam Whaley

Image: F-One Kiteboarding – Liam Whaley, freshly signed to his new sponsor F-One, is ready to impress!

Lewis Crathern will be a familiar name to all big air fans, as will Lasse Walker, Jerrie van der Kop and Reno Romeu; four riders with a very strong history at the King of the Air. Lewis claimed third place at this year’s event, Jerrie made the podium a few seasons ago and Lasse is also a Red Bull Megaloop Challenge winner.

The rest of the field that’s signed up so far is littered with seasoned athletes with long established names in the sport, as well as young rippers who have made an emphatic entrance into competition in the last year to 18 months.

The men’s division roster is stacked with talent and the women’s is looking promising as well. Kite Park League Champion Annelous Lammerts is entering the event alongside three-time UK Champion, Kite Speed World Champion and highly experienced world tour competitor Hannah Whiteley who find themselves lining up against the likes of rising stars Mikaili Sol and Osaia Reding. It’s sure to be a great contest in the women’s division!


Annelous Lammerts Hannah Whiteley - GKA Kiteboarding World Tour - Leucate - Mondial du Vent

Photos: / Hannah and Annelous – two highly experienced female competitors




Nicolas Delmas, France

Odin van Dijk, Netherlands

Val Garat, France

Lasse Walker, Netherlands

Paul Serin, France

Luis Alberto Cruz, Dominican Republic

Lewis Crathern, UK

Ross Dillon-Player, South Africa

Lazare Gournay, France

Set Teixeira, Brazil

Arthur Guillebert, France

Maxime Chabloz, Switzerland

Reno Romeo, Brazil

Julien Krikken, France (Wildcard)

Tom Hebert, New Caledonia

Marius Hoppe, Germany

Nicolas Gambier, France

Aaron Hadlow, UK

Liam Whaley, Spain

Theo de Ramecourt, France

Tamas Deak, Hungary

Antonin Rangin, France

Domantas Jusionis: Lithuania

Augustas Dudenas: Lithuania

Clement Huot, France

Jules Chollet, France

Jerrie van de Kop, Netherlands

Carlos Mario, Brazil

Kevin Langeree, Netherlands

Raiarii Fadier, Brazil

Antoine Fermon, France

Juan Rodriguez, Colombia

Valentin Rodriguez, Colombia

Posito Martinez, Dominican Republic

Jesse Richman, Hawaii

Joselito del Rosario, Dominican Republic

Leon Corniel, Dominican Republic

Eudazio da Silva, Brazil

Edgar Ulrich, France

Robin Krikken, France

Arthur Krikken, France

Manoel Soares, Brazil,

Oswald Smith, South Africa

Sam Light, UK

Aron Rosslee, South Africa

+2 Wildcards still to be announced



Maureen Castelle, France

Pauline Valesa, France

Vera Klabbers, Netherlands

Hannah Whiteley, UK

Mikaili Sol, Brazil

Osaia Reding, France / Brazil

Angely Bouilot, France

Pippa Iersel, Netherlands

Annelous Lammerts, Netherlands

Romy Piveteau, France

Therese Taabel, Netherlands


Get stoked on what’s to come with this teaser video and check out a more detailed rundown of the tour here.  



The Mondial du Vent (stage one of the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour) is a huge annual event, celebrating more than just kiteboarding. To see what else you can expect to see on the beach in Leucate, click here and check the video below!




You’ll find the rulebook detailing everything you need to know on our site.

For more detailed information on events, email:

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