KSWT Brazil – One of the best finals ever?

Published 26th November 2018 by Danny


Round Six: Prea, Brazil
GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2018

Friday 23rd November
Report: Jim Gaunt
Photos: Ydwer van der Heide
Videos: Mintautas Grigas





Apologies for the long press release, but there are performance credits due.

If you’re a general sports fan, fully into the thrill of a chase, then click here to jump straight into the start of the full, unedited livestream of the men’s final at The Ceara Kite Pro between Airton Cozzolino and Camille Delannoy.

Coming soon: the women’s final between Jalou Langeree and Carla Herrera-Oria. (Subscribe to the channel for all updates!)

The Men’s final: Camille Delannoy Vs Airton Cozzolino:

Get comfortable for two of the best heats of kiteboarding you may ever see!

GKA Brazil

Party time in Prea!

Many experienced industry pros are already calling ‘Prea Friday’ one of the most exciting single event afternoons of action that we’ve ever seen in kiteboarding.

GKA Brazil

Airton engages top gear

Revenge was sweet for Airton Cozzolino who beat single elimination winner Camille Delannoy twice to take the win here in Prea at round six of the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour. This crucial win puts the 2018 World Title beyond doubt for him as we look towards a terrific final event in Australia next month.

GKA Brazil

Airton pulled the trigger again and again…

After three years of strapless freestyle competition it feels like this event is going to be a watershed moment in terms of how people perceive kiteboarding competition. In a year that the Air Games twin-tip competition launched, arguably it’s the strapless freestyle riders who have come along and truly set a world tour big air benchmark.

We will come onto the men’s contest in a moment…


The women’s contest (8 riders) was equally tight and after surprisingly losing her first heat in the single elimination, tour leader Carla Herrera-Oria had to fight her way up through four heats just to reach the double elimination final against Jalou Langeree.

Carla Herrera-Oria had it all to do

Carla would have to beat Jalou twice to claim the event win. Carla was a different rider to the one ejected early from proceedings on Thursday. Having focused on strapless freestyle as a discipline at a time when it’s so new and fresh for women, this is a golden opportunity for her to claim a world championship.

Carla keeps the pressure up with a steady barrage of tricks

Carla had been averaging a considerable 14 tricks per heat as she climbed her way back up through the doubles and was equally mechanical against Jalou, taking the win in the final, forcing a re-match. Come the final minute with the scores as tight as you like, Langeree found a big rodeo to sneak the event win and move ahead in the championship thanks to an event discard after five events.

GKA Brazil

Women’s podium – Jalou back on top

It’s now a winner takes all event at the final in Australia between her and Carla with Moona being injured and now having missed two events.


1 Jalou Langeree (NED)

2 Carla Herrera-Oria (SPN)

3 Sabine Beukeleers (BEL)

4 Marcella Wit (BRA)


There is literally too much to report on…

Mitu Monteiro described the daily 25 – 30 knot winds here in Prea as absolutely perfect for strapless freestyle progression, so let’s pull out some heroes and key moments, beyond the usual high performers like Matchu Lopes, Keahi de Aboitiz, Jan Marcos Riveras and co. Check out the heat ladder at the bottom of this feature to see where those guys prevailed and lost in what has been an event full of highs in so many ways.

GKA Brazil

Mitu was his usual high calibre but narrowly lost in the quarter final to James Carew

Canadian Reece Mysercough has been on tour all season and has improved so much, particularly in the last two months. A freshly bagged front roll shovit (which evaded many more successful riders this event) saw him achieve his best position so far in his career, taking down Paulo Aurelio, Pedro Matos and Alan Trancart at this event before finally losing out to American Evan Netsch in round four of the double eliminations.

GKA Brazil

Reece and that front roll shovit

Leonardo Da Souza entered the event as a wildcard but finished as the highest placed Brazilian; no small achievement. A super slick skate / surfstyle approach getting the business done for him against many a more experienced rider. You’ll enjoy his heats on the livestream playback. His biggest scalp: 10th placed world tour rider and regular competitor Ralph Boelen!

GKA Brazil

Da Souza

Matt Elsasser entered the fray after a year off, as did fellow American and Cabrinha team mate Evan Netsch. Evan just making it one round further in the double elimination than Matt, but great to see these two Americans back on tour and riding without compromise in terms of style and, in the case of Evan, bringing in some of his wakestyle competition experience, too. We hope to see them again on tour soon. Matt eventually lost to Keahi and Evan to Gustavo Arrojo.

GKA Brazil

Matt Elsasser

GKA Brazil

Evan Netsch

Gustavo Arrojo, like many riders, has found consistency in landings as well as height and amplitude. Let’s not forget this tour is just three years old and in order for it to thrive it needs a hungry field of skilled athletes. The Spaniard is quickly raising his game and is putting serious claims on a top five finish at the end of the season. He eventually succumbed to Matchu Lopes who had points to prove after losing in the single elimination quarter finals, but unfortunately finished 5th, someway short of his best, but at least we got two heats of magic from Matchu while his form was truly singing for the livestream. Good man.

GKA Brazil

Gustavo Arrojo

GKA Brazil

Matchu Lopes

James Carew is a man on a mission and bringing an explosive big game to the table. He stormed his way to third place in the single elimination and then beat Mitu Monteiro in his first heat of the doubles but crumbled in the second half of the semi-final against Airton. Actually that’s not entirely fair. Airton switched into a new gear, achieved an event high of 54.33 that included the first of his two 10 point trick scores of the day for a massive boogie loop (kite loop front roll). James himself admitted that he didn’t care; that the riding level he was in the midst of was something very special.

GKA Brazil

James Carew will be among the favourites for Saturday’s big air contest after claiming the win in Sotavento

And so to the final. What can we say? Camille Delannoy didn’t put a foot wrong all competition, going high with commitment, power and flow. Often looking more like an acro-paraglider than a kiteboarder, he broke the immense 50 point barrier in each of the double elimination finals that he faced Airton.

GKA Brazil

Camille Delannoy, so close, but still one of only two men to have ever beaten Airton Cozzolino in a pure strapless freestyle heat

Sadly for him Airton managed to hold firm and score just a couple of points more come the final tally and for the super final required an adjudication from the judges that saw Airton actually awarded even more points for a back roll kite loop with a tic-tac and then an added board flip that the automatic scoring app hadn’t registered. So that explains the misleading final score graphic on the livestream as the heat closed, but moments later Airton was hailed as the winner in a heat that saw his second 10-point score of the competition for his unhooked 313.

GKA Brazil

Airton – still next level

There’s nothing like seeing a man like Airton on a mission with vengeance on his mind, but Camille Delannoy lit up the event and has added a new name to the list of KSWT potential event winners, which can only be good for the neutral fan.

GKA Brazil

A true force of nature

Having only been beaten three times in the last three years, we were starting to believe that Airton Cozzolino could only leave an opportunity for opponents through his own errors. That’s no longer true. There are chinks in his armour. It’s going to take at least a 50 point heat to beat him though, but it turns out the alien is actually human. Sadly for Camille, Airton was on fire on Friday and took both his second chances in the double elimination. Camille’s super-charged improvement in consistency is good news because it’s just not feasible for a tour to progress and grow under the starlight of one hero. Airton needs riders to come up and truly challenge him at strapless freestyle (there are plenty of challengers in waves). Ideally for him he wants riders who will push him to his absolute best, but will narrowly fall just short making for epic final showdowns and much media exposure, as we saw on Friday.

Camille didn’t lose, Airton just switched back to alien form but the sport as a whole won.

GKA Brazil

High flyers – Men’s podium, Prea


1 Airton Cozzolino (ITA / CV)

2 Camille Delannoy (FRA)

3 James Carew (AUS)

4 Mitu Monteiro (CV)

You know the result, but that is honestly not going to affect your enjoyment of the final, which we’ve put up on YouTube and Facebook exactly as it played out on the livestream. Click the video below…

The Men’s final: Camille Delannoy Vs Airton Cozzolino:

We will do the same for the semi- and quarter finals as well as for the women, so subscribe to the YouTube channel for all updates. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Of course you can watch all the livestreams from Brazil as they went out on the GKA YouTube channel.

This discipline is still young and has much development to do. It’s not the finished package, but in light of today’s action, perhaps it never will be. Friday truly let loose. Long may that continue.


Mens Double Elimination Final Rounds


KSWT Brazil Final Ladders Womens



1 Airton Cozzolino (ITA / CV)

2 Matchu Lopes (SPN)

3 Keahi de Aboitiz (AUS)

4 Mitu Monteiro (CV)

5 Camille Delannoy (FRA)

6 Jan Marcos Riveras (DR)

7 Paulino Pereira (POR)

8 James Carew (AUS)

9 Gustavo Arrojo (SPN)

10 Ralph Boelen (FRA)



1 Jalou Langeree (NED)

2 Carla Herrera (SPN)

3 Charlotte Carpentier (FRA)

4 JC Edin (SWE)

5 Moona Whyte (USA)

6 Ines Correia (POR)

7 Marie Gautron (FRA)

8 Odile Cavin

9 Didi Lopes (CV)

10 Justyna Sverpwska (POL)





Catch all the action on the Preá event page on the GKA website here.

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Find the men’s and women’s current rankings here.



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