Current discipline: Women’s Freestyle
Judging Criteria: Pure freestyle (4 tricks from 4 different trick families count from 7 attempts. Riders take turns to perform one trick in a minute)
Dingle elimination. Women’s semi-finals onwards
Wind: 16 – 18 knots / high tide in the morning 

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Report: Jim Gaunt

That’s it, sadly we didn’t complete the second women’s semi-final today. Tomorrow is the last day of the event and we look forward to the climax of the women’s competition and a very special best trick comp in the afternoon! Join us again. First possible start is 9am (GMT -3) 

16.00 – Okay, so not quite such good news, still not quite enough wind at the moment. 

15.30 – Good news! Looks like there’s enough wind to re-start the women’s second semi final. Scores will be re-set. 

14.50 – Competition still on hold, but the wind is showing signs of building a little more. 

13.45 – GKA Kite World Tour manager, Tom Hartmann, sharing thoughts on the whole 2019 tour with Jo Ciastula on the livestream now below… 



Mikaili showed her class in this heat, so much control after most of her passes, getting both hands back on the bar for very stable landings, which showed in her higher scores… particularly on her heart attack on trick three for 8.1 points.

Pippa van Iersel was the only rider to crash her first trick and found herself on catch up throughout.

Claudia Leon is looking to reach the podium again having had a couple of tastes of the steps this season. She peaked with a lovely slim for 7 points and a big fist pump to herself. She’s tried that trick a few times this event and it had evaded her so far.

Brazilian Estefania Rosa has ridden on the tour in previous years but has been looking great at this her home event. Hinterberger to wrapped was her best trick for 6.57 and no crashes.

Pressure was on Pippa after three tricks, with two crashes she was in fourth position and now needed three good tricks from her remaining four attempts. Tough. Her fourth trick was completed, but a poor 313 with no raley extension scored just 3.8 points. She was still more than ten points off second place – which she needed to qualify for the final. She then crashed a hinterberger 3 on trick five, so that meant the next two tricks were must-land scenarios.

Rosa had taken first after trick four with four tricks on the board, while Mika only had three tricks from five in second and Claudia had four trick scores in third – all those riders were close on around 22 points.

Claudia somehow managed to land a back-to-blind in these light conditions, scoring 4.8 on trick six putting her to the top. Sol was in third, but still had her fourth trick to come.

Business time for Dutch national champion Pippa; trick six had to be pretty big, over 6 points – difficult in these light conditions. She was close to running out of time trying to find a good gust. Eventually she popped and only made a back roll to toeside. She looked disappointed.

The call to go on hold came right after that the conditions weren’t suitable and the contest was put on hold. 

When the competition re-starts it will rejoin from the start of trick 5.


Kickers looking good and riders making the most of them in this heat.

Rita looking best early on and appears mechanical in her execution, particularly of the hinterberger 3, but she was trading top spot with Paula throughout first half of the heat. Bruna had two crashes to start.

Bruna got off the mark on trick three with a beautiful backside 313. Big score, she’s back in the game with that 6.7 scoring trick.

Again big S1 from Bruna, very fluid throughout and no change in speed or jerkiness. Graceful and stylish. She was up to second with just two good trick scores from four.

Rita was pulling away at the front through and, like her quarter final, still had her hair dry! Three six point scores doing the business well for her.

Therese had problems with the chop throughout but she did land a nice S-bend to blind on her sixth trick for 6.2 and then she landed a good slim for 7.0! She was suddenly in with a shout.

Really superb riding from Rita throughout –  effortlessly clean, clinical and super stylish. So improved this season, a serious contender now at any event. Her slim chance was sublime and she completed her second heat in a row by landing all seven trick attempts very well indeed with an S3! 8.47 points. (Need help with the maths? That’s 14 tricks stomped in a row in world championship competition).

Bruna needed just a 1.88 score to take second – she had to land something, if she crashed she’d be out, and she opted for a nice front side 3 off a kicker! Slick. With a grab by the way… 4 points and into the final.

Arnaus: 28.74
Kajiya: 25.1
Taabbel: 22.97
Novotna: 22.59

11.30am – First semi final on the water: Taabbel / Arnaus / Novotna / Kaija

11am – Welcome to another day of action here in Cumbuco. We saw an intense climax to the men’s championship season yesterday, and we’re looking forward to another today for the women! First possible start is in 30 mins. Hold tight! 

Mikaili Sol has the championship sewn up, but the fight is on for the remaining podium positions!

Taabbel / Arnaus / Novotna / Kaija
Leon / Rosa / van Iersel / Sol

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