Current discipline: Kite-Surf double elimination – men and women
Judging Criteria: Strapless Freestyle – 10 trick attempts, best 5 scores count from different trick families
8 minute heats / 3 minute transition
Wind: 20 knots  
Waves: Flat water  

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Friday 14th November
Report: Jim Gaunt

16.35 – MEN’S SUPER FINAL: Airton Cozzolino (CV) V Camille Delannoy (FRA)
Here we go again…
Camille, like clockwork, runs the same heat method with his first trick: a double front, sweet, but this time no mistake from Airon who landed a huge rodeo kite loop on the inside.

Camille missed the second move, Airton didn’t – a very high back roll double tick tack. We were still waiting for scores to drop when Airton took off for a back roll tick tack flip. He looks a different rider this heat. The Cape Verdean has only ever lost four times in strapless freestyle… Camille having just dished out that fourth loss minutes earlier…

Once again a big back roll tick tack with the board spinning behind his back for Airton and makes the most impossible landing. Up next a MASSIVE back roll tick tack flip, scored a 9!

Some catch up needed for Camille as Airton was up to 40 points! Camille had hauled his way up to 31.34 thanks in part to a superb front roll double tick-tack, getting 8.9,, so was still in contention.

Airton’s inevitable 313… another 9… of course.

Camille was up to 38.57 when he crashed a double front tick-tack.

Eight tricks each, 40.57 to Airton, 38.47 to Camille. Airton came in and talked to his caddy. Camille charge out and slotted his unique double front roll tick tack for the fourth time today! 8.73 points and the score was now 40.57 to 39.

Airton was tricked out though! He’d completed ten tricks!

So one more trick attempt to come for Camille. He could take the win with one trick, it was in his hands. What would he do? The beach was silent… but he didn’t get a clean take off and dropped his board during a flip. So unlucky but, credits to him for an incredible performance here in Prea!

You’ve got to be an alien to beat the alien twice on the same day, but Camille has now beaten Airton twice in a year, and is one of just two riders ever to have beaten him in strapless freestyle (the other being Matchu Lopes), so that makes him just a bit special, too!

Airton Cozzolino wins the super final of the the Ceara Kite Pro… and will therefore take his World Championship crown from the top step of this event! 40.57 to 39. Phew!

16.10 – MEN’S FINAL: Airton Cozzolino (CV) V Camille Delannoy (FRA)
As single elimination winner, Airton needed to be beaten twice for Camille to win the event.

A quick word to Tom Court’s camera for the team video, Airton placed one foot on his board, released a breath of Airton, dipped his ten metre and made his way out. Camille was already tacking back and forth on the water and had sounded relaxed and confident in the pre-final interview. Neither rider had anything to lose; Airton already has the championship in the bag and Camille is riding on a high on his local beach. But of course neither rider wanted to lose this repeat of last year’s Prea final, which was one of the best spectacles of the season. Camille won the singles last year, but Airton went on to beat him twice in the double elimination super final. Now the shoe was on the other foot and Camille would have to beat Airton twice.

Game on: Camille landed a double front, Airton on the inside landed a back roll tick tack followed by a back roll double tick tack, but that cancelled out his first trick in the same family. Camille was ahead, just like last year… already up to 32.5 from four tricks, including a 9.27 for a double front roll tick tack!

Airton crashed his second attempt at a front roll rodeo tick tack. Unusual!
Back in powered business he then landed a kite loop rodeo, but was still way behind with just two points on the board.

Camille was relentless, landing a back roll kite loop to tick the kite loop family.

Inevitably Airton brought out the 313 – getting 9.33 – Camille doesn’t have a handle-pass in his locker. Closer now: 38.9 to 30.8. Airton had three trick attempts left, Camille had two. Quickly Camille had just one attempt left.

Airton notched a front roll double rodeo, 36.45… here he comes.

Two tricks left for Airton and his ninth trick was a back roll tick tack, scoring 8.23, but didn’t improve his best five trick score…

Airton’s last trick… a back roll tick tack flip… we awaited the score while Camille flew across the sky out back, releasing some tension.

The scores are in!

Camille wins 38.9 to 38.12 and forces a super final!

15.50 -WOMEN’S FINAL Mikaili Sol (BRA) V Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP)
3 x FREESTYLE world champion (having only decided to train and enter this comp two weeks ago) Mikaili Sol up against the new Kite-Surf World Champion (this discipline). Mikaili took the single elimination win yesterday and Carla will want to prove a point here.

Carla needed to beat Mikaili twice though to take the event win… and the Brazilian has rarely experienced any loss in her career, regardless of the event.
Carla started with a big straight air, while Mikaili did exactly as she did on the first trick of all her heats yesterday, a faultless, smooth front roll and got the highest trick score of the day already for the women: 8.63.
Carlo nodded to her caddy on the beach, understanding the direction and landed a nice back roll rodeo, well rewarded with an 8.43, carrying good momentum out of the trick.
Mikaili slotted a steady back roll board off – remember these are all newly learnt tricks for her!
The women went trick for trick next, both landing a front roll, Mikaili rewarded higher with an 8.93 increasing her first trick score in the front roll family.
21.43 to 18.23 to Mikaili after four tricks each, but only three counting for Carla.
Mikaili again getting more height than Carla with another front roll variation, this time with a board off. It made the difference – 7.75, pushing her up to 32.11.
Safely ahead, Mikaili cruised around another front roll… and went for a shuvit. SHUT UP!!! No way. Just over two weeks of strapless riding and she’s almost landing one of the toughest tricks the men can do.
Carla could still do it though – had Mikaili misjudged things? Carla needed it to be big, in the 9s… but unfortunately she got just 5.17 for a back roll board off.
Mikaili meanwhile had done more than ten tricks so nothing else would count, but by her third front roll shuvit attempt she almost had it! She literally learns like a robot.

Mikaili Sol wins the Ceara Kite Pro and the final round on the GKA Kite World Tour Kite-Surf discipline: 33.11 to 27.11

15.30 – MEN’S ROUND 9 HEAT 34 James Carew (AUS) V Camille Delannoy (FRA)
Semi final:
James lost his board first trick while Camille started in the same way as his last heat, confidently landing a double front and then a front roll double tick tack right after. C’est bon!
James made a toeside front 3 on the way out but then crashed again on his boosted back roll tick tack flip. He just wasn’t getting his usual massive height. His third attempt, however, was big and perfect! The number three ranked rider really wanting it having just seen number two Mitu go out.
Camille was yet to crash after four tricks and he already had a 9 for a front roll tick tack rodeo. The score was 31.13 to 15.53.
It was all unravelling for James, now having taken three big, heavy crashes.
Another kite loop rodeo attempt ended in huge white water explosion while Camille looked calm landing a kite loop back roll. Wow, he was up to a tally of 37.53 with four trick attempts still to go.
James dropped the board again on a flip during a back roll and had just three attempts left. He now needed to land them all and needed them all to be big!
Camille meanwhile had registered another 9 for a double front roll tick tack. 38.5 points. James butt checked his next landing and now needed over 20 points from two attempts.

Camille got the info from his dad (the hardest working caddy on the beach today, having also seen his daughter Capuccine finish fourth in the women’s earlier!)
James blindly charged on and… hold the back page! He landed a 313! Amazing, he’s only just learnt it… and got a 9.17. Only he, Airton and Mitu can do those! But it was elementary.

Camille goes through to the final and a repeat match up against Airton Cozzolino: 38.5 to 24.7

15.12 – WOMEN’S ROUND 7 HEAT 18 Marcela Witt (BRA) V Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP)
Semi final!
Marcela Witt absolutely revelling in the atmosphere, spurred on by the Brazilian crowd. Her front roll board-off was very stylish, getting a nice high score of 6.17 and was close to Carla’s two trick score with just one move. She then looked very steezy and with good speed in and out of the trick when she landed a back roll.
On paper Carla should have more tricks, but doesn’t always land with speed out of the trick… but with five trick families needed, her variety means she doesn’t always need to.
Marcela much improved after last year, cousin of Pedro Matos and has her own TV show here in Brazil, was fighting back, trailing 17 points to 22.7.
Having lost to Mikaili in the single elimination though, Carla has come back much more focused today, the World Champ wanting to stamp her mark on the last event of the season. Just one 1.5 mins left and Marcela still only had three of her five allowed tricks registered. Carla only had one attempt left and paused on the beach, just trying to decide what to throw.
Marcela went first, going for a front roll one foot and crashed.
Just 12 seconds left and Marcela needed just over six points… but it was Carla that landed a back roll rodeo and got an 8! Bosh. It’s amazing how Carla’s heat scores are always so similar! Consistency is key.

Carla advances to the final: 24.37 to 17.44

15.00 – MEN’S ROUND 8 HEAT 33 Camille Delannoy (FRA) V Mitu Monteiro (CV)
Two heats to go to the final!
F-One team riders head to head again. They met in the single elimination mini-final on Wednesday, which went to Camille. The French rider has really found the best form of his season here (at his home spot) after a few little injuries this year. Let’s not forget he beat Airton Cozzolino in the single elimination final here last year!
Camille landed a double front roll on his first trick – what an opener! Second trick front roll double tick tack – very technical too. Amazing.
Mitu meanwhile scuffed a couple of landings, but he’d surely find his groove, but would have to find some big landings as Camille had landed his third trick in exactly the same spot at the back of the trick box…
What?! Double front roll tick tack! Immense. 9.4 for Camille!
Mitu, time to shine my friend – Camille’s already up to 32.64 before a big kite loop back roll was yet to be scored.
Mitu still with only one trick on the board from four attempts, still 4.5 minutes to go though, but Camille still had a fifth trick to add to his tally.
Mitu stuck a big back roll tick tack with a board flip – worth 7.57, but he was still down on 14.1 points with Camille now on 39.24!
Mitu just couldn’t catch him, though he tried a dangle pass rodeo, but the first half of his heat let him down and he butt checked his remaining late heat trick attempts.

Camille goes through to meet James Carew in the semi-final: 39.24 to 20.84

14.44WOMEN’S ROUND 6 HEAT 17 Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP) V Capuccine Delannoy (FRA)
Two heats to go to the final!
Carla is already world champion but desperate to finish the season on a high. Two tricks each and the scores were tied 8.9.
No mistakes from either rider early on, Carla slipping ahead with a 7.67 for a nice back roll rodeo. Carla rarely fails to finish on mid-20 points in a heat and that’s exactly what Capuccine has been getting in each of her four heats already today.
Capuccine was catching nicely and with 2.5 minutes left was just 1.9 points behind. The young French rider crashed her front roll… if she landed the next one it would be close. Good variety as ever from Carla and she was close to her usual mid-20 point score.
Capuccine butt checked her next front roll, while Carla’s back roll board off ticked a new trick family and she gapped Capuccine by six points and was safe as Capuccine slapped the water in frustration after crashing her third front roll attempt. Congrats to the 13 year-old French rider though, great performance today and she’s fourth at this event.
Carla wins and advances to meet Marcela Witt in the semis: 26.33 to 20  

14.35 -MEN’S ROUND 7 HEAT 32 Mitu Monteiro (CV) V Pedro Matos (BRA)
Just 3 more heats before the final!
Pedro has already come through 3 double elimination heats while this is Mitu’s first appearance today, having finished fourth in the single elimination.
Pedro landed his very nice toeside front roll while Mitu crashed his back roll tick-tack right at the start. Pedro tried to match Mitu but crashed on the inside while Mitu checked him out over his shoulder while tacking out.
Mitu slotted a big back roll tick tack board flip. Pedro followed, this time successfully. Tight heat this one as Pedro called for more help from the crowd.
Double front roll rodeo out back for Mitu – a new one for him!
Pedro on the inside smoothed he way through a back roll double tick tack. Woo! This heat is hot.
Pedro made a good effort on front roll shuvit. A big move, but crashed hard! Was he struggling a bit with the big cut on his foot sustained earlier?
Super close: 22.66 to 22.43 in Pedro’s favour. Mitu switched kites – surely down a size. Time for kite loops?
Pedro crashed the front shuvit again
Mitu crashed a big kite loop board off. It was still anyone’s – Pedro just a sniff ahead.
Pedro switched his approach with a back roll board off flip… but on the outside Mitu landed a double front! He snuck ahead 29.76 to 29.63… and Pedro had no more trick attempts left!
Pedro charged in, landed a front roll shuvit and fist pumped to the crowd – but was it one trick too many??

Overall a big stack of floaty rotations and board flips from Mitu in the first half of his heat and then the switch down in kite size allowing the high scoring double front roll did it for him.
Mitu goes through: 30.03 to 29.63 – so close! Great performance from Pedro today.

14.18 – WOMEN’S ROUND 5 HEAT 16 Charlotte Carpentier (FRA) V Capuccine Delannoy (FRA)
Just 3 heats away from the women’s final now… and the winner of this heat will be assured of finishing no lower than fourth.
Charlotte, one of the first strapless women on tour since the beginning three years ago, carries much more experience. Currently ranked second on tour, she’s looking to cement that position.
Capuccine however has been running hot today progressing through three heats already. Capuccine made the better start showing more height and plenty of control, landing two front roll combinations and four tricks from four.
Charlotte must be the lightest weight rider on tour and therefore doesn’t get the height, but she manages to slide her way successfully around various blind landings. This event, however, has shown that the new younger riders are hungry to shake up the order and Capuccine dominated this heat, with just one crash on the board.
Capuccine goes through to meet Carla Herrera: 25.2 to 13.69 

13.20 – Standby, we’re heading into a break now until 14.00, giving the riders who are progressing a chance to recover. Up next women’s round 5 heat 16: Capuccine Delannoy V Charlotte Carpentier. 

13.15: MEN’S ROUND SIX HEAT 31: Simon Joosten (BAR) V Pedro Matos (BRA)
Carrying a pretty deep cut on his foot from his first heat today (needing six stitches), Pedro Matos hopped to the water with his kite overhead but looked unfazed, landing three seven point scores off the bat, including his epic toeside frontside 5 and an innovative back roll double board flip.
Simon pulled back: 25.2 to 25.6 with a new trick for him, a front shuvit!
Pedro claimed a big back roll tick tack flip before Simon stacked his crucial final trick attempt: a big back roll kite loop.
Pedro was through after just six trick attempts but he went on, continuing valuable water time and pushed his score even higher.
Pedro goes through: 38.03 to 25.87 

13.09: Back to the men on the water now… 

13.08: WOMEN’S HEAT 15: Capuccine Delannoy (FRA) V Sabine Beukeleers (BEL)
A re-match of round one in the single elimination that went to the 13 year-old French rider. Once again this heat was heading in her direction from the start but things tightened up to 17.13 to 15.57. Capuccine had just two tricks left, once again Sabine was taking her time, calmly watching her opponent’s moves. On paper this was tight with both women having front roll variations in the bag.
Capuccine’s dad dished out the advice from the beach for her last trick… she still had a slim lead.
Sabine scratched her way around a front roll near the end… it was a new family for her, so would count to her final five tricks and with one trick still to come she’d left it too late and the buzzer went! Tight!
Capuccine wins 21.46 to 20.07

(If the autocorrect tries to get me to write Cappuccino one more time, it’s going out the window!)

13.00 – Switching back to women’s heat 15 now, between Capuccine Delannoy and Sabine Beukeleers 

12.55 – 30B: Pedro Matos (BRA) V Anderson Reboucas 
Pedro continued his very confident approach to this double elimination, on landing his third trick – a front shuvit 3 – gave the execution sign to the crowd (killing his opponent), perhaps a little cockily, but he was ahead 22.93 to 11.9.
Anderson was trying his absolute best tricks, and probably some that he’s rarely landed, including some special front roll rodeo combinations.
Pedro then started having trouble landing his staple back roll tick tack. Anderson was still in contention with two tricks to go – landing a back roll board off.
Pedro landed his back roll tick tack with great style on his third attempt though.
Pedro goes through: 36.29 to 22.57 

12.45 – 30A: Simon Joosten (BAR) V Jan Marcos Riveras (DR)
Once again this season we see the blonde deadlocks V dark dreadlocks duel! Both these two riders are quite similar, on the same Duotone gear, and both capable of going big and stylish, always executing smooth rotations and board-flips; never looking hurried.
Both riders landed their signature tricks – Simon’s back roll kite loop and Jan Marcos a big front roll, but unfortunately Jan Marcos had tricked himself out, already doing ten trick attempts and was still 23.43 behind to 30.91. This was a big heat for Jan Marcos to win – currently ranked 4th with Simon chasing him down from 6th. He’ll need to progress a bit further to overtake Jan Marcos in the ranking, but up next, the guy sandwiched between them in the rankings, Pedro Matos!
Simon goes through: 30.91 to 23.43

12.37We’re switch back to two men’s heats now – round 5:
Simon Joosten (BAR) V Jan Marcos Riveras (DR)
Pedro Matos (BRA) V Anderson Reboucas 

14B Barbara Sgardello (ITA) V Sabine Beukeleers (BEL)
Barbara went off like a firework, blasting through all ten trick attempts and mostly a stack of straight airs. 51 year old Belgian Beukeleers played it cool, realised what was happening, let Barbara blast through her tricks and then calmly slotted her third trick, a front roll (which the Italian doesn’t have in locker) and sent her packing for home. Both riders continued riding while the clock ran down and Sabine slotted another couple of tricks for fun. 
Sabine goes through: 16.14 to 10.71

14A Capuccine Delannoy (FRA) V Frances Kelly (CAN)
Camille’s younger sister (just 13) is now one of just a handful of the women who can do a front roll with confidence and has dominated both her heats today. She’s a vastly improved rider compared to the last time we saw her here at her home spot last year.
She had quickly landed six out of six tricks and stretched out a 23 point lead.
Unfortunately Frances – a tour regular this year – was rattled by the teenager’s constant rhythm of successful landings.
Frances pulled back her trick count and in the end registered four out of five tricks in different families, but each one was half that of Capuccine’s scores.
Capuccine goes through: 25.06 to 13.46

12.10 – On the water now, we’re now switching back to two women’s heats, 14A and 14B:
Capuccine Delannoy V Frances Kelly
Barbara Sgardello (ITA) V Sabine Beukeleers (BEL)

29B:Francesco Capuzzo (ITA) V Anderson Reboucas (BRA)
Francesco has improved a lot, particularly in the last couple of months. Also a freestyle windsurfing world tour competitor, his kite-surf repertoire is now worthy of the tour’s top eight. Brazilian Reboucas has also been a tour regular this year and pushed Capuzzo hard. Lots of mid-range scores in this heat kept it tense. While Francesco conferred with his coach (non other than Airton Cozzolino) Anderson took a leaf out of Cozzolino’s book himself and landed a very big kite loop. The Brazilian had just one trick left (Capuzzo had 2), but the Brazilian held a narrow lead 26.58 to 25.04. At the end Capuzzo had the option of improving one of his five tricks by 2.5 or making a new trick family… but he took off and missed the grab on the board so it drifted away. Nothing!
Anderson wins: 27.62 to 25.04

29A: Kiko Roig (ESP) V Pedro Matos (BRA)
Young gun showdown. Beautiful front roll shuvit from Pedro set the tone for the Brazilian, Kiko landed one himself on the other tack – not quite as good.
Pedro struck back, getting 8.07 for a big back roll rodeo tick-tack. The scores were close after five attempts each, but with a back roll tick-tack flip the Brazilian extended the lead to 37.24 to 26.6. A sweet toeside 5 improved his fifth trick score by a small margin.
Kiko completed his kite loop category and was up with Pedro over 30 points but still 5 shy of the Brazilian. Pedro’s final toeside front shuvit was worth 9.21 and sends him into round 5.
Great performance there from both riders!
Pedro wins: 39.65 to 34.17

28B: Jan Marcos Riveras (DR) V Reece Myerscough (CAN)
This heat flew by, both riders getting through their ten allow trick quickly. Fair to say that Reece Myerscough underperformed given his recent event performances (reaching his first podium at the last event), but just too many crashes for the Canadian and only registering three tricks! Jan Marcos landed five tricks, but only four were from different families, so only those counted. But anyway, they were all bigger than Reece’s.
Jan Marcos wins and goes through: 23.33 to 14.91

28A: Yaris Dell Omo (ITA) V Simon Joosten (BAR)
The Barbadian came through this according to the form book. An improving tour regular, Simon said that although the wind wasn’t as strong yet as the last two days, was still able to lace together a couple of high six point scores for a back roll tick-tack flip and a front roll rodeo.
Simon wins: 29.57 to 26.25

11.40am – We’ve switched to four heats of the men’s double now: heats 28A to 29B
Yaris Dell Omo (ITA) V Simon Joosten (BAR)
Jan Marcos Riveras (DR) V Reece Myerscough (CAN)
Kiko Roig (ESP) V Pedro Matos (BRA)
Francesco Capuzzo (ITA) V Anderson Reboucas (BRA)


11.30am – Progressing through their heats in the women’s doubles in the last hour, these four riders will line up in round 3, before progressing on to meet the top four riders from the single elimination:
Capuccine Delannoy (FRA) V Frances Kelly (CAN)
Barbara Sgardello (ITA) V Sabine Beukeleers (BEL)

10.30am – The action is underway with the first heats of the women’s double elimination, starting with heat 11A, with five heats to follow.
– After women’s heat 13B, the schedule will switch to 4 heats of men: 28A to 29B
– After that it’s alternate men’s and women’s heats as we head towards the double elimination climax! 
– Scroll down for all heat ladders. 

09.00 – Good morning everyone. After seeing Mikaili Sol make the transition and take her first strapless freestyle win in the women’s single elimination yesterday, we’re all set to fire through the remaining men’s doubles and the women’s single elimination today! 

First possible start is 10.30 local time (GMT -3) 

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