Current discipline: Freestyle (Find season rankings so far here)
Judging Criteria:
Pure freestyle (4 tricks from 4 different trick families count from 7 attempts. Riders take turns to perform one trick in a minute) In the quarter finals, the top two riders go through to the semis. 
Wind: 20 – 25 knots

Note: This liveticker automatically updates every couple of minutes if ticker is online!
Note: Scroll down on this page for the live heat score and heat ladder 
Report: Jim Gaunt

Find Sunday’s report and pics and HIGHLIGHT VIDEO here. 

16.14 – MEN’S FINAL
V Rodriguez (COL) / N Delmas (FRA) / L Whaley (ESP) / A Corniel (DOM)

Wind: 9 and 10m weather

Anticipation is high for the final with both the top two on tour this year OUT! Mario and Chabloz

First trick Rodriguez only made one pass and lose a bit of momentum in the air, he landed, but looks to the sky, gutted, he knows there’s literally no room for a mistake if you want the top spot! He scored a 3. Not his standard.

Delmas, pretty standard 7.53 for 317.

Liam whaley, pumping the board several times, he’s in a wind drop, kite is high, he spins – heart attack 5 – just 6.4, marked down for the high kite.

Oh my word Adeuri Corniel pops so high! He goes from stationary to maximum spin… a 317 scores 9.2. The vice world champion wants it!

Valentin rides out with max speed on trick two, needing to make up for his very low scoring first trick: a 319 earns 7.83.

Tense the final and a bit steadier than the semis – there’s a lot riding on it and Liam so far looks a bit off kilter on his first two tricks. No second pass on his slim, scoring just 4.3 and looked to be focusing in a bit too much on that tail grab on the first rotation…

Adeuri is a monster, simple as that. Massive 319 scores 8.67 and after two tricks he’s already 7.05 points ahead of second placed Rodriguez.

Delmas is rooted at the bottom after starting well with two very low scores on tricks 2 and crash on trick 3.

Pressure starting to build on Liam who said earlier he was back on form and feeling really confident. He loves the pressure – coolest character on the beach – Backside 317 a huge and deserving 9.13 points, he takes the lead, but Corniel still to go.

The big Dominican pops super hard as usual, an explosion of white water, yet another slim 9 from him this competition, he’s got them locked down – scoring 9.33. Back to the top!

17 year-old Rodriguez makes it three 9s in a row here in the final that we’ve just seen: 9.67 for heart attack 7. GAME ON!! Now the other three riders with their fourth trick.

Delmas double handle-pass, butt checked landing, not gonna be a 9 pointer: 7.4. Remains 4th.

Whaley, in third, up next 7.38 points behind first place… goes big out the back, left foot forward, double spin, can he make the 9 rotation… yes, pushes himself into first with another big score: 9.23 for a 319.

Within seconds Adeuri re-takes the lead with a mid range KGB 5 scoring 7.27 points.

Rodriguez’ heart attack 7 scoring 9.63 wasn’t enough to shift Whaley from second.

Whaleyyyyy heart attack 7 – immense and so fast! He looks back at the scoreboard – only a 9.9! Crazy.

Cornell last to go on trick 5. still hold the lead by 6.77 points though. He’s in command. This to further expand his lead: KGB 7 scores 8.53 and indeed further extends his lead, leaving Liam needing at least a 7.48 next time.

Rodriguez needs this sixth trick to stay in contention with the top two: he butt checks KGB 7 for 7.6 points and takes second place but remember he’s first in the rotation. Everyone still to go…

Delmas remains in fourth despite big 8.7 for heart attack front side 7.

Liam stumbles on take off and just does a roll. Devastated. He should still be able to steal second or even first o the last trick…

Depends on Corniel’s trick six… takes off in the last second of his allotted time after finding good take off for a minute… no change to the score Corniel remains on 35.73 (33.96 Rodriguez / 32.56 Whaley / 24.46 Delmas)

Last trick time!
Rodriguez up first: oh man, he gets 9.83 for a KGB 7. He’s in the lead!

Liam in third needs 7.94 for first place where Rodriguez has just put himself.
Again, the Spaniard just doesn’t get the take off, kite goes high, and he later explained that his leash got caught and he couldn’t make the pass!

Here we go, Adeuri Corniel – last trick of the contest – he’s led the whole heat but now lies in second, needing a straight 9 to take the win from Rodriguez. The beach erupts as he takes off, he’s given himself a great chance by landing a heart attack 7… the judges really think… noooo way! He gets a clean 9 points! (Live heat score incorrectly says heart attack).  He wins by… 0.01.

WINNER: Adeuri Corniel (DR) 36.2
2 Valentin Rodriguez (COL) 36.19
3 Liam Whaley (ESP) 32.56
4 Nicolas Delmas (FRA) 24.46

Mikaili Sol (BRA) / Claudia Leon (ESP) / Bruna Kajiya (BRA) / Rita Arnaus (ESP)

Wind: 9 and 10m weather

A very important final with tour leader Sol and third placed championship rider Kajiya both having made the final – but Leon and Arnaus are having their best events yet, so those two aren’t guaranteed. It did present a chance to block out Pippa van Iersel who currently lies in second in the championship but hasn’t made the final.

Mikaili fans, breathe a bit easier – unlike the semi finals, she landed her first trick, a 6.67 slim 5.
Claudia Leon crashed
Bruna was better: 6.83 for a 313.
Rita: 5.57 for a 313

Sol’s second trick, 8.4 for a heart attack. She’s on it and knows now that this event could be a massive step to the title. As her team manager says, she can often only beat herself!

Brazilian Sol led Brazilian Kajiya after three tricks. Two world championships already for 14 year old Sol and two for Kajiya.

A 7.93 back mobe on her fourth trick put Mikaili on 28.67 points while Bruna crucially crashed her own fourth trick, while attempting a front blind mobe.

Rita Arnaus was just 0.03 points behind Bruna on her fourth trick, caught a big butt check, but was surely enough to take second. Indeed – 5.5 for her heart attack.

Meanwhile, Mikaili continued to turn the screw, landing a neat and technical little KGB scoring 8.53.

Kajiya crashed again – her 5th trick, also trying a KGB. She was starting to look a bit lost in the heat, Sol was way out front and second place Arnaus continuing to ride out of her skin.

6th trick:
Wow! slim 5 for Mikaili – 9.13 points for that and 33.99 overall total in the heat after 6 trick attempts (4 counting). That’s it for her. No one can catch her on the last two tricks!

Bruno needs 6.6 for second – that’s the best she could do – to steal it from Rita: 7.43 for a slim. She’s done it, but Rita was still to go.

Rita comes… a smooth heart attack – very very fluid… she got 8.37 and takes second immediately back from Bruna! Amazing.

One more trick to go each:
Mikaili crashed, but no matter.

Claudia’a back to blind wasn’t enough to move her off the bottom.

Bruna needed 6.4 for second, she couldn’t catch Mikaili in first… and… crash!

She couldn’t catch Sol, but Arnaus was safe in second! Whoop!

WINNER: Mikaili Sol (BRA) 33.99
2 Rita Arnaus (ESP) 27.01
3 Bruna Kajiya (BRA) 25.03
4 Claudia Leon (ESP) 18.23

14.47 – MEN’S SEMI-FINAL 02
N Delmas (FRA) / A Guillebert (FRA) / A Corniel (DR) / M Chabloz (CZE)

Hold on tight for another fast ride. No room for error, just one crash in the first 8 tricks – which came from Guillebert on his second attempt.

3 tricks each and Delmas has found his form of yesterday again – all scores 7.97 or above and his 4th he got 8.93 for heart attack frontside 7 – up to 33.9 points off 4 tricks. Amazing.

Chabloz was in second, but in third Adeuri Corniel had rocked a 9.47 for a slim 9. On his fourth trick another massive score 8.33 for 319.

This heat is so tight after 4 tricks, only Guillebert was slightly out of contention with two crashes, but he could still fill the allowed four tricks.

Corniel landed a 319 but his kite was out to lunch on landing (high) so he lost points there.

Chabloz loaded up, surely for the slim 9 that he only got 6 points for on his second trick – if landed well this trick is a nine pointer! He only managed a slim 7 scoring 7.77. Would he go for it again? It’s a heat winner and it looks like he could squeeze a higher score from it next time… would he need to?  

Meanwhile Corniel had moved to second after 5 tricks each behind Delmas with a decent KGB7. The top three were all on 33 points (separated by a fraction of a point!)

Chabloz… he’s crashed a backmobe 7… hard. Right on the ribs. He looks ok.

All change at the top – Corniel’s 8.1 KGB5 – giving him a 33.93 point total / Delmas 33.9 / Chabloz 33.17 – close! (Guillebert 22.03) One trick to go…

Delmas crashed!

Adeuri – massive on his last trick, Chabloz rides close by and looks on. 6.83 heart attack doesn’t change anything.

Chabloz needs 8.51 for second or 8.54 for first, tough!!! HE MISSED THE BAR!!! HE’S OUT! He misses his chance to make the final with Mario already on the sidelines. What a let off for Carlos in terms of the title.

1 A Corniel (Advances to final) 33.93
2 N Delmas (Advances to final) 33.9
3 M Chabloz (Out) 33.7
A Guillebert (Out) 22.03

L Whaley (ESP) / P Martinez (DR) / V Rodriguez (COL) / C Mario (BRA – out injured)

Three men only in this heat with Mario withdrawing through an injury picked up in this morning’s warm up! Two to go through, the level is insane! 3 tricks down and the scores were: 26.8 for Posito, 26.61 for Liam, 24.9 for Valentin!

Right, let’s re-group – Posito scored a 9.9 for his heart attack 7 on his third trick. On his fourth trick bad came Liam – a 9.83 for a 319. His kite is called WTF. Appropriate WTF!! 36.44 points from first 4 tricks. Incredible.

Posito lands his trick 4 ….just … 8.23 for a slim 7. Stays in second behind Liam.

Val Rodriguez is surely the new grom of the year so far, 16 years old from Colombia finds himself in the thick of a massive battle here. He’s had a 9.83 for a heart attack 7 himself and a 9.1 for a 319… but still he’s in 3rd! What can you do against these guys… hope for a crash, that’s what, and Liam grants him that on his 5th trick. Phew, a time to catch up.

Martinez goes for 5th trick, just 4.63 for a 315…

This is literally the fastest heat – riders banging out the trick within 20 seconds of their one minute timer starting for each trick. They’re all hungry and you get the sense that the moment one of them takes the foot off the gas, the others will pounce. Boom Rodriguez finally into second with 8.9 for a slim. But all 3 riders are over 25 points after 5 tricks. Truly incredible.

Whaley trick 5… 9.6 for a KGB7 – the Cumbuco training session last week is PAYING OFF! Holy…

Martinez missed the bar… feeling the strain…

Rodriguez last one up for trick 6… goes huuuuge… into a 319… STOMPS the landing but immediately caught his front edge and snapped his board. Everything went silent. He looked dazed with one leg in the air… Matchu Lopes MC for the days shouts out to check he’s okay, but this was a heavy, heavy hit. Wow, but he’s back out on new gear. What a warrior!

Right breathe in, last trick: Whaley, 6.13 backmobe 5, drops below 8.77 for the first time, just 6.13.

Martinez 8.87 for a heart attack frontside 7 – not enough to pinch second, so with one trick remaining and probably thankful to not have to put it all on the line for his last trick, Rodriguez goes through in second behind Whaley.

WHAT A HEAT! Imagine if Carlos Mario had been in the mix too!

1 L Whaley (Advances to final) 37.7
2 V Rodriguez (Advances to final) 36.4
3 P Martinez (Out) 35.67

14.00 – Women’s SEMI-FINAL 02
Therese Taabbel (DEN) / Pippa van Iersel (NED) / Rita Arnaus (ESP) / Mikaili Sol (BRA)

Okay so after 4 tricks each, Mikaili was on zero points with 4 crashes! Spaniard Rita Arnaus was having the cleanest heat ever at the other end, with four well landed tricks, including a 313 and slim and was sitting pretty on 20.5 points.

Pippa van Iersel was in contention for the lead with just one crash and the highest heat score of 6.07 for a backside 313.

Therese Taabbel was locked in on catching second place, but Mikaili put so much pressure on herself by just trying to go too big. She goes way bigger and more powerfully than any other rider, but she has to land. Could she catch up with just 3 tricks instead of 4?

Whoa. Rita! heart attack: 9 points. It was immense and kite low.

Trick 5 Mikaili… oh my… a 9.5 for a slim 5. The 14 year-old is a little devil revelling in the pressure perhaps. Could she hop herself into second?

But my eyes are on fire. Rita Arnaus has landed again, no mistakes this heat: 6.07 for a backside 313. This is one of the cleanest and stylish women’s heats I’ve seen in a while.

Trick 6 Mikail… it’s in the bag, just, her knuckles dragging the water on landing, but she stood up tall to check the score board: 6.9 for a hinterberger frontside 3.

Arnaus was home already before ether last trick. Mikaili needs just 3.41 to get second though so it was on to van Iersel currently in second, what did she have? Ohhh she’s crashed at a key moment, going for an S-bend to blind…

Tarbell moved to second with a 5.4 slim.

Mikaili had it in grasp, needing a 5.01 for second to qualify for the final: she bore away a long way downwind towards the pull of her kite, crouched for what seemed like an age before popping: a 6.32 for a 313! Class. How do you compete against her knowing you’re never safe, even if she doesn’t have the full trick amount to count?!

1 R Arnaus (Advances to final) 26.7
2 M Sol (Advances to final) 22.73
3 Taabbel (Out) 21.4
4 P van Iersel (Out) 19.8

13.41 – News just in: Carlos Mario has injured his knee while warming up and looks to be out of the men’s semi finals! 

13.40 – Women’s SEMI-FINAL 01
Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE) / Claudia Leon (ESP) / Bruna Kajiya (BRA) / Paula Novotna (CZE)

Claudia Leon was beaten by a whisker in a thrilling match up against world champ Mikaili Sol yesterday, though both riders ended up going through, such was the nature of the elimination ladder, but she started the semi final with an equally high level – backside 313, 313 and back to blind.

Bruna Kajiya had a backside 313 and S-bend backside 1 and a crash in her first three tricks and held a healthy lead in second.

Czech rider Paula Novotna is on a high after her first win last time out in Fuerteventura and she’s so consistent that surely she would be fighting to go through come the end of the heat. Her 7.07 for an s-bend backside 1 was the highest of the heat at that stage, but the crash on her first trick meant that she was still in third. Lambrecht was propping up the table, but needed only 5 points to steal first, so it was obviously tight.

Claudia Leon started the second half of the heat, crushed it again, moving into the 6 point territory with a sweet slim but then up-stepped Bruna with a front blind for 7 points, sneaking into first after 5 tricks each.

Lambrecht was in third at that point having taken one more trick than Novotna and these two were slipping out of contention to make the final.

Trick 6 for Bruna – a 7.47 for a superb front roll to wrapped. A poor Hinterberger 5 from Leon left Kajiya 9.63 ahead in first. What a turnaround, but in truth the story of these heats only really play out at the end with 4 tricks counting from 7 attempts, so early crashes can be misleading. Kajiya’s 28.02 heat total from 6 tricks was on par with the top standard in the men’s.

Leon’s 7 point Hinterberger frontside 3 final trick wasn’t enough to beat Bruna, so Bruna was through with one trick in hand… unless Novotna in third could get an 8.53 or better… but she missed the bar… and with that her chances of making the podium also slipped through her fingers.

1 B Kajiya (Advances to final) 28.02 points
2 C Leon (advances to final) 25.4
3 P Novotna (Out) 22.64
4 N Lambrecht (Out) 22.17

13.08 – Scroll down for the men’s semi-final line-up in the heat ladder further down this page. We’re switching to the women’s Semi-Finals now: 

Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE)
Claudia Leon (ESP)
Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
Paula Novotna (CZE)

Therese Taabbel (DEN)
Pippa van Iersel (NED)
Rita Arnaus (ESP)
Mikaili Sol (BRA)

13.05 – Men’s QF04 – R3 Heat 16
Posito Martinez (DR) / Louka Pitot (FRA) / Paul Serin (FRA) / Maxime Chabloz (SUI)

Chablos a massive backside 317, a healthy 8.83 moved him up to first along with a 7.4 for a 319 at the start of the heat after two tricks.

Martinez was riding well and took the lead again on his third successful trick on the trot – KGB, heart attack, 317. Solid work from the Dominican. Certainly tour leader Chablos and Posito Martinez would be the favourites to go through on paper…

Looks like Serin and Pitot are locked in the battle for 3rd and 4th, but after 4 tricks all 4 riders hadn’t crashed a trick!

Martinez was riding so much more consistently than yesterday, but only broke the 7 point barrier once in his first 4 tricks, whereas Chablos had two 8 point tricks in his first 3, but crashed his 4th, which could be crucial as his F-One team mate Serin was just 5.54 points behind in 3rd.

Pretty tight after 5 tricks each, just 8 points separating all 4 riders.

The corkscrew was turned by tour leader, 17 year old Maxime Chabloz with a 6.33 backmobe 5 – a trick family he hadn’t completed up to that point and took him to what has been the safe zone so far – 31.23 points.

Martinez butt checked a backside 315, scoring lowly on his sixth trick, leaving Pitot and Serin the chance to steal second on their last trick (if Martinez messed up his 7th trick) needing just 6.39 and 7.55 respectively.

Martinez needed over 10 points to move to first on the last trick, so that was out of the question, Chablos would go through in first even before doing his 7th trick.

Martinez… did well on his last trick, an 8.93 backside 317 pretty much sealed second, leaving Pitot needing a 9.35 in the end.

That’s how it finished, bookies favourites through to complete the semi final line-up.

1 M Chabloz (Advancing to semis) 31.53 points
2 P Martinez (Advancing to semis) 29.87
3 L Pitot (Out) 26.56
4 P Serin (Out) 24.5

12.40pm (scroll down for the completion of this heat)

10.46 Men’s QF03 – R3 Heat 15  
Arron Rosslee (RSA) / Juan Rodriguez (COL) / Adeuri Corniel (DR) / Liam Whaley (ESP)

Wind over 20 knots. Most riders on 9s.

This should be a tight heat with three massively on-form riders and Arron Rosslee having progressed the furthest he ever has in competition.

Adeuri Corniel has an ability to go from stationary after take-off to a mental spin speed! Liam is just so consistent and young Juan Rodriguez is learning tricks at a staggering rate.

After 3 tricks Juan Rodriguez is leading, Whaley in second, Corniel third (just 1.85 points between those three) and Rosslee in fourth, on 4.83 points.

Heat was abandoned at this stage after 3 tricks as the on-site ambulance has taken Stefan Spiessberger to the local hospital with a dislocated shoulder. After a long delay, almost two hours, the guys were back in slightly less wind, riders switching up to 11 / 12m kites. 

12.40 Heat 15 continues:
The 90 minute or so break and slight dip in wind obviously suited Adeuri Corniel – highest trick score of the event – 9.63 for a slim 9!

Liam had popped into the media room during the break where I asked how he was feeling. He commented that with four tricks left he has four double handle-passes in his bag, compared to maybe two for the other riders, so was confident, plus said that his recent training trip to Cumbuco has raised his mental state and riding level another couple of notches. Now super confident in every trick he feels like he’s back on-par with the top four this year.

Just a 6.73 front blind mobe for Liam wasn’t as good as he hoped for and quickly he’d slipped to third with Juan Rodriguez pushing into the high 8 scores with a heart attack frontside 7. Back came the Spaniard Whaley with a heart attack 5 scoring 8.4 and suddenly both he and Corniel were over the 30 point line. As yet we’ve not see more than two riders break through that in a single heat.

Rodriguez crashed his sixth heat under pressure. Sadly for Rosslee it looked like his challenge was over, not finding the same level of high scores throughout, but he’ll be happy to have made the quarters.

Rodriguez lands his last trick, but it was a back ask needing 8.24 to take second (with Whaley still to go remember. He got a 7.63, which wasn’t enough, but just pushed him over 30 points. So Whaley and Corniel were through to the semis before even attempting their seventh trick. The question was who would advance as winner. Not much to report on their last tricks, so…

1 A Corniel (Advances to semis)
2 L Whaley (Advances to semis)
3 J Rodriguez (Out)
4 A Rosslee (Out)

10.25 -Men’s QF02 – R3 Heat 14
Oswald Smith (RSA) / Stefan Spiessberger (AUT) / Arthur Guillebert (FRA) / Carlos Mario (BRA)

Wind over 20 knots. Most riders on 9s. Oswald Smith on a borrowed 11m Airush Razor – let’s see what happens… 

2 x crashes for Smith (possibly too lit) and Spiessberger too – his first one looking very bad. Hopefully he’s ok. Someone had to take his kite.

Mario registers a front blind mobe and then crashes, catching a front edge on landing a 317.

Smith started landing on trick 3, but not too scoring highly, again he looked overpowered – 4.8 for a slim and 3.53 for a backside 313 on his 5th trick. He was still in third behind Carlos Mario after having one more trick attempt (4 to Mario’s 3).

(Rumours on the beach halfway through the heat are that Stefan Spiessberger has seriously damaged his shoulder on his first trick attempt).

But it was Arthur Guillebert who kept his nose clean throughout, landing his first four tricks, so if nothing else, he was on a decent score of 25.03, which was good as there were several crashes below him in the heat. Keep the pressure on when you’re against the best – that’s the way!

Trick 5… Carlos Mario… raises the kite, takes-off, resets the kite lower during the pass and butt checks heavily away from a heart attack frontside 9, scoring a relatively modest 4.17 points.

Ozzie crashed immediately after and it looked like the heat would stay in that order. Sadly for leader Guillebert he crashed his last trick and the air of inevitability loomed as, typically, with one trick to go Carlos Mario got a 6.97 for a double heart attack and nipped first place. He always does that! But that’s the advantage of maintaining your top seed and going last in the trick order – it means you know exactly how much you need to score and you never over exert yourself and crash doing too difficult a trick! It’s not magic, but it takes pure class to keep on doing it.

1 C Mario (Advances to semi-final) 27.14 points
2 A Guillebert (Advances to semi-final) 25.53
3 O Smith (Out – but we’ll see him again in the waves!) 8.33 
4 S Spiessberger (Out and retired injured on his first trick) 0

10.00 – Men’s QF01 – R3 Heat 13
Joselito del Rosario (DR) / Nicolas Delmas (FRA) / Valentin Rodriguez (COL) / Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA)

Starting this Monday morning off with a heavy hit of critical Freestyle – crucial for all these riders in their hopes of a successful 2019 GKA Freestyle World Cup season. In particular Coccoluto (3rd this season) and Rodriguez (6th) are looking to finish on the podium at the end of the season, so neither want to be knocked out here at the quarter final stage.

If you were in tune yesterday, you’ll know that French rider Nicolas Delmas was the star performer, riding like a monster in round two. He wasn’t quite on the boil today, instead in the very first heat of the day, young Valentin Rodriguez literally couldn’t put a foot wrong, peaking in trick five, scoring 9.6 for a slim 9; an absolute peak-moment’ trick this year. With two attempts still to come he was already just a fraction of a point off the best heat score we’ve seen in this competition (by Delmas yesterday: 35.5)

The other big story halfway through the heat was that the leading contender, Coccoluto, crashed his first three tricks. He was rock bottom on zero points while Rodriguez had sailed above 30 and Delmas was over 25. With the four top tricks counting from seven attempts however, the chase was on. It was likely Rodriguez was was safe, but Delmas’ position was by no means safe.

Within three more tricks (trick 6) Coccoluto was off the bottom and on 23.6 to Delmas’ 28.24. Delmas was up first in the order on the last trick. He needed to find a trick family he either hasn’t scored so well on so far, or land a really good score in a new category this heat (tricks are counted from four different trick families).

Bosh, 8.6 for a heart attack frontside 7. Huge.

Coccoluto needed a 7.72 to beat him. First importance was to land. He didn’t go for something mental, he probably would have liked to have landed a 7, but he landed a 315… which was challenging but safe… and got 7.5! Not enough and loses out on second by 0.3 points! Harsh. What will that means for his podium chances this season?

1 V. Rodriguez (Advances to semi-final) 35.86 points
2 N Delmas (Advances to semi-final) 31.31
3 G Coccoluto (Out) 31.1
4 J del Rosario (Out) 18.7

09.25 – The upcoming Freestyle heats to be contested today look like this (remember to scroll down for the live heat scores once the competition starts and for the full heat ladder): 


Nathalie Lambrecht (SWE)
Claudia Leon (ESP)
Bruna Kajiya (BRA)
Paula Novotna (CZE)

Therese Taabbel (DEN)
Pippa van Iersel (NED)
Rita Arnaus (ESP)
Mikaili Sol (BRA)


HEAT 13:
Joselito del Rosario (DR)
Nicolas Delmas (FRA)
Valentin Rodriguez (COL)
Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA)

HEAT 14:
Oswald Smith (RSA)
Stefan Spiessberger (AUT)
Arthur Guillebert (FRA)
Carlos Mario (BRA)

HEAT 15:
Arron Rosslee (RSA)
Juan Rodriguez (COL)
Adeuri Corniel (DR)
Liam Whaley (ESP)

HEAT 16:
Posito Martinez (DR)
Louka Pitot (FRA)
Paul Serin (FRA)
Maxime Chabloz (SUI)

09.20 – Good morning from the Heritage lagoon at Bel Ombre, where are on standby for a potential start at 09.30 with the start of the men’s Freestyle quarter finals. The women have reached the semi-final stage of their competition and we aim to find the Mauritius Freestyle champions today. Stay locked!  

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