Successful Year for Media Outreach on the WKC

Published 28th December 2018 by Danny


As we draw to the end of what has been a spectacularly successful year for the World Kiteboarding Championships we wanted to share some facts and figures that have been published in an interim report by the UK’s most reputable Media Auditing company SMG Insight You Gov. These figures are not final and complete, and are sure to rise even higher, but so far what we know is that:

WKC programming was picked up in over 125 Countries around the world and was broadcast a total of 2093 times giving us a total broadcast duration of 2134 hours 21 minutes and 20 seconds per event.

While TV viewers in the MENA region (Africa and Middle East ) by far recieved the most broadcasts, due to the fact that we are on multiple networks that cover this region and were treated to a a whopping 1316 Hours, Europe came in second place with 560 hours of broadcast.

Especially pleasing was to see that countries like Germany and Austria led the field  by broadcasting the Highlights show a total of 28 times and mainland Europe coming in second with 27 repeats while viewers in the US were treated to 24 opportunities to view each leg of the WKC  on TV.

The WKC also did very well in Australia and New Zealand and the Asia Pacific basin as a whole as viewers in these regions were treated to 20 repeats from each leg of the Championship.

The WKC would be more than happy to release more detailed reports and figures for anyone who is interested in finding out more and we would like to reiterate that all these figures have been indepedantly audited and can be fact checked with SMG Insight.

For our social media, we have had an incredibly successful year, building up to 19,000 followers on instagram in a very short period of time. This led to over 120,000 engagements and 267,000 video views on Instagram.

All in all we can conclude that the WKC was successful in transforming the sport throughout 2018 and getting it in front of millions of viewers on mainstream media channels for the first time in the Kite sport’s history, thus taking the Kite sport to a new level.

Furthermore, the finals of the men and the ladies heats were broadcast live on BeInsports, (possibly the biggest sports network in the world) for the first time in Kite history across USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey regions again giving us massive global TV reach and viewing hours.

We thank all of our fans and supporters and look forward to an even more succesful season in 2019!

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