Ten Reasons to Attend the GKA Kite Expo

Published 18th May 2022 by Danny


Starting on June 21st, 2022, in Tarifa, Spain, the GKA will host the biggest kite event/competition and expo to date. Over SIX action-packed days, competitions will be run, gear will be revealed, clinics will be enjoyed and cervezas will be drunk! 

If, however, you’ve never attended a kite expo, then you might not be prepared for all of the goodness that is in store for you! Here’s what to expect at Valdevaqueros beach from 21st June. 

(Note: The GKA Big Air World Championships wind window actually runs 20th June – 06 July to maximise potential conditions) 

GKA Event Roadside Banner TARIFA


21 – 26th June, Valdevaqueros Beach

What is a kite expo:  A kite expo is a gathering of industry people, a display of the sport and a battlefield for competitions. It includes exhibitions, demos, clinics and more!


    1. You will be inspired. Kite expos provide an endless funnel of inspiration and riders from around the globe gather to show off their skills. You’ll be impacted by those on the beach and in the water. 
    2. There will be lots of kiteboarding! Draw off of the inspiration of those around you or just head out for a soul session, but be sure to take advantage of the conditions! 
    3. You’ll get to meet your heroes. Kite expos attract global influencers and athletes from around the world. Chances are pretty high that you’ll run into one of the legends of the sport.  
    4. Schmooze, schmooze, schmooze. Industry leaders, brands, media, athletes and sponsored riders all come together during a kite expo. This provides an opportunity for the industry to catch up, exchange ideas and re-connect after months or even years apart.  
    5. Make connections. Spending time outside with people that are passionate about the same things you are? There’s really nothing quite like it.  
    6. You can test gear! Expos provide an amazing way to get your hands on new products. Oftentimes, as kiteboarders, we get stuck using the same reliable gear, over and over again. Kite expos enable you to test a bunch of different products. Whether that be a kite you’re interested in buying or a new board shape, you’ll definitely want to take this opportunity to try, try and try some more.  
    7. Vibes! There will be atmosphere, food, Spanish beer and all kinds of kite celebrations during the week of the expo. Whether or not you get on the water during the day, you’ll definitely also want to hit Tarifa town at night.  
    8. You could win. Kite expos provide an opportunity to compete in a variety of disciplines. The Tarifa event will be no different and will host competitions in twin-tip, strapless and hydrofoil Big Air. 
    9. Be in the know. Oftentimes, expos will be testing grounds for new gear or products (AWSI in 2019 displayed the first wing prototypes!). If you’re lucky enough to be in attendance you could get an inside peek into what’s coming down the wind sports pipeline.   
    10. Enjoy time outside. Vitamin D is good for your heart and body! Get outside, spend some time in the sunshine and enjoy the elements. 


Make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest kite demo and expo of the year and join us in Tarifa – and also witness the GKA Big Air World Championships 2022, running alongside the expo at the spot of Balneario, with a wind window of 20 June – 6 July. 

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