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GKA Kite World Tour Brazil

Current discipline: Kite-Surf EXPRESSION SESSION / BEST TRICK
Judging Criteria: Best trick wins
Four trick attempts each, riders take it in turns to do each trick. One minute per trick attempt. 
Wind: 20 knots  
Waves: Flat water  

An Expression session / best trick mini competition ran on the last day of the event (Saturday) and was won by a margin of just 0.2 points by Airton Cozzolino.

By the way you can read about and see how the final main event of the season concluded yesterday here. 

Catch up on the best trick competition action below! 

There were four heats each with four men in, with the winner of each heat going through to a four man final. A one heat of wonder for the women followed, before four men took the water for their final. 

Here are the results: 

To check out the full scores and tricks in each heat, click here. Again, click on the ‘mock’ tab on that page. 

Saturday 14th November
Report: Jim Gaunt

16.20 -The men’s final of the best trick saw Kiko Roig (ESP), James Carew (AUS), Reece Myerscough (CAN) and Airton Cozzolino (CV) go head to head – four tricks each, best trick wins it. James landed an unhooked 313, scoring 9.3 on his second trick only for Airton to better him on the same trick by just 0.2 points moments later!

James crashed his remaining two attempts at bettering his score, while on his final trick attempt, Reece Myerscough came close to stealing second position, landing a beautiful double back roll tick tack with a downloop for 8.73.

So Airton wins the best trick with a 313 for 9.5 points!

15.50 – Carla Herrera-Oria wins the women’s single heat showdown, landing three out of four trick attempts, with the highest being a 6.48 for a back roll rodeo. Fitting – as a little later this afternoon she will lift her first GKA Kite-Surf World Championship title! Congrats!

15.20 – In the fourth and final heat before the men’s final, Airton’s second trick attempt saw him inevitably land his infamous and impeccable 313, scoring 9.83 and breezing him through. On tricks three and four Airton went for a high dangle pass rodeo, an innovation trick that, should he land it, would surely get a ten. (He got closer to it than we’ve seen before by the way!). So much going on in that trick, so many elements, so much co-ordination. Will we see him make it in the final? He might need it against James Carew is now bagging 313s too! 

15.08 – Reece Myerscough wins the third heat with his very unique double back roll that involves a really whipped and inverted second back roll, before he then timed a tick-tack board spin nicely. The 7.57 for that easily doing the business. 

14.50 – Kiko Roig won the first men’s heat of four with a front roll tick tack, scoring 7.53
James Carew won the second men’s heat with an unhooked handlepass – a 313 – on his third attempt at trying, but it was worth it! He scored 9.33, more than double the score of his competitors in that heat. 

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