WKC Dakhla – Qualifier Championship – Finals Day

Published 5th November 2018 by Danny



3rd to 5th of November Qualifier Championships
6th to 10th of November Elite Championships

Dakhla once again delivered the goods for Day Three of the Qualifier event. The wind blowed a steady 20 knots, allowing the completion of all the Qualifier Championship finals in optimal conditions.

Women’s Finals

The ladies were on fire for the start of the female finals, fully powered up and ready to go. Francesca Bagnoli performed an outstanding Heart Attack scoring 9.17 points. She rode a fantastic heat landing trick after trick with power and style. Rita Arnaus from Spain kept up to her rhythm, landing a clean set of tricks including a Backside 313 and Back to Blind. Therese Taabbel, Danish Champion, had a difficult start crashing her first two trick attempts, but she recuperated landing a great S-bend to Blind, followed by a Back to BlindPippa Van Iersel,young rider from the Netherlands, went for several good, powerful tricks, but struggled to land and crashed various attempts. She made up for it with an impressive Heart Attack on her 6th trick attempt, but it wasn’t enough to climb further up the ladder. It was a thrilling final from all 4 participants, showing outstanding level and talent for the Qualifier Championship Final.

Qualifier Championship Women’s Final Results –

1st Francesca Bagnoli

2nd Therese Taabbel

3rd Rita Arnaus

4th Pippa van Iersel

5th Claudia Leon

6th Osaia Reding

7th Kristina Belogorskaya

Men’s Small Final

Nicolas Delmas was missing from the small final due to an injury, so that left french riders Louka Pitot, Arthur Guillebert and Spanish/Begian rider Jerome Cloetens to battle it out on the water. All three atheletes chose to open with a Front Blind Mobe, with Guillebert scoring most with a little more height and power than the others. They continued to pull continuous tricks, each one performing outstandingly well with clean execution and plenty of power. Cloetens landed every trick attempt, and cleared the heat in 1st place. Arthur Guillebert followed in 2nd and Louka Pitot in third.

Men’s Final

Each finalist had their eye on a podium finish for this Qualifier Men’s Final. Kalu de Sousa has been performing well throughout this event, but struggled to really get things going during this final. He landed a good Backside 315 but failed perform as he had done in previous heats. Paul Serin landed a good Double Heart Attack for his last attempt, but it wasn’t enough to place him above 3rd position. French rider Val Garat took advantage of the situation, and after a slow start he landed a KGB5 and Slim7 for his last two events, placing him in 2nd. The win for the Qualifier Championship went to Gianmaria Coccoluto, a much deserved result for this consistent and powerful rider. He landed a clean KGB5 and Backside 315, and clinched the win with a total of 27.6 points.

Qualifier Championship Men’s Final Results –

1st Gianmaria Coccoluto

2nd Val Garat

3rd Paul Serin

4th Kalu de Sousa

5th Jerome Cloetens

6th Arthur Guillebert

7th Louka Pitot

8th Nicolas Delmas

9th Sergei Borisov

9th Lucas Ferreira

9th Edgar Ulrich

9th Anthar Racca

13th Domantas Jusionis

13th Romain Giuliano

13th Cohan Van Dijk

13th Soufiane Hassouni

17th Julien Krikken

17th Youssef Keribech

17th Jonas Ouahmid

17th Oscar Perrineau

21st Abraham Moutaoukil

21st Ivanildo Fernades

21st Larbi Ed-darkaoui

21st Augustas Dudenas

21st Aron Rosslee

21st Yassine Bouceta

21st Oussama Bouhcabchoub

Congratulations to all riders for their exceptional performances from the very start of this event!

The Elite Championship registration takes place today, with the event starting tomorrow morning. You will be able to watch the entire live stream here.

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