Women’s Single Eliminations Begin – GKA Sylt

Published 26th June 2019 by Danny


GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Sylt Carla Herrera Oria
Carla Herrera Oria rigging up on day one

Wednesday 26th June

Report: Matt Pearce / All photos: Svetlana Romantsova 

After the final rounds of the men’s single eliminations, the women’s division got underway in earnest.

The first women’s heat (and the only round one heat) had already been completed during a break in the closing round of the men’s singles, so next up was Frances Kelly and Peri Roberts for the start of round two.

Recap on the action from the men’s final here!

Conditions – averaging 20 knots but pushing up towards 25 knots at points

Judging criteria – 100% strapless freestyle

Women’s Heat 5A
F. Kelly / P. Roberts

Both riders still finding their heat in this one, and clearly more focused on wave riding, but Peri Roberts sticks some nice airs and takes the win.

Women’s Heat 5B
C. Herrera Oria / C. Delannoy

Capucine (younger sister of Camille Delannoy) sticks a nice board-off and a decently sized aerial in the opening exchange but then she’s struck down by a cavalcade of tricks from Carla.

Amid the deluge, Carla lands a front roll board-off and a backroll to revert, both scoring 8 points or more, and she puts her marker down as the woman to watch when it comes to strapless freestyle at this event. A clear victory for her and a great start to her event.

Women’s Heat 6A
S. Schwartztrauber / I. Jenni

Both riders comfortably landing airs in this heat, but then Susanne throws a backroll, clearly setting herself apart from Irina Jenni and pulls ahead. She follows that up with a straight air (the biggest of the heat) and takes the win.

Women’s Heat 6B
C. Carpentier / S. Bunte

Tour number four Charlotte Carpentier, takes on round one heat winner Sonja Bunte in this heat.

Charlotte shows her experience and, with a higher technical level than Sonja, she wins the heat.

Women’s Single Eliminations Semi-Finals 1
P. Roberts / C. Herrera Oria

Carla looking very composed in this heat and starts off with a rodeo and a tick tack. She doesn’t land another trick, but she doesn’t need to. She wins by 12.34 points after Roberts fails to post a score.

Women’s Single Eliminations Semi-Finals 2
S. Schwarztrauber / C. Carpentier

Both riders land airs to get some easy scores on the boards, but then Charlotte pulls ahead with a shuvit and an air to blind to open up a 7.54 point lead.

Charlotte wins and will take on Carla Herrera Oria in the finals

Women’s Mini-Final
P. Roberts / S. Schwarztrauber

Peri and Susanne duel it out for third place. Both riders land airs, but Susanne has the upper hand on amplitude and she wins to secure third in the Women’s Singles.

Susanne secures third!

Women’s Single Elimination Final
C. Herrera Oria / C. Carpentier

Two experienced tour riders face off in this one and Carpentier takes an early lead, scoring 5.1 points for a tick tack.

Carla doesn’t let Charlotte’s lead last for long though. She unleashes a relentless trick assault to take the lead and quickly builds a massive points margin with some high scoring tricks include a front roll board-off (7.83 points) and a backroll to revert (8.63 points).

Coming in to the last minute she had a massive 24.36 point lead and Charlotte had no chance of closing the gap. Carla had underlined exactly why she’s the tour’s top female strapless freestyle rider right now.

Carla Herrera Oria wins the Women’s Single Eliminations Finals with an overall score of 34.39.

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