GKA Tarifa Liveticker Archive

Published 5th July 2019 by Andrea Susanne Opielka


Looking for a quick text catch up – here’s the liveticker archive from the last few days, with heat info, results, links and more as it happened: 


20.10 Event called off for the day. Please scroll down for the details. 

Earlier today we saw local rider Carla Herrera-Oria finish on top of 11 competitors in the Kite-Surf strapless freestyle discipline. 

1st Carla Herrera-Oria (ESP)
2nd Sabine Beukeleers (BEL)
3rd Barbara Sgardello (ITA)

19.50 Men’s Single-Elimination competition goes on stand-by awaiting more wind.

19.45 Round 2 11A Toni Cilliberto (ITA) V Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA): Italian buddies riding for Italian brand RRD, it’s all gone orange and black! Looking difficult for these two in rapidly dropping winds. Cilliberto bringing it though with a air reverse unhooked pass – touching the handle-pass family! Romped ahead in a dogfight of mid scores. Be a shame for Tony if this heat gets pulled having pulled out a lead… and sprinted up the beach a couple of times… Aaaand race director has put the event on stand-by due to the thermal wind starting to drop away. 

19.35 Round 2 10b Mitu Monteiro (CV) V Arsenio Dias (CV): Strapless freestyle is undoubtedly easier in stronger winds. Not only because it’s easier to go higher, but you have more control over your board when the wind gets underneath it. The key to winning a heat is making the most of what you’ve got, though. The thermal seems to be backing off a bit, and even though that wasn’t a lesson in the best tricks from Mitu Monteiro, Arsenio Dias got a schooling on the importance of keeping that scoreboard ticking over. Mitu Monteiro through to round 3 – quarter finals. 

19.25 Round 2 10a Pedro Matos (BRA) V Camille Delannoy (FRA): Bit of a triathlon challenge with the amount of running upwind after each leg from Camille in that heat, Pedro managing to stay upwind more effectively and taking advantage of the better wind earlier in the heat with a kite loop. Big scalp this for the young Brazilian as Camille was an event winner last year in Brazil. In other news, catching up with previous heat winner Simon Joosten who confirmed the wind is quite up and down on the water. So there’s plenty to deal with. Up next, Mitu Monteiro V Arsenio Dias – two Cape Verdeans – the master and the apprentice. 

19.15 Round 2 9b James Carew V Simon Joosten: Not Barbadian Joosten’s highest scoring trick, but standout smooth moment a 6.67 kite loop back roll, completing the rotation and getting the board back under his feet early, beautifully tucked up and almost tweaking out the grab on the way down. Never in doubt. Australian Carew opted for a relatively big 13 metre Rebel – the price you have to pay for muscling up like a warrior in light winds! Almost landed a frontside 3 in the last minute, grabbing the chicken-loop, which would still hold good points… but not to be. Revenge for Simon after the result reversed last round in Germany. 

19.00 Round 2 heat 1 (9a) Kiko Roig V Reece Myerscough: Kiko put together a stack of back to back tricks to race ahead to 32.29 points from 6 tricks. Not surprisingly high total with a 6.93 for the first frontside 3, ticking the handle-pass family, which is important for high scores. Kiko killed it. Performance of the day for this little live ticker! Reece is much improved and a real freestyle contender in the last 12 months, but couldn’t touch the young Spaniard from Valencia, ending on the highest heat score 34.1, though Reese caught up respectably almost managing 30 points.


18.45 Once again seeing the Cape Verde connection with Kelton Lopes, but just losing out against Frenchman Ralph Boelen, although typical of the Cape Verdean landed more tricks. But it’s the best 6 tricks counting. We start round two next… and number one ranked rider Airton Cozzolino lies in wait for his first appearance today in the last heat of round 2. The benefit of being the best!

18.30 In heat 07, Brazilian Anderson Reboujas drew breath from the judges with a kite loop board flip on the inside, getting a super nice second lift on the way down. The Brazilian making it look a bit windier than perhaps it is for the win! White caps still abundant out back and the 16 knot thermal doing the business. Meanwhile Cape Verdean Elvis Nunes on the other side of the heat lost an early heat lead to Spaniard David Marin. Heartbreak hotel for Elvis.

18.20 Looks like Jan Marcos Riveras advancing to round 2 with the highest heat score so far 33.83 in heat 6!

18.15 Remember to scroll down for the live heat scores and ladders!

18.00 Arsenio Dias let his greater competition experience show in a big battle with Sanca, victory was his 22.87 vs 9.53. Heat 5 on the water now is another four man firework display with two heats on the water at the same time. Ciliberto and Tonkin locked in a super tight battle! While it looks like Italian windsurfing and kitesurfing world tour competitor Capuzzo has beaten Georgi Vasilev from Bulgaria who we saw competing here last year. 

17.45 Hurray! Live heat score function back in action for you below. Currently on the water two Cape Verdeans Sanca Vs Dias… and we’ll enjoy the first two man heat for a while. Results just in from the last double heat: Pedro Matos goes through against Gustavo (26.58) with a big score in excess of 30 points. Camille Delannoy breezed through against Pablo with a 20 point gap, scoring 24.07.

17.25 So let’s catch up after that break – we’re back on with , heat 3 (still round 1 single elimination) which was abandoned, and it’s Pedro Matos V Gustavo Arrojo and on the other half of the heat Camille Delannoy V Pablo Amores.

16.35 Condition update 14 – 16 knots and men riding 12 metre kites on average. Currently on water at the same time: Pedro Matos V Gustavo Arrojo and Camille Delannoy V Pablo Amores. Result confirmation from last two heats: wins for Carew and Joosten! 

16.25 Livescoring feature removed below while there are two heats on the water at once – sorry! It will be back when it’s just two men on the water. Commentator Jo will keep as up to speed and in the picture as possible! 

16.20 UP NOW – MEN’S ROUND ONE CONTINUATION in a few minutes. Due to light conditions in the forecast, race director Juan Antonia Aragon is hustling through the heats – so we have 2 heats of 2 guys on the water at once, but they are judged man on man.  James Carew Vs Keanu Mertens and the other heat: Luke Millard V Simon Joosten. Remember heat ladder is below the stream further down this page. 

16.05 Conclusion of the women’s mini-final and it’s the newcomer from Italy  who take the win with a trick high score of 3.23 for a hand varial and a best two trick score of 5.63, against 2.13 for Catarina. 10 minute break now before the men take to the water again to continue their first round. 

16.00 On the livestream below this ticker now: the Mini Final between Barbara Sgardello and Johanna Catarina-Edin – who will take the last step on the podium?  

15.55 WOMEN’S FINAL SUMMARY: Herrera Oria Vs Sabine Beukeleers – a convincing win for Spaniard and local Carla, who showed her experiencing, landing 5 tricks to Sabine’s 1. Carla’s highest scoring trick a back roll board off and really has proved that she’s learned to keep cool in the final. Sabine an inspiration to all aspiring women that it’s never too late to get involved and follow your passion, but she just lost all her landings in the final. So Carla gets two event wins from two – after Germany last week and here in Tarifa. Tough conditions, the wind still light, no more than 16 knots, but well done to the women for making it work, grinding out a result and getting the GKA Kite World Cup off to a start on day 3. 

15.40 An entertaining heat there for the men. As Jo mentioned there are more whitecaps on the water and next the women’s final: Carla Herrera-Oria against Sabine Beukeleers who makes another final at 51 years-old. Find out about her here!

15.30 Standby now for a switch to heat 1 of the men’s Kite-Surf strapless freestyle heats. There will be 2 heats on the water at the same time, with 2 riders in each heat: Reece Myerscough V Roani Maos and Kiko Roig V Jorn Donat. 

Switching to Men: 

15.20 Semi final 2 between Johanna Catarina-Edin from Sweden and Sabine Beukeleers from Belgium – an amateur who debut’d at the final event in Brazil last year! Johanna a regular on the GKA tour. Who will meet Carla Herrera in the final?! 

15.15 Here we go with semi final 1, Carla Herrera-Oria against Barbara Scardello – and the live heat score is on again below the livestream screen further down this page

15.00 Livescoring update – due to the lighter conditions, we are now running four riders on the water at the same time to maximise time effectiveness, so the livescores aren’t showing at the moment, but you can still see the heat ladder below this ticker and below the livestream screen. We are one heat away from the first semi final in the women’s Kite-Surf strapless freestyle. 

14.45 Currently on screen, round 2 – heat 05, Frances Kelly, Barbara Sgardello, Cappucine Delannoy and Carla Herrera-Oria (winner of the last event in Germany and Vice World Champion last year).

14.40 Conditions are difficult right now, with around 14 knots and we’re hoping that this early thermal wind will continue to build. 

14.30 This is day 3 of a 6 day event – The GKA Kite World Cup Tarifa – a double discipline event that has set a new GKA World record with 84 riders who have registered to compete in Kite-Surf (strapless freestyle – running now) and twin-tip Freestyle. The world’s best in both disciplines are here. This is the women’s strapless freestyle Kite-Surf – the newest discipline – and there are 11 women in this part of the event.  

14.25 Your commentator is Jo Ciastula, ex PKRA pro rider, ex-GKA Kite World Tour manager, judge, Tarifa local… and more!

14.14: Scroll down below this ticker and livestream player to find the live heat scores and the heat ladder (women’s ladder is below the men’s). 

14.00: Greetings everyone on Thursday. We are running! Women’s Kite-Surf strapless freestyle first up. Just to let you know that you can catch the liveticker of information updates from this morning over on the Freestyle event page here. 


12.45 In preparation of the daily livestream update show going live at 1pm we are now switching the running the live event page to the Freestyle page. Come join us! 

12.40 Skipper’s meeting complete and given the lighter thermal conditions for the afternoon – and given that Kite-Surf riders only just completed their last event and the Freestyle men only reached the semi-finals at their last event in Gran Canaria, the call has been made that the next first possible start for the event will be for the first rounds of Freestyle. 

11.45 Kite-Surf registration complete, with 41 riders. So we have 30 men and 11 women. Skipper’s meeting scheduled at noon, but then get ready for a LIVESTREAM PRE-SHOW which will begin at 1pm local time, filled with behind the scenes updates, interviews and insight! Find that embedded below on this page. 

10.05 If you scroll down on this event page you’ll see the live ladder and heat information. This will be updated after registration once the draw for Tarifa has been made. In the meantime, why not watch the event promo video below this ticker?

10.00 Yesterday was a busy day with the Freestyle discipline rider registration. The livestream also ran for an hour with some interesting interviews from some of the leading contenders for the Freestyle World Title. There’s a separate event page for Freestyle, featuring a live ticker, heat ladders, livestream videos, photos, links and more. Click here to visit that page. 

09.00 Registration for the Kite-Surf discipline rider is open from now until 11am. 



14.00 Polite notice everyone – this is a double discipline event, and as we are now pushing on with the women’s Kite-Surf discipline, we will now be switching the ‘live’ event page from this Freestyle event page to the Kite-Surf event page here – see you over there with the livestream ‘just now’!

13.55 Condition alert! Winds are picking up quickly and we’re under sequence to hopefully start women’s Kite-Surf (strapless freestyle) very soon. 

13.38 Currently on screen on the stream below are Freestyle competitors, Gianmaria Coccoluto from Italy and Adeuri Corniel from the Dominican Republic. These guys are two of the hardest riding freestylers in the sport right now. 

13.35: Standby for GKA Kite World Tour manager, Tom Hartmann taking the sofa with Jo next… Jo used to do his job… now holds the mic. Don’t worry, they won’t just be talking about managing travels. Tom has been running international watersports events on a large scale for 11 years. During the short periods that he’s not running events around the world, he lives on Mauritius. Dreamy! 

13.00: Daily live show is live! Scroll down to watch! First up Adeuri Corniel interview… 

12.40pm: Standby for today’s daily live show coming up at 1pm. It will play a little lower on this page. 

12.25pm: 8 knot cross-onshore Poniente conditions remain. Why not check out our event image galleries here and here!

11.20: Good morning everyone, a later start here in Tarifa today (Thursday) with Poniente thermals in the forecast for the afternoon. The event is on hold at the moment, but don’t forget about the livestream daily show at 1pm here on the site and find more updates on the event and content links here, including details of a record number of registered riders for this event!



19.22 Remember this is a double discipline event, so we have two live event pages, featuring different heat ladders and info, depending on which discipline is on the water and live. Here is the Kite-Surf event page, with liveticker info and more from earlier today too. 

19.00 The event has now been closed for the day, first possible start for either men’s Freestyle or women’s Kite-Surf strapless freestyle tomorrow from 10.45am. But continue to enjoy the stream of interviews on the past, present and future of the sport!

18.50 Head judge Mallory de la Villemarque on the livestream below now talking about the challenges of developing a new ‘open format’ freestyle competition which will find the ultimate complete twin-tip rider. 

18.40 Great stuff from Jaime on the livestream below… who’s gone for a well earned beer in the sunshine. (Scroll back on the video for that interview). For now, our wait continues as there are still a couple of hours of light left and our race director is a steely but optimistic Spaniard, though it seems he’s being matador’d by the breeze! 

18.10 Scroll down to the livestream now where host Jo Ciastula is interviewing Tarifa event organiser and legend in the sport since 2000 – Jaime Herraiz

17.21 The livestream feed has just gone live on this page below the ticker because Race Director Juan Antonio Aragon thinks there could be a possibility for some women’s Kite-Surf (strapless freestyle) heat action in the coming hour. Let’s see! As you’ll see on the stream it’s foil town out there still at the moment. 

17.00 Men Kite-Surf and Women’s Freestylers have been released for the day. So still with potential to run should the wind come in: Men’s twin-tip Freestyle and Women’s Kite-Surf (strapless freestyle)

16.30 Situation continues, but Tarifa in summertime is an awesome place to be… 

15.00 Awaiting thermal uprising and freestyle action. Flags are blowing in the right direction, but not strongly enough yet. For now, here’s the daily update video after yesterday’s Freestyle registration, bringing you up to speed with the current 2019 rankings and more. 

14.30 Daily live show is done, but you can re-watch the stream below. Out on the beach there is still just a light breeze. But the day is yet young for thermal action here in Tarifa 

13.45 More Kite-Surf riders have joined Jo on the sofa – France’s Charlotte Carpentier (current women’s Kite-Surf ranking leader!) and Tarifa local Fabian Muhmenthaler – a rider entering his first event of the season. Ranking info for both freestyle and kite-surf here:

13.25 If you’re just joining us on this event page, the situation update is that we have very light thermals and Poniente wind direction. This is a double event with both Kite-Surf and Freestyle riders competing this week. Freestyle riders will be first up today if / when the thermal activity picks up enough. Tarifa is round 3 of the 2019 season for them. For now, the liveshow is running with host Jo Ciastula interviewing F-One kite-surf team riders Mitu Monteiro and Camille Delannoy – scroll down and click play! 

13.15 Great to hear from legend Mitu Monteiro and one of the hottest wave and strapless freestyle competitors on tour, Camille Delannoy on the livestream daily show. So much knowledge and passion for the sport. Scroll down for the livestream player. 

13.00 Welcome back to liveticker on the Freestyle page day 2! Please scroll down to watch the daily live show… which is live now! 


20.15 Opening ceremony done and contest directors have closed the event for today. We’ll be back tomorrow morning for the Kite-Surf rider registration and with a video update from today. For now, why now check out the expanding event gallery by Ydwer van der Heide, or the Instagram Stories from today? Bye for now. 

19.15 That’s it for commentary on the livestream for now as all focus switches to the official opening ceremony at the awesome new Bibo Beach Club on the event site. You’ll see the feed is still live as we’re still hopeful of an evening session, so don’t go too far…

19.10 Stefan Spiessberger and Rita Arnaus join Jo for an entertaining interview… and we hear about Rita’s dad, an avid windsurfer and kitesurfer himself who clocked up an impressive 5,000 kilometres of kite foiling in the Roses Bay last season! Can you beat that? 

19.00 If you scroll down you’ll see the line-up for the men’s first heats below in the elimination ladder. 

18.45 Situation update: this is day one of the GKA Kite World Cup in Tarifa – a huge event that sees both the Freestyle and Kite-Surf disciplines run this week. Today the focus is on Freestyle only as the Kite-Surf riders only finished their last event at Sylt in Germany at the weekend. Watch the action highlights from the finals in Germany here. We’re excited to see those riders here in Tarifa tomorrow, but today, we are hoping to start the first Freestyle heats of the event soon. 

18.30 Livestream host Jo Ciastula interviews leading freestyle competitors, Pippa van Iersel and Maxime Chabloz, about the increased level of professionalism, insights into training, technique and the current state of freestyle as we wait for the wind to build a bit more. 

18.10 Livestream goes live and riders are on the water to warm up! 

17.43 Conditions continue to show improvement. A little more heat, a little more wind switch, a little more thermal activity. Race director Juan Antonio Aragon is noticeably more twitchy. Remember, this place doesn’t get dark till 10pm!

16.20 Condition improvement – Luis Alberto Cruz is holding ground on a 12m. The Valdevaqueros crowd is also swelling on the beach in front of the new Bibo Beach Club. Fingers crossed!

15.20 Wind situation remains the same, around 8 – 10 knots. In the meantime, check the current Freestyle rankings here.

14.50: Thermal wind is building, foilers are having a ball. Next possible start for Freestyle event is 15.00. 

13.00 First possible start is scheduled for 13.45, and the focus will be on the men’s dingle elimination format, as the women reached a full podium result at the last round in Gran Canaria, whereas the men only reached the semi final stage before the event timed out for conditions. 

11.30am Freestyle rider registration complete with 34 men and 10 women(including 19 nationalities!). First skipper’s meeting of the event is scheduled for noon. Speaking with local Liam Whaley, he reckons that the lack of clouds this morning should leave a clear path for a good afternoon thermal and he’s expecting good conditions for his 13 metre kite. Fingers crossed for a great afternoon. You can check the Freestyle competition ladders for both men and women below. 

09.00 Good morning from Valdevaqueros in Tarifa where we are located in front of the brand new Bibo beach cafe, the site of a massive double event for the GKA Kite World Tour. Registration is about to open for the Freestyle World Cup discipline from 9 – 11am, and then the contest is open for a first possible start. Tomorrow the focus switches all day to the Kite-Surf riders. And so on until Sunday! 

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