Official Announcement from the KRU and GKA

Published 28th March 2018 by dannykater


It is the intention of this communication to clarify certain matters, as it has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding who is authorised to represent and act on behalf of the KRU and who is not. There also seems to be certain confusion as to who holds what rights and who does not. 

The Kite Riders United  (KRU) is the official World Cup status sanction holder granted by World Sailing through the Global Kitesports Association (GKA). The KRU wishes to make it clear to all parties that Danny Galiart, CEO of The World Kiteboarding League is no longer in any manner associated to the Freesytle World Tour run by the KRU. He does not have any authority to represent the KRU or make any deals or enter into any discussions on behalf of the KRU.

The World Kiteboarding League is no longer either sanctioned or connected in any way whatsoever to World Sailing, Global Kitesports Association or the Kite Riders United. Any event run by the World Kiteboarding League may only be viewed as a private entity and does not have any world cup status, nor is it recognised or supported by any of the governing bodies involved with the sport of kiteboarding.

It is the belief of the KRU and GKA that such a tour being run privately and without sanction or any backing from any official governing body will only create confusion and fragmentation within the Kiteboarding community and hence we hereby would like to urge all athletes and organisers to be wary of entering into any deals with the World Kiteboarding League.

The Freestyle World Tour will be called The World Kiteboarding Championships (WKC) from now on until any further notice issued by KRU, the official rights holders.

The World Kiteboarding Championships owned and run by the KRU and fully supported by the GKA, may or may not appoint a Promoter to run its events. Until any further notice it is our wish that organisers, riders and sponsors deal only with appointed representatives of the KRU who should be able to produce an offcial document signed by the KRU to prove that they are authorised to represent the KRU and hence, the World Kiteboarding Championships.

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